Sedonas Plea

12 year old Sedona wanted to do something for the Homeless Community. She got the word out and Sedonas Sleepout for the Homeless was born.

Sedona’s sleepouts raise fund’s which are used to purchase Street Swags to be given out to homeless people by proactive non invasive on-the-street community organisations.
See for details

Mentally ill, severely disabled Aboriginal man jailed on remand

For anyone else the severity of his disabilities alone would have warranted bail. But some Australian judges see aboriginals differently to the rest of the community… Jail ordeal for mentally ill Aboriginal man | The Australian.

Dangerous Legal Rights erosion in NSW

The Bi-partisan call for NSW to ditch the legitimate defence of provocation is a cheap opportunistic political knee jerk reaction to an unusual single murder trial defence. There have been past Australian cases in which long abused spouses have killed their violent partner as the sole means available to escape the hell on earth they have lived with. Removing the provocation defence would also make a parent who kills the molester of their child guilty of murder. I have serious reservations about that outcome. Heres what your NSW pollies want..  Bi-partisan call for NSW to ditch provoke defence – ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

War on the Poor: US Bans on feeding homeless

You can’t just feed the homeless outdoors in Philadelphia anymore; you now need a permit.

In Dallas, you can give away food only with officialpermission first.

Laws tightening regulations on aid to the homeless are popping up across the country Santa Monica therapist paints portraits of the homeless –

A Cold Wet Day in Sydney

  On this cold wet day in Sydney our team have found 43 newly homeless people -people who have fallen through the cracks of the “economy first people last” Liberal/Labor Government managed societal construct. Thats 43 people found just by us spending their first night homeless in Sydney. For the first time our hotel room  accommodation is fully taken by families with children under 12–thankfully we have all known families covered. I’m sure DOCs and its agencies would love to add these families to those they blackmail and monetise -as cruel an anti community form of exploitation as leveraged by even the most draconian of governments. 

 The single people have been shown where to eat and given blankets (we’re out of them too til about 11 tonight). Where to sleep thats dry comes a bit later when we have time. Hopefully the friendly Sydney Homeless network will absorb some of them…

 I don’t remember when I last saw so many newly homeless faces on the Street in one day….

NSW Budget 2012 will decrease private home ownership, increase poverty

  The NSW Budget 2012 does nothing to increase ownership opportunity for new aspirants to the home ownership class, while instead providing further incentives for investors and multi unit owners to increase their asset base to the detriment of the struggling working population.

Housing NSW for people not profit

 NSW Treasurer Baird’s plan to incentivise the construction of 76,000 new dwelling units will pr


ably do so. But the bulk of these homes will most likely be built by investors such as Harry Tribugoff’s Meriton 

with a view to further exploiting the artificially housing stressed Sydney working population. There is al

so no disincentive to offshore buyers purchasing residential property. Changes to the First Home buyers grant mean that First Home buyers of basic homes can no longer look to the next generation of 1st home buyers to on-sell 

their property to when upgrading. 

 Sydney Homeless see no merits in the residential housing roadmap for NSW as proposed by this Investor focussed budget. We see zero security for homeowner – occupiers and yet more incentives

 for investors to capitalise at the expense of home occupiers. 

 Sydney Homeless have and continue to advocate for the removal of all government incentive

s for non-occupier housing investment and the implementation of punitive State based Stamp duties coupled with 

increases in Federal Government taxes on rental income , curtail the negative gearing and depreciation regimes for investors, add residential property investment penalties and a ban on foreign investment in residential property for non residential purposes.The Federal Government might wish to make depreci


ion and negative gearing tax incentives available to occupying purchasers.There should be a Commonwealth based


 Home Loans facility for home buyers which is underwritten by the Federal Government in place of current social housing expenditure. This combination will have the effect of lowering property values over the medium term while stimulating property ownership by occupiers, while disincentivising speculative investors. see ABC article on NSW Budget 2012 – Housing

Sydney Homeless Connect or How to take your tax dollars & goodwill

Today (June 5th) 10 a.m. at Sydney Town Hall Sydney Homeless Connect host the annual trade show and marginalised persons fishing expedition of the Poverty industry.

 The fishing expedition dishes up a hot lunch and commerce discards donated (some as tax writeoffs) as bait in an annual expedition to find marginalised people to monetise. Targeting the Sydney Homeless Community as hand-up tokens to utilise to collect your tax dollars your generous donations and possibly voluntary goodwill these organisations are in fact multimillion dollar annual turnover businesses, most quite unfamiliar to the Sydney Homeless community.

 Its no accident that the Trades Show happens just before the end of the financial year- you might just write a donation which you can claim back in your tax return.

 Standout among the parasites preying today are Mission Australia, the major beneficiary of cosy government relationships forged in the back-room secrecy of bipartisan Australian politics. Inaugural CEO Patrick McClure, an ex brother in the Brotherhood of St Laurence wrote the book on NGO relationships with Australian government and how both could monetise the marginalised. Its called “The McClure Report” and provides the roadmap for CDEP/ Workchoices and NT Intervention / Income Management -hugely beneficial to the poverty industry AND government.

 The current “ten year plan” initiated by the Rudd Labor Government is The Road Home. Started in 2009 its a spend of $6 Billion of your Tax Dollars on “reducing homelessness by 50%”. Numerous requests to departments including direct in person requests to Ministers Mark Arbib and Tanya Plibersek to quantify the 50% referred to have gone unanswered. Is it 50% of the 2009 figure? Or an extrapolated 2019 figure? Or some other figure altogether? I’m sure they will tell us in 2019 but for now its a big secret –and a lie — based on the increased numbers of Homeless sleeping rough on the Streets of Sydney.

 The SAAP plan provides much revenue and growth opportunity for “The Sector” as the Poverty Industry calls itself. New St Vincents de Paul buildings harvested from Social Housing property stock in Waterloo add resources to the NOT IN POVERTY Vinnies (and ultimately Catholic Church) , while shiny new vans and a vast array of ineffective programs drive your tax dollar further into the coffers of Mission Australia. The Salvos and Mission Australia are busy too finding jobs (sans sustainable incomes) for marginalised and slaves for an ever grateful profit conscious corporate sector.

 City of Sydney and contract services provider NEAMI will most likely be there too… their nimby solutions to homelessness provide zero new affordable housing in the Sydney 2000 postcode. The City of Sydney provides only token homeless services and its contractor Neami is seen as a prime subverter of homelessness resources to assist mental health clients tipped from the health budget allowing Federal government to falcetiously claim savings and efficiencies in the Health portfolio.

 Some smaller NFPs which legitimately provide services to the marginalised such as The Benjamin Footpath Library and Clothesline will more than likely be there too- mere window dressing for a Trade Show which you should be VERY sceptical of .   

Protest Sydney Homelessness Industry

Housing Affordability   On June 5th a showcase of the Sydney Poverty Industry called Sydney Homeless Connect will roll out its annual Roadshow at the Sydney Town Hall. For what many regard as “Charities” and “Not For Profits” – organisations which represent themselves to a caring but gullible public and a cynical but cooperative government as “providing homelessness services” – Sydney Homeless Connect is an annual Fishing Competition with the aim being to entrap as many homeless as possible in a cycle of being shuffled from one marginalisation industry monetiser to the other -to drive revenues for the industry participants.

Sydney Homeless call on the Federal Government to immediately cease funding the disastrous inefficient failed $600 million a year  “The Road Home” Program which aims to spend $6.6billion in ten years to halve homelessness -from a completely unquantified index figure. In the about two and a half years since The Road Home was launched Homeless numbers in Sydney City have increased dramatically, despite a flawed Homeless Street Count Methodology. From the outset of the Programs rollout in Sydney City service providers prioritised mental health clients who had recently been tossed out of the Mental Health System – The Federal Government then used The Road Home, a 10 year $600 million a year Homelessness spend, to house those chronic mental health sufferers and claim a reduction in Health budget spending.

Under the Road Home, the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) heavily resources NGOs to provide mandatory “support services” of highly questionable value to clients. Services include much “counselling” and “training” which in practice burden clients with time and travel commitments and merely lead from one of these monetisation processes to the next – Monetising the marginalised.

Under The Road Home qualified Real Estate Agents are also able to raise rents on low quality slum properties to the maximum level Government will pay, while subsidising ex homeless clients. In effect this componemt of The Road Home actually raises rents of private properties. By doing so the Road Home becomes a driver raising the bar of Housing cost.

Sydney Homeless will Rally in Town Hall Square to Protest the Sydney Homeless Connect event to Protest this calculated waste of billions of taxpayers dollars and call for an end to The Road Home. The $600 million a year saved could be used maintaining single parents in their full time capacity as carers , a $700million cut in the Federal Budget.

RT @1stnations: RT @bedlamfury: Slidesho

RT @1stnations: RT @bedlamfury: Slideshow: Early Intervention for Kids in Guatemala Gangs



A good old friend Jeff Gambin used to tell about the homeless man who offered Jeff his blanket thinking Jeff to be homeless. The simple gesture, common among rough sleepers, caused Jeff to found the most effective Homeless peoples service ever to operate in Sydney. Sadly Just Enough Faith no longer exists but thats another story.

As our  small team of  Sydney Homeless ( we”re homeless too ) do our rounds of our City we look in dismay as some of our homeless brothers and sisters sleep on footpaths & in doorways or where-ever they may be as tiredness overtakes them. A high proportion of them I cannot communicate with – or communication is so disjointed. I do Not know how to help if I cant communicate- & those who specialize in such support are often asleep or indifferent- I do know that if Im freezing in multiple layers of clothes & jackets,they are probably freezing too- at least I can give them a blanket.

COLLECT CLEAN BLANKETS : we will arrange bulk collection Australia wide.

Form a blankets4homeless chapter in your Town or City worldwide. Our Skype network can support all partners worldwide managing inbound cakls for assistance or reports of rough sleepers fron the public. We urge partners to work with orgs but not be used by NFPs to do what they collect gov & dinor $$ for without charge.

contact us @SydneyHomeless

skype: blankets4homeless avail soon

People seeing rough sleepers in public places call our Sjype based call center, giving location

Our blankets4homekess person takes the rough sleeper a blanket. At least they”re a bit warner.If possible our person will assist further.

blankets4homeless people willl accept goodwill donations which they may keep or put into the service ar their discretion

r blankets4honeless is simple & needs little to set up. We are homeless remember? Our version is simply a guy walkung the streets with a remivalusts trolley.Liaded with clean 2nd hand blankets. Backed up by an anon storage donir. And blanket donors. Its that simple

supporting #occupy movement via @occupySYDNEY

#bushfire Alert Central #Qld Gladstone residents are preparing to evacuate as a bushfire moves in

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Yes: I was away

Its true!! I left Sydney for a few weeks,which turned into a few months.A private matter.A young lady who lived with my family while at school had a heavily Brisbane flood affected house & a negative response from her insurer (I think the insurer was right too) . But our friend was stuck with the mortgage on a flood affected house she couldn’t live in. Oh,and the boyfriend who signed up for the house with her said I’m out of here. She had the presence of mind (or stupidity) to have him sign over his share to her.

Well, being the sucker that I am, I went & helped her rebuild for six weeks,I thought. Well, six months in fact. No she absolutely couldn’t afford to pay me.Yes she offered to. But thats why I’ve been away for six months…
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Economy 1st Government puts people last.

The Howard Coalition and Rudd/Gillard   Governments demonstrate precisely what we, and a growing band of angry commentators Australia wide have been saying for over a decade. At State and Federal levels governments are overly focussed on how we fare in an economic snakepit controlled offshore. These governments whether Labor or Liberal National Coalition need refocus on the people, their electors- and reject the self serving demands of international economics. When the voters interests are subservient to external influences whatever they may be something is wrong. In NSW the Keneally Labor government is about to find out just where treating voters as second or third class citizens for 17 years will get them. I suspect that the good citizenry of NSW will also receive a cold reality bath as the conservative waters of Liberal National policy erode yet more of the rights New South Welshmen (and women) thought they had.

Our advice to the people of NSW is to choose extremely carefully as #NSWvotes – and pick the best available candidate

Sydney City #Wageslavery

  #Wageslavery is alive well and rampant in the 2000 postcode – kicking the guts out of people who are often working long hours for unsustainable pay.

   Without checking the minimum wage for Adults is $15-70 per hour – but many toil daily in roles such as  cleaning or restaurant work for far less. To be precise, the minimum wage I’m aware of is a paltry $6 per hour -paid by a particular eatery to all kitchen hands and wait staff -who either “live with parents” or are part of our homeless community. These hapless “employees” work up to 74 hours a week -for a measly $444 per week. Thats cash you understand. $8- $10 per hour is commonplace as are the Employers who never pay. It’ll be in the bank tomorrow/next week etc is heard virtually daily.

   It seems that State and Federal Government departments are either completely ill equipped to deal with these exploitative employers, or turn a blind eye to what has become a commonplace practice. The sole reason that I am not trumpeting the businesses names from the highest roofs is that they provide the sole income some marginalised people have.  

  The victims known to me are almost exclusively Asian- and I won’t go into the ethnicities of the employers/ exploiters. But these asian workers are genuine hard working people -people too proud to accept help unless they can do something in return. And they are industrious. They are just not rewarded adequately.

How Taxpayers Fund #Wageslavery

   Under the guise of “helping unemployed” the Australian Federal Government continue to pay the bulk of Labour costs for some of Australia’s most parasitic bottom feeder businesses -and it costs you a bundle!! Continuing the program put in place by the pro-exploiter anti-worker then Howard Coalition Government, Rudd / Gillard Labor continue to offer (via Centrelink partners ) huge payments which effectively subsidise “employment”, often at Greenfields negotiated rates contrived before any real employees are present, for up to three months. Of course, as any capitalist thinking solely of how to maximise profit would do, at the expiry of the funded period, simply fire the no longer subsidised “worker” , ring the Job Network member and get another subsidised worker. Too easy.

  Such practices are exploitative of workers, unemployed and taxpayers alike. They do not solve unemployment rather, they at best allow manipulation of statistics by cycling already marginalised people through further degrees of marginalisation in order to gain an advantage for both the exploiter and the Job Network Agency, which receives a hefty “success” fee paid by your tax dollars courtesy of FAHSCIA -or whatever the department is called this week.    

 The practice, believed to be commonplace among minimum wage industries, is onerous for hapless workers who are often left worse off by the altered unsustainable economics. A further stab at their confidence and morale is inevitable when, usually within 2 weeks of expiration of subsidies, they are laid off- often on a pretext contrived by the employer which leaves the hapless worker penalised by Centrelink .

TJ Hickey Memorial Call -7 years on

T J Hickey 7 years on

Sent: Friday, January 21, 2011 2:30 AM

we are fast approaching the 7th anniversary of the death of tj hickey arising from a police chase on st. valentines day, 2004.
after a torrent of police lies, collaborative statements by the 4+ police involved, a severely restricted coronial inquest, witnesses and evidence not allowed by the coroner to be entered and the government-appointed legal team for the hickey family that sat on its hands, there is no great surprise that the redfern police were exonerated by then state coroner, john abernethey, now retired.
apropos to the call for justice for tj and the hickey family over the previous 6 years, and calling for it a seventh time, we have expanded our demands for this year to include a death in custody monument to be incorporated into the pemulwuy plan of the aboriginal housing company at the block. further, that such monument include the tj plaque as presented by the aboriginal students association of uts, sydney, some years ago.
a letter from isja on behalf of the hickey family stating this call has been hand-delivered, by myself, to mick mundine of the ahc on tuesday 18th 2011. to date we have not heard from mick on this matter.
personally, i can see no problems with the nub of the letter given to mick. the block is aboriginal land owned by the ahc. the ahc plan to rebuild the block as per the accepted plan. i can see no good reason why our call for an aboriginal monument to all nsw death in custody should not be acceptable to the ahc, the community and all nsw death in custody families.
an aboriginal monument on aboriginal land! who can deny the right that this be done!
for 7 years the hickey family have been denied by the redfern police, the nsw dept. of housing and the nsw government to place the plaque on or near the taurunga units fence line.
now we have rhe right to erect the monument on our own land, the block. we anxiously await the decision of the ahc and mick mundine.
another call has been for several nsw politicians to attend the march/rally this year and to speak in support of the call for justice and for support of the monument. of those invited, one has said no due to a busy calendar. that was the shadow minister for aboriginal affairs, national’s kevin humphries.
two upper house members have said yes, greens david shoebridge and ian cohen. we honour their humanity and welcome their acceptance.
we will gather at the taurunga units fence line, cnr george and philips streets,waterloo, opposite the centre of excellence, at 10.30 am. on 14th february, 2011.
there will be speakers, followed by a two minute silence at 11.17 am, further speakers, if required, thence a march to the redfern police station via pitt and redfern streets. a further silence will be held and speakers again, if required.
then cross to the block for another silence and again speakers, if required.
we urge all to attend if possible and for notices of support if you cannot. these can be sent to
please also print out and distribute to your networks.
7 years for justice is too long.
ray jackson
indigenous social justice association



NSW and Queensland Floods Appeal Warning Updated

  The main appeal launched by Premier Anna Bligh does not inform the public countries, States and corporates who have so far donated in excess of $30million, what those donations will be spent on. Remarkably, several governments and corporates have weighed in with hefty donations on the basis of trust . I have not ever witnessed so successful a leveraging of a disaster on a “Trust Me” basis. I cannot say that Premier Bligh will do the wrong thing, and neither can donors because she has NOT said what the funds will be used for. Research and development of a flood prevention strategy,using Labor Party hack consultants? Probably not, but if she chose to ,it would have to be acceptable. How many donors to the Victorian BushFires Appeal were a little miffed to find Funds subverted to cover the cost of an investigation?

 It seems from Premier Bligh’s website that the funds will be managed by Australian Red Cross. What percentage will they retain in “management or other fees?” The donating public deserve to know. We know that Red Cross run their own “Poverty Relief Appeal” yet know of no meaningful work they do in that area. In fact, their Australian operations are increasingly a business.

 In general, Give in kind, not in cash.

Exception: Rural Fire Services , State Emergency Services , St Johns Ambulance , Small local charities (not subsidiaries of larger organisations) which you know personally.

 In kind donations allow you to give with a reasonable assurance that your well meaning gift will not be subverted to suit some manager or politicians ulterior agenda. If you are a business, consider what your business might do to support the people affected by this disaster.

We know Aussies and many others will be overwhelmed by gestures of goodwill directed at the victims, and there will be many, of the Queensland and NSW Floods. We ask that before donating especially to Government and mainstream Charity Appeals PLEASE CONSIDER WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE CASE OF SIMILAR APPEALS.

 In the Haiti Earthquake Appeal just 12 months ago a generous worldwide public donated a whopping $US12 Billion to Appeals which they thought would support the unfortnuate people displaced by that disaster. Reports soon began surfacing of a United States Military orchestrated subversion of that Aid, under the control of its CIA front US Aid ,to suit the military industrial and political expedience of the USA. The people today live in dangerous squalid camps or crudely constructed housing which certainly will not survive a further earthquake should those unfortunate residents of Port au Prince ever experience another earthquake.

 In Australia The Victorian bushfires Appeal raised $391 million. The Fund, administered by the Victorian Government’s department  of Human Services has been used to fund government programs – including the Bushfire Inquiry and future bushfire mitigation strategies- Not what Public donors had in mind at all .and doled out so slowly and mean spiritedly that many whom the fund was donated to provide relief for were forced to live in totally inappropriate accommodation like leaky second hand caravans-at commercial rental rates- for extended periods. The major application of these funds by government has in place of the services which the public expect in return for the high rates of tax Australians are forced to pay. The Salvation Army. originally asked to use its existing accounts for that appeal, are said to have demanded between 25% and 30% of the gross amount as a “service fee.” Quite outrageous.

  Countless organisations ,most of which maintain but a tenuous link if at all to homelessness never-the-less see fit to raise funds for themselves using the name of homeless people -very little-as little as 5% of the funds reaches the homeless communities or people in a form we asked for, or identify as useful. Meanwhile the organisations collecting funds blossom and boom.Sydney Homeless don’t know of a single fundraising Charity or NFP organisation which genuinely works to end homelessness. Most use our people as stepping stones to elevate themselves in the eyes of the media.

  Fading memories of the Asian Tsunami Disaster are clouded by the same issues surrounding inappropriate use of the publics generously donated funds by many relief agencies active there.

  We ask that you check in advance precisely how the funds will be spent before donating to any appeals.  Broad expansive and vague lines like “It all gets spent directly on the people” are as credible and believable as Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott at election time. In this age where political doublespeak is the currency of successful election campaigns duplicitious Fundraising by Charities Parasitic NGOs and Governments are a winner for their greedy calculating directors. Be careful

We’re campaigning against NSW Labor MP Linda Burney

For the March 16th NSW Election due to her cavalier attitude to the often irrpairable damage Linda Burney and her DOCs department have done (and continue to do to thousands of Families and Children NSW wide we will be participating in a no holds barred campaign against her in her Canterbury electorate. At this stage we are NOT recommending any other candidate.

   As an ex senior public servant, DOCs Minister and Minister for the State Plan Linda Burney is ,we believe, incapable of implementing the necessary changes necessary to make Childrens and Families lives safer in NSW.In fact, under her and previous Labor ministerial stewardship ,The NSW Government itself has become the primary threat to the safety and security of Children and Families in Australia. Her DOCs department and its staff have become the most despised public servants in the land. We believe that Linda Burney has misused her ministerial position to prioritise the best interests of her department and its bevy of parasitic NGO partners over the interests of Children Families and the NSW Community. Her legendary disdain shown towards affected the families and children her department has crushed in its self serving quest to increase its own and its ministers power places her in a position where we believe she has no option than to resign from parliament.

  NSW DOCs draconian Family Terrorism policies should be immediately halted ,the department shut down and all staff should never again be allowed to masquerade as Family & Childrens workers. Their qualifications should be immediately  de recognised. Children Families and Communities do not deserve to be placed at risk by a self serving community Terrorist Government -or a Terrorist Minister.

  Linda Burney’s policies as Minister for Communities (DOCs) are also among the major causes of mistrust of other government departments especially among ethnic communities (particularly aboriginal) , and  homeless. The deceitful methods used by DOCs have been the root cause of many family breakdowns according to affected homeless community members. 

 If NSW Labor should be exiled to opposition, or perhaps oblivion at the March 16th NSW State Elections ,then the primary driver of so much angst and misery, the Minister whose department has so consistently got it wrong , should be dumped from her electoral seat -and if Labor are too gutless to do so then the public must. 

    Supporters this campaign please email

Do you have over 1000 Facebook Friends t

Do you have over 1000 Facebook Friends that are in Australia? – Sales Jobs

Rotten Ripoff Aussie Retailers

Amusing to see long time Retail Rogues Solomon Lew of Just Group (Just Jeans, JayJays, Portmans,Peter Alexander,Dotti,Smiggle,Jacqui E ) teaming with Gerry Harvey (Harvey Norman) in a crying fest bemoaning the lack of a level playing field – in that offshore shopping websites are now offering retail products at prices which their greedy retail chains cannot match. These (and many other) greedy retailers have long held the Australian public to ransom, selling goods at huge markups which bear no relationship to cost. The Australian retail public have long suffered from collusive or near monopolist practices of these companies. Just take the price of a regularly marked pair of Jeans at Just Jeans and compare that with the actual cost at production. Oh then theres the expensive retail premises?? Which you also pay for. And the expensive,often misleading advertising which has made these retailers houseold names-you pay for that too, when all you want is an item from their stocked range.

Jerry Harvey bleated yesterday about unfair cost structures and jobs- and I’m glad he raised the subject. His company like all Australian businesses, enjoys the unfair advantage of being able to lock workers into long-term wage and salary deals , but increase their prices at whim. Retail sector Workers are not among the elite of highly paid parasites in Australia.In fact they are often paid wages which do not support an independent lifestyle in the area in which they work. Many Sydney CBD workers are forced spend up to four hours a day at their own expense commuting to the outer urban Bantustans which are themselves barely affordable.

Gerry Harvey , Solomon Lew and their ilk were obviously not thinking about Australian jobs when they started the offshore buying spree which has left Australia all but devoid of a manufacturing base. Nor,when they started buying offshore,did they immediately pass the savings on to the Australian public. Their stock quality and standards of service are at best ho hum-in fact they are among the leaders of the downward spiral in acceptable retail quality.

The allegation that offshore websites do not create jobs in Australia is also blunted by the obvious need for someone to actually deliver those many parcels bought by savvy Australian buyers sick to death of the systemically supported Wageslavery and Price  gouging for which Australian businesses have become renowned.

These Retailers who are formalising a lobby block to get government to lower the threshold (currently $1000 ) at which goods may enter the country free of GST. They want the government to regulate against the public’s right to choose. They want regulation to protect their greed. They want protection from efficiency.

The Australian consumer enjoys a window in which they may make some purchases at a lower cost – and on better value terms. The Federal Labor Government should be told by the Australian people that we want to keep that window -and let the parasite retailers who have preyed upon a hapless public for way too long get efficiency or get out.



Charity Accountability

According to a report in The Australian a KPMG report says 84 out of 100 Companies hide bad news . This is in line with our long held view of Australian Publicly Listed Companies as bastions of dishonesty , duplicitous and unworthy of trusting your hard earned cash to. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission saw nothing wrong with the Mini- Mac Structure –a company structure designed to ensure that investors were most unlikely to prosper -while Manager MacQuarie Bank could make whatever charges it saw fit in management fees,whether their management resulted in growth or not. There has been growing evidence that at best the corporate regulator has been asleep at the wheel. Some stronger assertions have been put by other commentators. If accounting standards are lax or distorted in 84% of public companies and ASIC maintains silence, the local and international investment community would be remiss not to take note.

Our query relates to accountability standards for charities. They seem able to get away with meaningless broad definition accounting. Methods like hiding expensive consultancies provided by parties associated with directors as part of the cost of “Providing Services.” We have not come across a single Australian Charity which meets the American Institute of Philanthropy guidelines for a C rating, much less a higher grading. Even the AIP guidelines fail to adequately identify whether the Charity’s   services are identified by their target constituency as necessary or even desirable. We know of some Charities which appear to exist primarily to dispose of surplus or near use-by date stock in a tax efficient manner -as compared with meeting a constituent identified need. Other Charities are known to provide naughty receipts for the value of “in kind” donations ,leveraging considerable tax advantages for the corporate donor. Again,there doesn’t seem to be much accountability.

In NSW any organisation can operate an appeal for Charitable Donations legally as long as they have at least one charitable purpose. This style of legalised rort allows Multimillion -dollar -a -year businesses like anti-people contractor Mission Australia to solicit donations,for example in the name of Homeless people -despite homeless people having never asked for their “services”.

Broad term accounting also allows organisations such as Exodus Foundation to blur the actual expenditure of the millions which they receive in taxpayer and corporate donations as services, while providing meagre , substandard and often unusable services.

The public deserve and corporate donors and the long suffering Taxpayer deserve to know that they (and the people their donation is given to benefit) are getting what was paid for. Trust Bill Crews to do the right thing?? Few who know him do and all who encounter him (or his Exodus Foundation) are wise to check thoroughly where the money goes. Not much value gets to Homeless people from the Millions he gets annually.

We heard about the debacles of the Victorian Bushfires Appeal and the subsequent use of those funds to finance a government commission of inquiry -not the donors intended purpose. We remember how the Salvation Army callously sought to keep an unreasonably high percentage as a management fee if the funds were put through their existing accounts. We witnessed the Tsunami Aid Appeal debacle and more recently the use of Haiti Aid money to fund US political policies -and Hapless Haitian victims continue to be terrorised and die through lack of appropriate Aid despite huge outpourings of giving worldwide –Wheres the bloody money???


Why are Govt Homeless Figures wrong??

  • Families are (with extremely good reason) often reluctant to tell government agencies that they are homeless, out of necessity.Quite simply,parents widely recognise that telling government you are homeless is a recipe to have your children forcibly State Abducted -and handed to profiteering NGOs.
  • Figures released by government are usually at best two years old -so do not reflect current situation.
  • Government Statistics fail to include those tenants locked in to the insecurity of the vicious 6 month lease cycle as homeless. Yet these people also lack security of tenure.
  • Government figures are released to show government sponsored programs in the best possible light.

NSW Police racist reward

The NSW Police Service is offering a $5000 reward for information relating to “exploitation” of aboriginal children. Not all children, just aboriginals. Why doesn’t this reward apply to all ethnicities? This is a cynical NSW government attempt to insinuate white invader agencies into hapless aboriginal families and communities. Not on the basis of facts, but via spurious anonymous allegations. Hapless families do not have the right to know the source of these often mischevious and family destroying allegations which drive the State Child Abduction Industry of which NSW Government Police and Communities and their collaborating NGO partners are so proud and supportive.

There is no evidence that aboriginal children are more or less prone or exposed to exploitation than other children.

In Fact, Workplace exploitation of Children and Youth is the norm and perfectly legal in NSW and Australia.Businesses are encouraged to pay youth and children exploitatively low incomes in return for “jobs” -exploiter code for wageslavery.

There is in addition the blatant exploitation of Youth by Government contractor “Youth Services” -exploitation disguised as “providing services”.Exploitation because the Youth Service agency assures the young person that their discussions are confidential -when it is illegal for those so called services NOT to give their interpretation of those “dosclosures” to the family destroying NSW Communities -formerly DOCs,

Could it be that NSW Police simply want to paint a further false image of aboriginal people as exploiters of their own children?? We think so…

We urge all who are aware of exploitation of aboriginal children by NSW State Agencies especially Police and DOCs -along with paedophile clergy & exploitative DOCs Service providers to use this reward scheme to voice their concerns and claim the rewards for their trouble.

Shopping Advice

As we experience unprecedented social dislocation with ever increasing numbers of families and fulltime workers becoming first-time homeless in Sydney, we urge people to temper the perceived social pressures and expectation to spend – unless you can easily afford to do so. We ask people especially to refrain from the temptation to splurge at Post Xmas Sales – the value-for-money seems poor with most major retailers seeming to have adopted highest in world retail pricing as a point to discount from. We especially urge shoppers to steer clear of the exploitative retail majors – those who pay pittance wages and provide shoddy services, inflated prices and poor quality goods. Keep your money. 20011 will bring even more uncertainty than 2010 as more people are affected by out-of-control spiralling costs and legislated wageslavery.

We urge people and communities to support small businesses this coming year. Businesses like your corner Fruit & Vegie Shop which delivers Fresh Food value direct from the producer – not Coles or Woolworths who have usurped the word fresh to describe their often nitrogen stored, steroid produced “vegies” -full of water & devoid of goodness.



Going out safely this festive season

The biggest threat to your personal enjoyment of Sydney City is gutless politicians who you never see on the streets of Sydney, boorish dictatorial Christians who support them and their State Funded thug force NSW Police .

Faced with the barrage of intimidatory threats especially from chief pig Scipione a beseiged Sydney public are deeming it safer to stay home. Christmas has passed a subdued ghost of the exuberant past celebrations as people cower in the safety of small family gatherings.

This is YOUR & OUR CITY -Not a plaything for pigs politicians and their rich exploitative co-conspirators. And You should feel safe to go out in Sydney. We suggest that people wishing to go out -especially drinkers – go in very large numbers, and go where YOU WANT TO GO – irrespective of what some neocon says you should do. Pigs and security are not there for your safety.They are there to protect the revenue streams of the ripoff merchants masquerading as businesses ,who stand ready to sell you overpriced watered down alcohol in areas where the same businesses have negotiated away your right to bring your own alcohol. Some councils in collusion with fun killing NSW Police have banned alcohol completely from popular New Years eve areas. We suggest that if you choose to take alcohol there-do so openly, AND arrive in VERY large numbers!! Take your city back!! Put the pigs politicians and fatcats in their place -which is last. React to any violence against crowd members with overwhelming force and enforce your right to peacefully enjoy yourself with your community this New Years


On Op Shops

In reply to a very reasonable request for more info from a Twitter follower heres our short synopsis on op shops.

  1. About 40 years ago there was a vibrant private family operated second hand clothing industry. Many of these operators were forced to close as Charities and their contractors solicited donations of clothing and developed volunteer run ,mainly church funded shopfronts which usually provided charitable services as well as selling items cheaply. The independent family second hand clothing vendors were by and large forced to close as they could not compete with charities on the unequal footing of business vs charity.
  2. About 25 years ago the independent second hand clothing store had all but disappeared , replaced by the “Op shop” usually operated by one of the many brands of Catholic Uniting and Anglican Churches. These op shops then expanded their range of goods, mostly eliminated their charitable activities and raised their prices. In many cases today it is cheaper to buy equivalent clothing new than from an op shop .  
  3. It has been made known to us that at least some of the Op shops today are private businesses which have bought the “franchise” rights to use the name of the relevant charity.The St Vincent de Pauls branded op shop in Mosman is one of the several examples known to us.
  4. The organisations which operate the op shops are now by and large part of large & very professional marginalisation industry service providers- providing the services they do according to government contracts for which they are paid by your tax dollars. The “services” they provide (if any) to marginalised people are minimalist, staffed by well meaning volunteers, often with the volunteers resourcing the service.
  5. In the Sydney City Council area we know of one, Hope St in Woolloomooloo which has our conditional support -in that it does provide low cost & charitable services to its considerable local constituency. Support is conditional because it is linked to a major church known for its other activities which use marginalised people as tokens to collect taxpayers dollars – while not solving the root issues causing marginalisation.

Charities? Give closer to Home !!

This year SydneyHomeless urge all who plan to give to think before they spend. Where there is need in your own family or community -give there. Make sure that your gift or donation really reaches and helps your intended recipient. Do NOT fall victim to the massive annual Charity Con which circulates (with the full approval of governments) every Christmas.

As the mega wealthy and politicians congratulate themselves on the fortunes they have used your hard work and meagre pay to leverage for themselves this year SydneyHomeless are acutely aware of the rising prices people face – and the falling pay rates. Every day new faces and new cases appear of newly marginalised people facing a bleak future as their miserable government regulated income fails to keep pace with the ever increasing costs of living – rents,mortgages ,electricity food and everyday consumables have all risen steeply in price in marked contrast to incomes which except for politicians and the self aggrandised elite rise like a cake might when made devoid of yeast and bicarbonate of soda.

We know too that despite the tightening personal financial situation many face, despite the uncertain future many people are particularly generous and giving at this time of year.

We ask people to look at two issues before giving this year.

Personal- Family and Friends;

We ask you to consider carefully what Christmas is really about for them -as well as for the friends ,business associates, acquaintances and family you intend to buy presents for. If you are able to pay cash for all the presents you intend to buy, then that is absolutely your choice. I’m sure that the shareholders of the businesses you buy from will be as ecstatic as the intended recipient will be when they receive them. For the many who pay by credit card, and particularly those who will spend until July paying off their credit card debt ,I urge you to think carefully about what your intended recipients really and reasonably expect. Do they expect presents of a certain value? Why? Do you intend to buy a gift of a certain value because they bought that value last time? Do their (or your own ) expectations put your family under financial or emotional stress? Are these the things Christmas is about?? Really??

Charity Giving:

  • The first question you should ask when supporting a Charity with your hard earned cash or valued donation is: Who asked for or initiated the services that organisation provide? If the organisations target constituency have not identified the service as necessary ( or desirable) then what is the Charity’s objectives?
  • You should ask: “Which corporations and government departments fund or otherwise support that charity, whether in cash or kind?” If the service/s you like the Charity providing are government funded, then that Charity is a contracted provider of government services. The “services” are fully funded. If the organisation receives Corporate support by way of  infrastructure, or donated goods, ARE THOSE DONATIONS RECEIVED IN A WAY WHICH ALLOWS THE CORPORATE TO WRITE THEM OFF IN TAX? This is a method used in accounting of leveraging tax losses against over-the-top “rental” writeoffs or for Greedy retailers to dispose of near use-by date (unsaleable) goods. Its a rort which you should not support.
  • What percentage of the funding or resources received by the organisation are returned to the organisations “target constituency” in a form identified by that constituency as useful.

Note: In Australia (and many other countries) Charities ,particularly those linked to churches, which deal with Children are government contractors -providing family and community destroying invasive services to government, enabling the breakdown of families and already generously funded by your tax money. Think not of the forlorn child in the Charity’s begging picture,but of the callous accountants and lawyers who would leverage children who cannot speak for themselves (legally prevented) to further their organisations greed.

Donate Direct:

We have in place a simple system which allows you to directly support homeless or displaced families and marginalised people.

  • Contact @SydneyHomeless to find out how you can do this. Not tax deductible. SydneyHomeless NEVER solicit or accept donations of cash. We may if you choose put you in touch with people who genuinely need it.
  • Use your corporate credit card to gift a night or a weeks accommodation.See above …
  • We accept sound unwanted furniture or household goods gifts for distribution to struggling people who need it.
  • We accept and arrange collection of all unwanted mobile phones, adult sized bicycles to help our community reconnect.
  • You can gift prepaid mobile/cellphone credit direct via Twitter. Simply Tweet us the Network , amount, serial & pin. We distribute to struggling community members.

The Starlight Foundation & Make A Wish are exceptions (as far as we know) and only do good for kids- so we support them. We do not support any other childrens or youth charity.

Whatever you decide to do over the break, eliminate stress enjoy, care for your self family friends and community. Strong people make strong families make strong friendships make strong communities. Weak communities make strong Churches and Strong governments.Stay safe.

Wageslavery Recruiter not paying Staff

  We have had several contacts over the past week in relation to Advantage Recruitment having not paid its casual employees for at least two weeks -with several owed $2500 – $3000 plus . Despite several efforts to contact Advantage -by phone and in person, we were unable to do so. Their suburban office was locked and phone diverted to a fax tone. Information provided by several disgruntled employees is that despite several promises of “payment on friday” none has eventuated. A now ex employee who saw a woman who identified herself as Advantage Recruitments CEO at their Martin Place MLC Centre headquarters immediately called security guards to remove the employee despite his legitimate reasons for enquiring regarding his pay.

  A contract providing services to retail major Woolworths subsidiary Dick Smith has been cancelled by Advantage Recruitments client due to non-payment of worker issues .

   We strongly advise anyone still working for Advantage Recruitment to Stop work immediately if their pay has been delayed in any way. Workers affected are further advised to contact Workcover, their union (if applicable) and to ask ASIC to check on payments to the company. Contact this blog for further info, which will also be posted here shortly

Greedy Oz Retailers cry Wolf

I’m stunned at the audacity of those self interest preserving Australian retailers who perennially foist among the highest prices in the world on consumers, crying foul over the paltry $1000 GST free limit for offshore web retailers. These retailers enjoy government regulated controls which ensure workers do not receive sustainable pay- while behaving as cartels to keep retailer buyers  paying top prices for poor service. Consumers enjoy virtually no protection as they are clobbered daily with huge retail markups to feed the greed of the monopolist business breed.

A good example is mobile phones. In a demonstration of retail collusion and arrogance, not one of the mobile phone retailers has an option which offers people who pre-pay a more cost efficient price structure. The industry standard is in fact the reverse, with many incentives offered to sign up to duplicitously marketed credit trap plans, the cause of many people being homeless today. Then compare the products. Handsets which retail for $US120 via offshore sites ($150 airfreighted to your door) sell for $500 to $600 and as high as $1100 in this greedy credit gobbling industry.

Then consider the markups in sports footwear, where shoes that cost $5 ex factory are retailed for $240. Nike are of course the most well known and most maligned, but most sportswear manufacturers offer similar ripoff pricing.

Doubtless the equally greed driven and uncaring Federal government are seeking ways to tax offshore purchases to boost their own revenues and protect their big business cronies. In the meantime, Australians should continue to deal with those who deliver the best value- and they are rarely Australian.

  1. Online shopping probe to target rorters

Pigs killing civilians okay but not people defending vs Pigs

    Two completely different spins by mediocre pro-police mainstream Australian media over the last two days. In Melbourne a pig gives evidence to an inquest whose role is to exonerate police in the execution killing of a teenager . Despite having access to unlimited resources to subdue the teenager, this pig felt so threatened that he had to cold bloodedly kill the teenager.  The incident should reinforce to teenagers, families communities and the Australian public that people are not safe anywhere in Australia -and the greatest threat to people (particularly teens ) is gung ho often steroid stoned pigs, funded by your tax money… heres how the Sydney Morning Herald saw the unravelling story today.

 Just yesterday the mainstream media was a waterfall of sympathy for a Kings Cross female pig “badly bashed” by a guy some time ago. Kings Cross Police have a reputation for victimising youth and defenceless people as career stepping stones. They are well known too for orchestrating beatups on homeless people and communities as well as social housing tenants in the Kings Cross Local Area Command region. Unlike the many executed by police over the years she didn’t die. But the guy who was found guilty of bashing her was sentenced to 21 years jail. Many who had been accosted by this particular pig thought he deserved a medal. Youth from the area were cheering when it happened, when they found out whom it happened to. Heres how the mainstream media saw that one .

  Sydney Homeless view police as Taxpayer funded racist community terrorists whose role is to take rights away from people and give them to churches and wealthy exploiters.NSW Police engage in many levels of racist community terrorism.It is widely known that NSW Police were responsible for orchestrating constant streams of class A drugs into the Redfern Aboriginal Community known as the block since the 1970s with the purpose of de politicizing that community. It is no secret that most of the ICE -the most evil drug with the most devastating consequences -distributed in Sydney is green flagged to certain areas and people by police. Police are known to be the source of many malicious and false reports which culminate in children being State Abducted. Many of us remember having our wallets taken for ID checks by police and having them returned stripped of cash. Others recall gangs of cops bashing them (while handcuffed) in cells. Some are related to or know someone who was killed by pigs. So yes,on the rare occasion when a NSW police officer is killed, we celebrate.

On Bail Terms, UK ,NSW & Wikileaks Assange

  In light of the recent bail refusal to Wlikleaks founder Julian Assange by British Courts , the subsequent granting of bail, then revocation subject to Swedish government appeal, it is worth noting that in Australia, bail is no longer a right or foregone conclusion. In fact, severely restrictive bail conditions are often used by police as a mischevious or vindictive means of interfering with peoples freedom, employment and families, when police simply lack evidence. They arrest and lay charges safe in the knowledge that there is no penalty for laying charges without foundation. This pattern of arrests has become a norm and many regular Sydney Homeless people are often adversely affected by falsified charges, many of which are withdrawn at a subsequent hearing- in many cases six months later. We have been notified of mulitple instances of bail refusal following false arrests. False arrests and bail refusals detrimentally affecting working families to the extent that they lose their homes incomes and even children – to State Child Abduction – on the whim of a NSW Police Pig. Usually the people concerned are from low-income backgrounds AND from indigenous or ethnic communities -communities who have learned to hate and distrust State Police and rightly regard them as a State Funded racist organisation, whose aim is to terrorise those communities so as to impose anglo “values” under the disguise of  “Australian.”  

  NSW incarceration rates per capita of population are now comparable with the highest rates in the world. While no definitive statisical analysis of the percentage of “bail refused” persons whose charges (in particular those for which bail was refused) are either withdrawn or dismissed by courts , according to prison visitors and those released from the NSW gulag , somewhere in the order of one-third of those refused bail are not found guilty. They neither have recourse for damages nor for the damage done such as loss of jobs homes children.

   Often these malicious charged are manufactured in conjunction with Human Services division DOCs ( now Communities NSW) and to a lesser extent NSW Housing to engineer a particular community outcome as desired by those agencies -irrespective of what the community want.

 In supporting Julian Assange’s right to his freedom and expressing our impression that charges against him are most likely a persecutory US orchestrated vendetta for telling the truth, we are conscious of the need to draw the Australian and international publics attention to the anti-freedom Bail Gulag which exists in Australia -hugely beneficial to the most racist and monocultural police force on earth and detrinental to those who will not stand for State repression.

Housing NSW impose jail on tenants

  In a further move towards State control of people perennial parasite and consumate human rights violator Linda Burney has taken a leaf out of Nazi Germany’s population control manual and imposed it on NSW Housing tenants in the Waterloo Towers. Our informants include a couple of tenants who favour the concept and a LOT of tenants who correctly object to the draconian measures which are turning the towers into jail you pay for.

  The new regime due to be implemented from 1st January 2011 (when most lawyers and courts are on holidays) makes it mandatory for ALL TENANTS RESIDENTS AND VISITORS to provide photo ID to the security guard station which will otherwise deny access to “Waterloo Gulag.” While implemented under the disguise of “greater safety for the elderly” this Nazi measure will have the effect of monitoring peoples movements 24 hours per day into and out of the Gulag. Repressive government departments will obviously have unimpeded access to the evolving database making,for example the ongoing harassment of for example the aboriginal community by police much simpler. It will also leave youth less able to select safe places to go with child stealing NSW Communities Profiteering Partner agencies also able to use the data collected as a datum point to manufacture allegations in order to steal children.  

   These new rules by NSW Housing represent a gross invasion  of tenants privacy and their rights to the peaceful enjoyment of their tenancy. The rules are completely contrary to the rights tenants enjoy under the Residential Tenancies Act -even the watered down version implemented by anti-people Labor governments in recent years.

  While some of the tenants (even according to some a majority) apparently agree that these rules are necessary, there are a large minority who do not -and they are having these draconian invasive conditions -spying into their homes and lives- imposed against their will.

 If wider society chooses to tolerate this imposition, you can look forward to the pollicy flowing to all residential property rentals in the coming years -irrespective of political denials.

  Doubtless such rules have the support of NSW Police who think that everyone should just follow orders from their racist anglophile officers irrespective of the right or otherwise of their often anglo serving opinions given as orders. Doubtless these rules will be the direct cause of direct violence against the State Applied Fascism being imposed by Housing NSW -simply,I can’t see the security guards not getting beaten to a pulp or even shot – with very good justification.

  Most of our Sydney Homeless long term community have long ago rejected invasive intrusive government as a precondition of social housing. We see many more people leaving social housing in preference to living in Labor imposed NAZISM.

 Having heard not a peep from The Coalition or The Greens on the subject,we can only assume that they too,agree with the policy.

  This extension of the economy first -society last mindset enriches todays politicians ,empowers todays exploiters and impoverishes todays ordinary people. The mindset that governments should collude and conspire with businesses and NGOs to manage people – as fodder for the economic machine. Social housing becomes mere storage boxes for economic tools.

Charities and The Christmas Cash Cow

In News recently the Sydney Morning Herald says that Australians will give less to charities this year. That is a good thing. For too long the largesse of largely good natured and giving Australians has been taken as a soft touch by unaccountable charities . These charities profess to raise funds in the name of nominated constituencies such as homeless people and children -but what really happens to the money?? A large percentage is diverted into research and administrative accounts to fund bloated ulterior agendas in tandem with mammoth economic inefficiencies. Much of the goods and food given out as Christmas Hampers is in fact donated. Some “charities” give out only those donated goods which other tentacles of their cloaking operations cannot otherwise sell.Logistics are also donated. Much of the work is done by genuine volunteers as well as wageslaves , minimally paid people, or worse “Mutual Obligation” “volunteers” forced to carry out charity servitude in return for income support. So why,precisely,do these organisations need tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to facilitate their charitable purposes?

 The awful truth is that for too long too many organisations and in particular those of christian origin, have callously leveraged poverty marginalisation and calamaties locally and internationally, to collect funds amounting to billions of dollars annually – funds which they are allowed to account for in such vague terms that the picture they present of the success of their programs bears no relationship to the often destructive reality of their actions.

  Giving in Australia .

Do support financially and voluntarily. 

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Amnesty International

Youth Off The Streets :  We reluctantly place this organisation in our do support category. It is a Uniting Church subsidiary and a DOCs service provider -both red flags which normally mean DO NOT SUPPORT. However YOTS appear to successfully transition their case managed charges.. so much that they are the only Youth organisation we know of whose former charges are not seen on the streets as adults. In addition, their founder, a Uniting Church Minister is no patsy, recently resigning from Premier Kristina Keneallys Homelessness committee. 

Small independent community groups which you know the organisers of personally.

School Community Efforts.

  Do Not Support

Mission Australia: This organisation wrote the book on current government – charity partnership arrangements to monetise the marginalised and drive worker exploitation by greedy business partners. Objectives are to maximise ways in which marginalised people can be exploited. Employs ex police in management roles. Strongly suspected by street community of spying and providing information on homeless people to police and other anti homeless government agencies. Mission Australia has its origins in the Congregational Church,now part of perennial pariah Uniting Church.

Exodus Foundation: Parasitic organisation masquerading as a caring charity which in reality is a callous christian cash cow milking the gullible taxpayer for hundreds of millions of dollars by providing family destroying services to government family invader DOCs .Also engaged in invading aboriginal communities via whitening anglocentric education models forcing aboriginal people to prioritise duplicitous anglocentric “education” over indigenous culture.  Collaborated with State Government to take over the only effective Charity dealing with Homeless people in the Sydney CBD-now using that charitys good work as platform to raise extra millions of dollars in Made for TV imagery with little substance.Food delivered varies from tolerable on media nights) to causing food poisoning.  

Uniting Church (or its many sub brands,except Youth off the Streets).

We especially ask that people DO NOT GIVE to Mission Australia , Uniting Church , Salvation Army or the myriad of cloaking “shirts”, brands which these invasive Government Funded organisations hide behind. These organisations are heavily involved and highly paid by government to deliver comunity destroying wageslavery and family intrusive and destroying DOCs and FACSIA programs.Programs which give government and its invasive agencies priority over people and families.Programs which lie to children and youth and misdirect their energies as fodder for those who will exploit them for capital gain. Programs which are designed to rob them of their true worth and pass that value to a few chosen families. There is ONE EXCEPTION. That organisation is Uniting Church shirt YOUTH OFF THE STREETS.

A Rock of Charity in an Ocean of deceit

We don’t often have anything good to say about ANY of the corporatised “charities” – especially the majors. It is widely known among the sector how and why their aims of monetising the marginalised has earned them our eternal scorn and contempt. We are more than ready and able to throw shit where it sticks and in doing so, it may be seen to reflect badly on some operators within the sector who have long been stalwart unsung heroes of the marginalised in Sydney. There are some committed people and groups within even the most monetised of the Marginalisation Sector NGO Industry and we’d like to thank one of the genuine, make it up as you go along, old school operations who have spent more days and nights providing essential services to Sydney ‘s homeless and marginalised community than the average low income family living indoors have had nourishing hot dinners in the Howard-Rudd_Gillard era. On the First Sunday evening of every month for many years now an old Nissan Urvan in Salvation Army livery with a distinctive yellow roadworks light appears outside Nicks in Woollo, then later at Martin Place and later at the railway station,sometimes even at Belmore Park. This van, staffed and supported entirely on the resources its small team manage to bring together, provides the only freely available eyesight tests-oh yes-and glasses available on the Streets. This is old school Salvos,a regrettably rare relic from bygone times when The Salvation Army were a genuine charity, not a thinly disguised business masquerading as a Not-for-Profit. This small group are from the era when Churches prayed,not prey as they do today. Over the years countless homeless,many who had long ago resigned themselves to never enjoying a good read ever again,due to government (and government funded) services being a quantum leap short of the abyss width between the rhetoric and hyperbole of government / NGO hyperbole -compared with the crushing demeaning reality of meanspirited minimalist delivery, have been quickly given a new lease of sight by this apparently cavalier but deeply committed crew of genuine stalwarts. Stalwarts whose good work is consistently being diminished by the money first antics of their associated Job Network and  parasitic family destroying Oasis divisions. Are this small band who do so much for the homeless community the last genuine Salvos?? We hope not. Now, we spend a lot of time telling people NOT to give to the poverty industry-but next time you’re approached by a Salvo check his nametag.If it says Major Hilton Harmer, open your heart,open your mind and empty your wallet.The man quietly does what all the spin & rhetoric makers can only hope to do -without the millions of your tax dollars squandered annually by the pariah poverty industry.Your money goes where its needed. To Major Harmer and his merry band of volunteers merry christmas,from a grateful SydneyHomeless community .

We can’t survive on Politicians rhetoric

As we deal daily with increased numbers (and a higher income bracket) of invoulntary homelessness in Sydney, we can but look askance at the rhetoric and rationale of both sides of politics at State and Federal levels. Australias politicians are more than ever the problem,as they collude with banking and industrialist interests to rape Australia of its natural wealth while providing the labour to do so under exploitative wageslavery conditions. This past weekend, while Federal politicians are enjoying their summer long holidays and NSW Politicians are concerned more about their re election prospects – and while all the profiteering Homelessness NGOs remain closed, we have helped an unprecedented 26 families with accommodation -accommodation which we ourselves don’t have. We are hearing of widespread working family poverty as desperate couples turn to desperate means to feed their families-and the insatiable greed of their bankers. Many don’t know whether they’ll have food for Christmas, nevermind presents for their kids. This sad state of affairs in a top mineral exporting country is caused by governments collusion with NGOs, Banks and industrialists to place immense power in a very few hands -and do so by ripping the majority of people off.

If government does nothing for you, or acts against your interests, why do you vote for them??? They do NOTHING for Australias most marginalised – and oppositions do even less

What makes Sydneys Workers Homeless?

We completed an in depth review of Sydneys working homeless People who work 26 or more hours per week, and sleep rough. There are some surprising results. This is very much raw data, from which you are free to draw such inferences as you may choose.

  • These are only the Working Rough Sleepers known to us who agreed to participate in our research. We did not count those participating in piecework,such as Big Issue vendors. We know of more who chose not to participate.
  • A total of 238 eligible Working Rough Sleepers were surveyed between 9pm Saturday and 9pm Sunday,at the place where they sleep or camp.
  • 88 Persons are liable parents, paying child support to their former spouse, leaving less that 40% of their generated income as nett (after tax & child support) income.Just 8 of these had an income of over $700 gross per week.
  • 58 work for minimum wages ($570 per week).198 work for $600 per week or less-gross..averaged up to 40 hour equivalent.
  • 146 identified bad credit as the impediment to securing any form of housing.122 of these were aged 18-27 and became debt impaired as a result of signing telecommunicatons service provider credit plans which they didn’t understand.The highest debt revealed was $12000 plus. 3 are seeing lawyers over this week,because the contracts they signed precede their 18th birthdays.We think that these contracts are void,because it is illegal for a credit provider to a minor.
  • 24 Credit impaired homeless bad credit status stems from Mortgage, Credit Card or Auto purchases arrears.
  • 88 identified poker machine gambling as the primary factor in their inability to move from the streets.44 identified gambling as at least a contributor to their marginalisation.
  • 198 said they had not been seen any Street Intervention service teams or any marginalised service providers.They had not visited Foodvans.They were given contact details for the Service NGOs without any promotion of those services.We don’t know of one service which we recommend.
  • Just over half had a resistance to any form of government originated assistance.Reasons varied from mistrust to pride to resigned hopelessness. Social Housing is not seen as an alternative by most of this group.
  • Most are service or retail workers.Others are employed in construction related trades. 4 self employed are included.

RT @uruknet: Targeting Silwan’s childre

RT @uruknet: Targeting Silwan’s children
#jerusalem #palestine

Discussion with a Job Network Client

One of our homeless community members has been obliged to attend some appointments with a Centrelink contracted Job Network agency in Williams St near the Cross.For the moment,the agency shall remain nameless. However, he was taken by the point that the Management Team members were overwhelmingly recently arrived and heavily accented foreigners – which we have no objection to. However their role is to promote unlivable wageslavery incomes of $16-$17 per hour -which for a single parent is totally unlivable in the Sydney City area…to which we object very strenuously.
Businesses which exist by hiring people at Unfair exploitation rates are really not and nor do they deserve to be , part of the business landscape.
Governments at any level which legislate for or to protect such worker exploitation are and should be held as publicly and equally accountable. As should government contracted service providers who use enable or benefit from such exploitative practices

Homeless Tide Flows in Sydney

Talking to the many desperate young people disengaging from governments draconian monetisation model for people who have never had, or have been cheated out of their rightful equity in this bountiful country has brought the underlying issue driving homelessness and marginalisation sharply stage centre again.
That reason is continued bipartisan government support for and protection of those individuals and organisations who prosper from the exploitation of people and resources and the sequestering of the proceeds of that exploitation for their and related parties own benefit.

We live in a Nation where Leaders at Federal State and Local level are paid fat salaries and generous pensions which are funded by multiple levels of taxation AND payment for government services at commercial rates. These politicians consult with Directors of Companies such as Rio Tinto and parasitic self serving organisations such as Mission Australia -executives, like Politicians,on exceedingly generous remuneration packages: so its inevitable that the outcomes which they deliver are of significant benefit to those organisations -and of little or negative benefit to us.
We live with and see the detriments of this conspiracy of the rich every day. An 18 year old youth, looking lost, reduced to begging on downtown George Street just this morning.Or the 22 year old female who slept at her begging post outside the Events Cinemas,less than a 5 minutes walk from Premier Kristina Keneally’s plush Pitt Street Offices and less than a block away from Mayor Clover Moore’s Town Hall.The young woman does not want to be there, but nor does she want to be an exploited underpaid profit unit for a government sanctioned wageslavery employer who will pay her (after taking compulsory government taxes) less than she needs to simply live in the City of Sydney.And who can blame her?

The mantra of “jobs” from Labor as a solution to or escape from poverty and marginalisation is a failure and will continue to be so for as long as government prevent workers from using any form of effective lobbying for their rights to Fair Pay. Jobs can be a only be a part of the solution when they do not have the effect of diminishing the worker-financially,physically,emotionally or mentally. Until that point is reached, wageslavery jobs exploiter employers and the enabling NGOs and government departments continue to be part of the problem.


Raise drinking age to 21? Why Not 81?

It will be a mistake for Kristina Keneally -or Barry O’Farrell- to support the ridiculous proposal of the redneck reverend Fred Nile to raise the drinking age to 21. The carnage of drinking teens dying in a multiplicity of accidental ways while affected by alcohol are driven by the governments unnecessary persecution of those teens who choose to experiment -socially. We often note police patrols harassing well behaved groups of youthful drinkers in places such as Hyde Park South. Such Policing does not stop young people drinking; rather it moves them to a different often less safe location.Like this sixteen year old. a City and Bondi regular who tragically died in a cliff fall away from areas which she knew.

Christian driven laws which make it illegal for parents to host “alcohol served” parties have not stopped Teens consuming alcohol. In my time or now. Nor have Kevin Rudds alcopops Taxes made it harder for Teens to afford alcohol -they simply pool money,buy and consume 700ml bottles-and often straight. It is neither the parents who have been stripped of their right and responsibility to allow their children and friends to experience alcohol in a safe home environment -thanks to malicious anti family , Church driven unfortunately named Family Laws.

No this is simply another jackboot in the throat of families and communities as the Labor -Liberal-National Coalition seek to have their parasitic Church based NGOs control the population from the cradle to the grave.

Labors dilemma as Unions exit stage left

Labors dilemma as Unions exit stage left

By SydneyHomeless

I won’t insult the NSW Premier Kristina Keneally or Prime Minister Gillard as they lead the one time Australian Workers Party, Labor further down the path of economic rationalism so preferred by exploiters and despised by workers. However, the Premier and Prime Minister stand at the a junction in the road to the future-a point from which,once passed,there will be no return. If the Premier and Prime Minister continue to persist with their pathway to the enslavement of the Australian people by econocrats The Australian Labor Party will be on an irreversible course to oblivion.

  • Wageslavery, employment conditions which severely constrain workers abilities to lobby for Sustainable Fair Pay,the draconian  Liberal concocted,Labor retained notion of “mutual obligation” are just one of the many anti-people measures which the self serving Political Wing of the Labor Party use to repress workers. The recentArk Tribe Trial should never have happened under a pro-worker Labor Government, which would never countenance the Star Chamber ACCC. This Howard era Commission is mandated to use Guantanamo Bay type inquisitorial powers to investigate allegations of corruption by workers or unions-but not corruption by Building Companies, developers or financiers- the real benefactors and corrupters of the industry.
  • When combined with the refusal of State and Federal Labor Governments to regulate prices ranging from government and utility services to retail essentials and financial services it is inevitable that people will fall below the poverty line. Hard and honest workers are often left with the dilemma of resorting to sexwork, crime or other means to supplement their government approved inadequate incomes. Often,the businesses and sectors which increase their charges at whim are the same operations which pay wageslavery incomes.
  • Youth Wages laws, which allow exploiter employers to pay people BELOW adult wages (to perform the same work) simply because they are aged under 21 years are in stark contrast to the freedoms exploitative retailers and realtors  have to charge as they please without regard for age. This issue remains totally unaddressed by the Union movement with large numbers of students and youth-aged workers forced to live without shelter -or resort to sexwork and other activities -as a direct result of Poverty Industry advised government policy.
  • The Australian Services Union’s current campaign for “Pay Equality” for women leaves other areas of pay equality unaddressed.For example, in the dying days of his tenure as Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd announced a government subsidy for doctors assistants,of $25000 per job created- “or a lesser amount for aboriginals.” Prime Minister Gillard’s government wrote to the Fair Pay Tribunal to say that the government cannot afford pay equality for women without reducing public services. Yes, well,maybe she could reduce the Australian Military’s support for Terrorism of Afghan civilians. Or buy a few less exotic military toys. However we do need to extend the discussion beyond Equal Pay for Women to Equitable Pay & a Livable Income for all..politicians certainly pay themselves enough.

Premier Keneally’s call for the resignation of ETU leader Bernie Riordan needs to be met head on by the full applied force of the Trade Union Movement -who may be well advised to establish a Workers Party.

I commend the Electrical Trades Union for their bold but absolutely necessary stance and call for all Unions to support this action -the only responsible course of action by any Union seeking to adequately and effectively represent its workers against an increasingly uncaring distant and dictatorial Political Labor Party.


Mutual Obligation

A furphy concocted by Mission Australia in collusion with the Howard Coalition government, replaces the concept of “Work and pay taxes, unemployed and claim benefits” with an “extra obligation” of becoming a monetised token which the poverty industry use to collect Taxpayers money.”Extra obligations” include “voluntary community work” -for parasite charities with annual revenues in the $$Hundreds of millions -and $20,000 success fees to “Job Network Services” whether they assist you into work or not

YouthWing Schoolies

#Sydney #Homeless #YouthWing. 23 Year 12 graduates are nearly all seriously engaged in creating a Schoolies legacy which each will remember, I hope,as a milestone marker and gateway to the real world. Six Youth Wingers have gone to The Gold Coast, some to Lennox Head while others have taken holiday houses near Nowra and Newcastle.The Newcastle group, whose YouthWing members have told their class why they stay with YouthWing even invited the entire YouthWing up to share a barbie. Reports filtering back of rages and rigorous rules in the Party Towns as one would expect -but others are enjoying bushwalks and beaches and showing the world that drugs and alcohol just don’t kick it in their timelines. Reports from a YouthWinger with a large Class Group in GC are that the group are somewhat sombre in the realisation that they will no longer share each others daily lives -well, theres FB of course.
3 elected to stay at Youth Wing and are generally out spending what they saved on outrageous holiday priced Schoolies accom.

Thanks to all who have contributed to making these kids lives better -and understanding the absolute need to keep Youth away from invasive, family and community wrecking Government

Equal Pay YES-Just for Women No

Call For Wage Justice for All -not just women.

Call to Ditch the Deadwood in Government & The Poverty Industry

The current Equal Pay (for women) scandal making waves for the next 90 seconds in Australia’s fickle mainstream media is a further sordid chapter in the short Prime Ministerial career of PM Julia Gillard. Empress Julia’s short reign has been notable for two things; her predisposition to treat voters workers and Australia’s marginalised people with utter contempt -and her notable first act as Prime Minister.. running off to appease corporate conglomorates Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Xstrata.

  Flowing from Gillards statement a mere fortnight after the 2010 Federal election to the effect that “all election promises are off the table “- a statement which would have seen her jailed if a representative at any level in Holland it should come as no surprise that Gillard would arbitrarily rescind any deal -including one which had the poential to positively deliver for her natural female constituency.We see no reason on this earth for a reasonable person or government to reject the notion of Equal Pay -but not only for women. Left out in the cold by this potential deal are exploited youth, farm rural and low wage workers and -significantly – indigenous wageslaves forced to work for as little as $4 per hour in Jenny Macklins infamous Northern Territory Intervention experiment.

  Reading the comments of Ms Sally McManus of the Australian Services Union, I note with some amusement her expectation that clients will support her unions call for strike action-that we would have some empathy with them. The Australian Services Union represents the unfortunately named “community sector” whose various government , NGO entities and staff are seen (with some rare exceptions) as a self promoting self serving sector who drive government policy without any but the most superficial consultation at client level-where such consultation occurs at all. The inevitable result is raft upon raft of Poverty Industry -Marginalisation Government Sector driven government policy delivering expensive (for taxpayers) policies which have proven over time to be a succession of systemic failures. Amazingly, despite these failures, Governments both Liberal and Labor have adhered to the same failed formulae and consulted with the same failed authorities on marginalisation solutions,with the same almost inevitable outcomes.

   We note that the Australian Services Union represents the same workers who are responsible for devising and implementing the federal and State government policies which persecute and disenfranchise marginalised people. The Australian Services Union were silent even when the Howard Government and its Mission Australia CEO cohort rolled out the onerous, NGO serving furphy of “mutual obligation”, which the Rudd Gillard Labor Government kept in place.  Under this onerous legislation, Welfare claimants can be required to undertake voluntary work -for businesses such as Mission Australia or Uniting Care -businesses with incomes in the hundreds of millions of dollars per annum which masquerade as charities. Also represented are some (but not all) of the wageslavery sector Job Network service providers which specialise in delivering unsustainable waged workers to businesses requiring wageslaves to drive the excessive profits to which Australian corporates have become accustomed. ASU workers are also responsible for formulating and implementing the organisational policies which become NCOSS / ACOSS platforms -and eventually government policy. Policy which detrimentally affects our Australian and Sydney homeless communities. Policy which in fact drives homelessness and increases marginalisation by enabling the continuance of wageslavery.

   Also represented in the sector under discussion are the staff of NSW Communities (DOCs) and Federally Jenny Macklins repressive, human rights violating FHASCIA department -and their surrogate NGOs. We are on record and stand by our previous assertions relating to those dealing with Families Children and Aboriginal “Services”, that these workers must know full well the inevitable detriments they foist upon their hapless victims -the self same people whom they profess to work to protect. We will NOT support any pay rises whatsoever in this sector. We will not support anything less than the complete termination of all employment and contractual engagements by this collection of organisations and self serving people who use marginaised people as tokens to collect taxpayers dollars with.   

  So please understand our mirth at the temerity of Ms McManus’s suggestion that we might have some affinity with her Unions cause-when they have demonstrated a willingness to collaborate on delivering continued repression to Australia’s most marginalised.

 Prime Minister Gillard needs also to avail herself of the opportunity to weed the truly non-performing staff and NGOs from the feeding frenzy of sharks which is Todays Australian poverty industry-taxpayers,as Gillard points out,cannot afford the luxury of supporting the inefficient.

  The dilemma for us,though is that as Fair people we must support a call for Fair Pay, for Pay Equality..but not only Fair Pay for women. Lets not stop there.Lets look at pay equality across race age and sex delineations and have, simply equal pay for equal work-irrespective of “Award”. By doing so in one fell swoop, we would head off Julia Gillards next refuge which ,given her background in industrial relations law,would be to set up a totally new “Greenfields” sector-in reality a completely new wardrobe of shirts to cloak the same dirty neocon operators who masquerade as charities while robbing us,and their workers blind while professing to act in our interests.

16000 reasons NOT to vote for #NSW MP Linda Burney in 2011

In the upcoming NSW election I can give you 16000 compelling reasons not to vote for Linda Burney. They are the 16000 children currently under State Child abduction in NSW. Cynically referred to as Child protection, sadly, many of these children have never felt the need for protection from their caring and loving families. Yet they are not allowed to tell you that. Their names are forbidden to be published (unless they are dead) -even if they seek to make their case public when they become adults. While the Law says that this is to protect the child, history is littered with numerous instances where a reasonable person would conclude that the reasons for such secrecy are foremost the protection of this out of control department,among the most reviled in Australia  from exposure to public scrutiny and serious criminal charges ranging from gross negligence to giving evidence in a court of law knowing it to be false.

The much promoted changes to the way DOCs does business and accompanying name change in January 2010 palmed off the troublesome care obligations to Serco style DOCs contract “case managers” who are reputedly paid $6000 per child per week. In stark contrast to the $600 per child per week allocated to the actual carer. Many of these “case management” businesses are either Church or ex DOCS Staff/Management controlled. The inexplicably high service costs provide no incentive for these businesses to speed up the conclusion of court proceedings- in fact,mischevious  family destroying delays are quite lucrative-for lawyers ,”pseudo science psychologists”whose every make believe word is hung on by out of touch judges and of course, DOCs bureaucrats and their attendant band of profiteering,community destroying NGOS.   Happily for these businesses,they are uniquely positioned to both tell children they are there to help them,while using the relationship to spy on those children, gathering or sometimes manufacturing information to assist with the often baseless allegations made against the often hapless families.   DOCs was also tucked away- hidden within the “super department” of Human Services. Nobody (In their right mind )would work for DOCs

Here are some of the children,the compelling reasons NOT to vote for DOCs Minister Linda Burney at the NSW State elections in March 2011.

A 13-YEAR-OLD put on a train alone by the Department of Community Services has vanished.

June 2010:

Police are searching for the teenager Ryall who was left on a train at Parramatta by DoCS staff on Monday.

She failed to arrive at her destination near Wollongong and police said today security cameras at Central Station had captured her leaving a train there.

Her parents told a radio station this morning they were furious with the department…full article in The Daily Telegraph

FIVE-year-old girl wrongly removed from her parents was denied a visit with her dying father,by Minister Linda Burney even after the Ombudsman ruled DOCS bungled the case.”

In a horror start to her life, the girl has suffered from cancer, lost her father and spent more than two years separated from her family because of decisions that should not have been made.

DOCS will be forced to pay compensation to the family of the Sydney girl, who had never been abused or neglected… more

Baby in DOCS care ‘horrifically’ injured in NSW |

The Daily Telegraph

check back.. a new child will be added reported by the mainstream media…

   There is no destroyer of families and communities which has as profound and devastating an impact as that which you, the taxpayer fund -The NSW Department of Communities and its parent Human Services. Their impact is more detrimental than aids cancer drugs and alcohol combined. This department of the NSW Government is now the leading cause of family and comunity breakdown, homelessness, poverty and marginalisation in New South Wales, Australia. It is time communities and people stood up to this taxpayer funded fascism -by all means available.

  Every Child Protection worker from the minister to volunteers should have their work assessed by a community tribunal with the same Guantanamo like approach to justice as the Chldrens and Families Courts -with punishments including loss of all superannuation, assets and rights to work with children. Christians and Government employees should be specifically excluded from participating as arbiters in these tribunals, which should be appointed by the affected communities.

RT @Oil_Leaks #FF MT @gaslandmovie: #GAS

RT @Oil_Leaks #FF MT @gaslandmovie: #GASLAND opens in #Australia this week! Josh Fox Down Under…. #Sydney #fracking

Churches Clubs exempt from political donations law

  The proposed law to limit political donations in NSW has been circumvemted by Labor and the Greens who have put in place an exemption allowing donations from the two biggest interest groups in the country. The legislation which has passed parliament allows not-for-profit organisations to continue to donate where corporations cannot.

   Under Liberal and Labor State and Federal governments church and club related organisations have reaped windfalls in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually, via the NGO sector businesses which they run, providing cheap #Serco style services to government departments. For example,Uniting Church may donate, along with each separate church, as well as Exodus Foundation and the myriad of shirts which Uniting Church wear. Its like a person being able to donate again and again by the device of changing clothes.

  The legislation allows individuals to donate $3000 per MP and $5000 per Party -placing independents who belong to no Party at a serious economic disadvantage in funding their electoral campaigns competitively. A ceiling of $3000 per MP as compared with $8000 which Party Member MPs supporters can donate. So a Liberal Labor or Greens Party member with 10,000 supporters will have a campaign fund potential of $80,000,000 ,while an independent candidate with 20,000 supporters will have a funding potential of just $60,000,000 (or 75% of the Party Members total allowed) for twice the number of donating supporters. That, apparently is democracy (or is it dollarcracy ) as it lives in the minds of Party Politicians in Australia.

  A Fairer system would be to have taxpayer funded elections, without donations or advertising support allowed, and a cap of $150,000 per candidate.

Family_Law_Fail :: Straight out of Macklin

In a recent “Interventionist child protection policies are right” article in the Australian apparent journalist Jeremy Sammut uses his position of media authority to again attack marginalised people.His attack is in keeping with the apparent views of Macklin, Abbott and Noel Pearson Churches and the education institution intoxicated bureaucrats of Canberra.It is doubtless a perspective supported by racially imbalanced and systemically racist police and unfortunately named “Child Protection Authorities.”

These are the same neocons who follow the mantra that “a job” is a cure to all (or many social ills).They conveniently leave out the cold hard fact that the majority of “jobs” in Australia pay unsustainable #wageslavery incomes.Yes the average wage is around $1300 per week gross- including a range from 25 million a year down to $28500 a year full time. All neocons of Labor and Liberal heartily endorsed CDEP slavery for aboriginals and its Work-for-the-dole offspring.All were silent as the Patrick McClure furphy of a “mutual obligation” in return for welfare was insinuated like aids or the (“NT Intervention”) as a norm of government business.Conveniently forgetting the real concept of mutual obligation which is to pay Australia’s high taxes when earning and get income support when not earning. I always considered the ridiculously high direct and indirect taxes levied by various levels of government to be more than fair return for the pittance “benefits” welfare pay out,especially for Newstart Sickness or single parent benefits.

According to the obviously priveleged Mr Sammut,”the clientele of Child Protection Services consist predominantly of members of the underclass”… (nice touch).Another way of putting this is,of course, the vast majority of Australians who are not part of the small clique who,through greed and manipulation of intentionally pro-greed law,control Australia via a government protected stranglehold on decision making.These are the Churches Corporates and Government entities who can afford to keep cases in court “in perpetuity”. As in the Mabo case, the intent is to demonstrate that “take us on,and even if you’re right, you won’t live to see the benefits. Mr Sammut does not consider that these “Child Protection Authorities” might possibly be wrong- and they frequently are.In recent cases such as this judges have absolutely castigated investigative authorities (both Child Protection and Police) for what amounts to manufacturing evidence. Families and especially children are often financially and emotionally crippled by the machinations of multiple layers of taxpayer funded State repression of families,while gong ho government department operatives get rewarded for their efforts with taxpayer funded “Stress Leave” and holidays, masquerading as conventions.

Every person who has worked in “Child Protection” at State Territory or Federal level from the ministers down should have their actions subject to review in a court where the evidence act does not apply -as is the case with the current Childrens and Family Kangaroo Courts. Lets take their kids and subject them to the same abuses they knowingly foist on our children via their paedophile church operated care and adoption systems.

With particular reference to Minister for Human Services Jenny Macklin (and her NSW State counterpart Linda Burney ) it is harder to find better examples of gutless out-of-touch politicians carefully shielded from bad news by “sub-ministers” while fronting bland regional centre openings shielded from protests and the sick reality of the harm their departments do daily. In Macklins case, shes even shielded from being voted out as a safe ticket placed Victoria Labor senator… makes me sick.

Prayers Preying on Rough Sleepers

 This past week serial preyer on marginalised people Mission Australia’s Missionbeat unit, assisted an organisation we’ve never heard of,Mercy Foundation, to conduct a “survey” of Sydney “Rough sleepers”. The City of Sydney usually have some involvement also.

We were highly amused at the results as published Nov 3. 262 “known homeless” in Sydney.Our current rough sleepers far exceed 500. This has a lot to do with the “Surveyors” methodology. Many “night-sleeping” rough sleepers are “mobile” by 0430 hrs, when they started their count. But most of the elderly rough sleepers and many aged 14-25 sleep during the day.  In addition, we admit warning many NOT to co-operate with the survey because the benefits will flow to the government and NGOs while mere scraps are doled out to our community.

  We were less than amused with the “researchers”  methodologies, so checked out perpetrators.The Mercy Foundation website indicates that they are a “Grants” awarding body of the Catholic Church who,in 2008,decided to become involved in “homelessness”.Right about when the federal government were formulating their huge waste of taxpayers money for their “The Road Home” disaster.We don’t know if Mercy Foundation co-ordinated this survey Australia wide, or how much they were paid to do it. They were assisted by long term business masquerading as a charity and Serco wannabe Mission Australia – who have organised the past two “Rough Sleeper counts” and we suspect been instrumental in Police visiting those campsites and sleeper locations about a fortnight later, moving many on in defiance of the NSW Homeless Protocol But you can bet the survey will be carefully massaged to further use rough sleepers as tokens to collect tax and corporate dollars with -to be spent on NGO infrastructure, staff  “research” and “consulting” needs.

Not only did they have the temerity to deprive those who wanted to of appropriate sleep by “waking them up”, these gung ho, unqualified intruders took photos. Consent given when the subject has just woken up does NOT constitute informed consent.

  The final insult is the $10 “payment” made to Rough Sleeper respondents-for three successive nights of invasive prying. Our inquiries revealed that the standard payment rate for survey completion in a face to face setting ranges from $30 to $150. These researchers, typical of the Poverty industry, chose to undervalue homeless people again -as is the norm of their profiteering business model.  

  As none of the listed organisations is noted for its research quality, we called two well known pollsters and a supporter, a mathematician and statistician who happens to lecture in research methodologies. None were able to hazard a guess as to what part photos may play in genuine statistical research. I then asked how useful various government agencies including police and immigration might find photos in an effort to deduce a logical and ethical reason for these ‘researchers” taking photos. In each case my question was met with a darkened acknowledgement that there were “other government” opportunities but all stated that such collection methods, while not illegal, were most certainly unethical. The point was also raised that these photos could be used as fundraising and promotional material by the various agencies who are aligned with this project.

  The Sydney Morning Herald quoted the perpetrators of this “Survey” as saying “Unlike the common public perception, most homeless people do not want to be homeless.” In our experience and with our broad base of over 5000 contacts we asked -and the response was 100% that they DO NOT see homeless people as “wanting to be homeless.” While we agree as but a few say they “choose to be homeless whatever the options,” this does not mean that any form of accommodation is an acceptable “solution.” Unaddressed is “How many will remain homeless in preference to living in Supported Accommodation Assisted Program Housing” with its onerous case management structures attached.How many are unwilling to cling to the flimsy thread of short 6 monthly leases, to be flung out at the whim of a gung ho realtor or greedy landlord? In Australia,by agreement between the Poverty Industry and government SAAP is the major gateway to public housing and involves an invasive (and for the taxpayer expensive) case management service whose role is to find out how many government departments and NGOs might be able to use this person as tokens to collect further copious amounts of public money for themselves or their employer. While some homeless people identify some of the “services” as useful, many do not-in fact regarding them as draconian obligations. Also unaddressed is Rough Sleepers correct perceptions of the onerous extra obligations placed on Social Housing Tenants by State Labor driven modifications to the NSW Residential Tenancies Act 1987 -placing obligations on Social Housing Tenants which other tenants do not have and giving the Marie Antoinette and aboriginal embarassment of NSW Politics Linda Burneys Housing NSW powers which other landlords do not enjoy. For me personally, I will not faithfully report each and every person who stays at my house to Housing -or anyone else.Either I pay and control the property, or I don’t pay-simple.

Sydney Rough Sleepers survey can’t find Homeless

If any proof is needed that the poverty industry and government are really only about using homeless people as tokens to collect your tax dollars with, the invasive Rough Sleeper Survey by the Parasite Poverty Industry is a case study.

According to the combined resources of government council, Mission Australia, Mercy Foundation (who we’ve never heard of) and Common Ground (whose patron Therese Rein (Rudds Spouse) made her millions delivering marginalised people as #wageslaves to her industrial clients at taxpayers expense) there are just 269 Homeless known to them in Sydney.The survey team managed to “interview” just 200. Why is this? Did they not want to hear what the other 69 had to say? Were they simply told to “fuck off??” Why??  Only 18 of our core group of long term homeless were even approached.  Perhaps this is a figure they’ve cooked up to “prove” that the strategies which they advised government to put in place, with cashcades of your taxpayer money funding their ill advised schemes, are working.

The day following the final survey ,many of the regular rough sleepers who disappeared returned to their habitual spots.

If Mercy Foundation / Mission Australia / City of Sydney knew where and when to count, these intrepid counters would have found between 500 and 600 Rough Sleepers without leaving public property.

Why the Rough Sleeper Counts and Surveys Fail

  • Trust. The overwhelming majority of long term homeless do not trust any level of government their contractors or their objectives. From the NGOs who profess to deliver “homelessness services” including Housing NSW and its contractors, we hear nothing but lies. Promises and duplicity. From the Government departments and politicians dealing with homelessness we hear long winded promises and announcements, see lots of attempts to spy on us and use us as cash collection tokens, but no affordable appropriate and agreeable housing.  In the case of Missionbeat its well known that their Sydney manager is ex Police -or is there such a thing. As with most low income and ethnic communities, Sydney’s Homeless community do not enjoy a good relationship with police, who are well known for their predisposition to take the side of the wealthy against us. They are known as a tool of repression and regarded as one does a disease. The last two Missionbeat co-ordinated  “Street Counts” have been followed within a fortnight by late night visits from police issuing “move-on” orders to destabilise homeless campers. So why would we trust them?? Needless to say, many homeless have taken steps to ensure their privacy safety and security by not being visible to counters and survey takers. There is not -nor has there ever been-a valid reason to trust any of those who profiteer using us as tokens.
  • Money & Outcomes. Those commissioning and conducting the Rough Sleeper Survey are well paid for their information collection efforts. In contrast to the Rough Sleeper survey subjects, who received just $10 for being woken 3 mornings in a row. A few calls to Survey organisers advertising in Gumtree established that the going rate is $30 to $150 per interview. We have yet to see a single initiative which seeks to end housing marginalisation eventuate from any of these government and NGO serving exercises.
  • Tee Hee!! They don’t know when where or who to look at : Bemusing as it is, 3 most popular Rough Sleeper hangouts are within 10 minutes walk of Town Hall – and they’re never counted!! Last Monday there were 35 sleeping at just one of these camps. Asian Homeless?? The 200 odd who we know are virtually indistinguishable to the anglo-aussie eye from other asians. They integrate seamlessly into the flow of Sydney life. Many work for just $7 to $8 an hour – in places where you would least expect- in preference to the dole. Then there are the estimated 150-180 who sleep in vehicles. And of course the substantial number who sleep in the day.

SydneyHomeless continue to advise homeless people to NOT co-operate with surveys, homeless counts and other NGO serving activities which collect information to better leverage funding opportunities for their organisations. While we look forward to the day when City of Sydney run Social Housing in their council area, that is not on any political agenda which we are aware of. We also know of no initiative by City of Sydney to provide non-invasive social housing in its district.

Charity or Business?? How to Rate

They call themselves charities and take millions in public corporate and taxpayer dollars annually. You assume that these often well known and well connected “Charities” will do the right thing with your generously given donations. But do they really ?? What really happens to your money?

The 2009 Victoria Bushfire Appeal was launched in 2009 to provide Relief & support for the many Victoria, Australia, communities devastated by the worst bush-fires Australia has seen. Some of the money went to set up a government Commission of Inquiry, headed by the ex Victorian Police Commissioner Sue Nixon ,who was subseqently faulted in her performance as Chief of Police in relation to those fires by that same commission. However, on point, the donating public gave the money to fund support for the bushfire victims, families and those affected. Many are still underaccommodated today, while the BushFire Commission wallows in the trough of public money.

In January 2010, following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, multiple organisations ran heavily subscribed appeals. These became fodder for a US military led UN invasion and the subsequent creation of “Refugee Camps” where terror and rape run rampant. The US military impeded the efficient entry of genuine aid organisations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres to assert US government puppet Aid organisation and CIA front US AID as lead organisation. Subsequently all donation supported aid organisations became subservient to and in effect deliverers of US secret service dictated policy.

In Australia there is at least a weekly tug on your heartstrings by organisations masquerading as charities. You should NOT be duped. Many are simply cynical operations supporting high salaried CEOs and management teams while using volunteers for “feelgood” effect.

At the head of the list of Preying Vulture Fundraisers are those with a medical “research” objective. Stop and think about it.Funding research into cures for cancer? Aids? If the research is ever successful, then you’ve just financed another wonder drug for the highly lucrative #BigPharma conglomorates to earn more millions from…WOW!! DO NOT SUPPORT!!

Next in line are those who use Homeless , Mental Health, Youth , Poverty as headlines. Do they have a plan to end their selected field of marginalisation?? Are they government supported? If so, they’re probably delivering ineffective invasive government services- and funded to do so by your taxes. How much does their CEO and management team get paid –and for what??  What percentage of their nett income is returned to their target constituency in a form identified by that constituency (not a charity selected few clients) as effective??

In short, if an organisation is not returning 80% of whats collected directly to their target constituency as above, they are part of the problem, parasites preying off the marginalised, and you shouldn’t support them

Guy Fawkes Day

Today November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day. On this day in 1605 Guy Fawkes planned to blow up Englands House of Lords, kill the then king (James) and reinstall a Catholic king. He was tortured tried and sentenced to be drawn and quartered but died by suicide. While some commemorate the death of Fawkes for the failure of his plot, others remember him simply as a person who sought to overthrow a despotic king

Shelter Human Rights

There is an adage which states that communities with excesses of wealth generally also have excesses of poverty. My past sojourns around the world took me to some of the most unlikely places… places not on the conventional tourist map. Places like Manlia’s Smoky Mountain , The Bullrings in Liverpool UK , and The Valley of the Dead in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At Smoky Mountain one saw generations of families who lived by scavenging in the rubbish tips, at a time when Phillipine President Marcos wife Imelda had a virtual Louis Voutton waehouse of shoes.

House Prices static rents still rising

As rising retail and housing prices career away ahead of the real average income (not the median income government keep quoting, which lumps the Likes of Macquarie Millionaires salaries (up to $25m pa) in with minimum adult wage earners paltry $570 per week wageslavery income (gross,before tax). Despite the apparent stall (is it the stall before the fall?) in Australian Q3 residential property price increases, there is no apparent decline in rent escalations.

Affordable Housing not a priority

Housing affordability is not part of current federal or state government priority. Nor, despite the rhetoric the priority of any senior management in any government or Not for Profit “Housing” or “Homelessness” related sphere.While politicians may make the occasioal whimper about homelessness , housing marginalisation and the attendant societal side issues they are extremely conscious of the multi billion dollar “poverty industry -government” co dependency complex with each party ensuring that “the problem” remains unsolved, and their revenue streams of Taxpayer Gold remain intact. Why would you do anything which put a sunset clause on your funding??

Current Program Failures;

There have been many Social Service provider consultative processes where government has paid close attention to the advisements of those who benefit most from Housing Marginalisation. Government contract service providers. Yet without exception, the resulting recommendations taken up by State and Federal Governments has produced a domino deck of progressive failures -at the ever increasing expense of the unconsulted and uninformed taxpayer. The current “The Road Home” is a bicycle determinedly ridden by its proponents-yet it does nothing to either end homelessness nor turn off the tap. The Road Home has a core policy flaw which many rough sleepers reject outright. The expensive (for taxpayers) case management role which, put another way, allows government contractors to spy on tenants. There is also the very real possibility confirmed to us by some Real Estate agents- with substantial rent rolls- that “The Road Home” and its State spinoffs are in fact driving rental prices higher. Agents can easily manipulate rental rates to ensure the poorest condition properties in an area are rented securely to State Government at area premium rental rates.

@SydneyHomeless End Homelessness Challenge : If you’re NOT doing ALL these things,you’re not really about ending Homelessness.

  • Right to erect shelter; Where there is a clear shortage of affordable appropriate acceptable housing, determined by the number of rough sleepers in the area, those persons should have the inalienable right to erect and occupy shelter-on any or appropriately located designated public land.Right to occupy until appropriate affordable and agreeable conventional accommodation is found.
  • Raise Basic Incomes & Invoke 5 year rent freeze.
  • Modify Property rental laws to ensure minimum tenancy terms of 2 years, instead of the current 6 months.
  • Make 1st Home Buyer Loans more affordable with a compulsory percentage of Bank Loans supporting fixed interest 1st Home Buyers, and property investor loans less attractive.
  • Management of Local Body area Residential Housing Stocks according to workforce required in the relevant postcode, with rental/occupancy value as percentage of income.
  • All property developments to include a 4% social housing component,with housing to be managed by Local Body Authority.
  • Lobby all levels of government to make this a reality.
  • Case Management may be optional but should NOT be a necessary component of accessing Social Housing.

Sydney Homeless:New jobs feature

Seeking Workers??

Don’t be put off by our name, Sydney Homeless are consumate professionals and work diligently to partner with the appropriate on or offline solutions providers to your Online or Local casual or contract labour staffing or assignment problem.

Looking for Work??

We’ve agonised about how to fairly expand our successful IT-off-the-streets project. We know that these opportunities really do help Homeless People -but are acutely aware of the potential to end homelessness by economic empowerment too. So we’ve decided to use our blogosphere to release some of the components.Components which have served sme of our community well.Along with these Online Jobs, there are some casual positions. They’re to the right of our blog, in the first column or you can see them in the Tweetline of @SydneyCasuals , our emloyment generation partner.

Resume Writing

The days of the standard resume are numbered and those securing the choicest positions in each industry are using targeted custom resumes per application.In our experience 5 customised resumes submitted are sufficient to secure the job you desire (given that you are qualified). Tweet me @SydneyHomeless for a Fast Professional Online Resume authoring consultation.


$1 a Week Rent in NSW

Fed Up with Greedy City Landlord Blues??

This amazing offer from Trundle,about 65k north west of Parkes, will be manna from-well-Trundle for those who decide to go bush for a change. Think carefully before inundating these good people with replies. Sydney Homeless wish Trundle all the success with this fair value promotion…

Trundle Tree Change

(from the website of the promoters in Trundle)

The Rent a Farm House scheme for Trundle has taken on a new name, ‘Trundle Tree Change’, to ensure that Trundle is firmly in everyone’s mind! At this early stage 6 Trundle farmhouses have been confirmed as being available for rent, so the project is moving along full steam ahead.

The aim is to bring new families to Trundle to ensure that the schools remain viable and the community survives and prospers. The criteria for applicants for the Trundle Tree Change scheme includes:

Trundle Hotel c 1909 NSW Tree Change

Trundle Pub -Town offering $1 per week rent Houses

• Families with children
• Community orientated people
• Those with renovation skills or interest
• People ready for a tree-change

The Committee has established a time line, with the aim to have new families moving to Trundle in time to start the 2011 school year.

It was wonderful to see so many Trundle people in attendance at the town meeting last weekend and the support has been overwhelming. The working party are now helping farm owners to ensure each house is comfortable for tenants. With that in mind, the committee are looking for the donation of any household/ building items that may no longer be needed, for example an old air conditioning unit, kitchen bench, a stove, wood heater etc. Please call in and let Dannielle at the Trundle Hotel know if you have any available items. At this stage furniture is not needed.

The website showing the progress of Trundle Tree Change is currently being constructed and will be a great way to track the program in the future. Stay tuned!

Trundle, New South Wales – Google Maps

Town offers $1 rent to lure residents

Rent A Farm House Scheme

Reporting on Homelessness

My attention has just been drawn to a post which exposes several campsites in a particular city.The reporter gives enough information to confirm that he does not have the permission of the homeless people concerned to publicize their camp locations. Never-the-less , the budding journalist takes it upon himself to publish photos which potentially expose those unfortunate homeless people concerned to move on orders. This style of reporting is gung-ho the gutter level reportage one expects from those devoid of social justice ethics.

If you are reporting on homelessness issues, please do nothing to further exacerbate the already grim circumstances faced by those homeless people. Get some authenticity about your article by actually asking the people concerned. Unless you’re the type conceited enough to believe you already know everything. Especially, please ensure photographs are permission based.

On Homelessness Australia

Despite their allegation to the contrary, Homelessness Australia DO NOT advocate for Homeless People in Australia.They do not consult with homeless people,nor have the authority of homeless people to advocate on our behalf. In Fact Homelessness Australia according to their website,are the peak body for the Non Government organisations which they represent, and was formed as a direct consequence of those organisations loss of government funding. We are always insulted by these parasitic organisations who use our circumstances and name as a pretext to solicit support and funding for their own purposes.

Sydney Homeless know of no services or exit strategies whether worthwhile or otherwise which this organisation provide to Homeless people. We ask people not to support them or their supporting organisations in the misguided belief that they advocate on behalf of or no the authority of Homeless people. In fact like many who prey off homeless people,they simply speak to solicit funding and support for their self styled solutions. Obviously, given the rise in homeless numbers,unsuccessfully.

Sydney Homeless on the Rough Sleeper count

The City of Sydney seems determined to attempt to finesse success out of failure.The following excerpt is their result and analysis of the winter Rough Sleepers Count they condcted. Its worth noting that within a fortnight of that count taking place, police arrived in the dead of night and destabilised many of the rough sleeper campsites in direct contravention of the much vaunted NSW State Government Homeless Protocol to which NSW Police are a signatory,but only occasionally an adherent.

This is email is a little later than our usual communique’s to release the results of the Street Count but the results were a little surprising so we wanted to do a little investigation around this. Last August you counted 289 people sleeping rough on the streets of the City of Sydney’s Local Government Area (LGA). That’s a decrease of 129 people counted 6 months prior to that.

SydneyHomeless Response:There is a cyclical seasonal fluctuation in rough sleeper numbers in Sydney with (unsurprisingly) more in summer than winter months.

Those of you who have participated in previous counts or who track results on our website would know that the number of rough sleepers counted in the February 2010 Street Count was 418, an increase on the numbers of rough sleepers counted in August 2009 which was 399.

SydneyHomeless Response: Unfortunately City of Sydney figures ALWAYS grossly understate the number of Rough Sleepers in Sydney City,for the following reasons.

  • City of Sydney Rough Sleeper count is conducted between about 1am & 3 am -many & especially the elderly long term rough sleepers sleep in the day.On our counts the day sleepers identified comprise 40%-45% of sleepers.

  • COS count does not include those sleeping in vehicles,or those sleeping on private property with or without the tacit approval of security guards.

  • Last COS count also does not include many who explicitly “hid” from counters as per our advisement, due to police action in the aftermath of the previous Homeless Rough Sleeper Count.

  • Two long term Asian homeless camps numbering between 40-60 sleepers on any given night have absolutely no contact with ANY agencies.

As we knew many of you would have questions about such a significant drop in numbers, we did a little sleuthing to try to get an understanding of what those results might mean.

The good news is that there is reason to be hopeful that we are witnessing an actual decrease in the numbers of people sleeping rough on the streets of the LGA.  Way2Home the assertive outreach service, and the City’s project for housing people with complex needs are able to confirm that together they assisted 37 people to exit the streets and enter long term housing or other forms of supported accommodation in 6 months between the February and August counts (accounting for potentially 29% of the decrease). At the Homelessness Interagency last week a number of agencies reported that they have either assisted people to exit the streets or that they are speaking with people who used to live on the streets and are now in stable accommodation.

SydneyHomeless Response: I would be ashamed of the numbers quantified here were I in receipt of the funding levels these agencies enjoy.Since June 2009 we have enabled 298 previously homeless to exit marginalisation by taking personal control of their financial wellbeing-via our IT based Off-the-Streets Program

The February 2011 Street Count will give a better indicator as to whether we are witnessing a real decrease or not but for now it is great to feel that the combined efforts of everyone is having an impact.  This of course includes you because without your efforts, we simply would not know what changes in the numbers if any are occurring.

In November we will be attempting to carry out surveys with all of the Rough Sleepers across the LGA to create the first comprehensive profile of rough sleepers in the inner-city.  More importantly this will allow us to identify those who are particularly vulnerable and at risk so that we can concentrate on providing them with the support they need as well as opportunities to get off the streets. I will shortly be sending out emails with more information regarding this event for those who are interested in participating.

SydneyHomeless Response: Our advisement continues to be to not complete surveys or other information collection attempts.The information can be used against our homeless community and is a vital index measure for funding- whether we see any benefit or not.Their claimed success (37 plus an unquantified number) is window dressing. There is also the fact that the information collected has been and will continue to be shared with anti homeless agencies.

Thank you once again for your contribution to ending homelessness in the inner-city and let’s hope that we continue to track the numbers downwards.

#NSW #Labor, #Lend Lease and Public Land

Is Premier Keneally really ready to risk going into opposition over #Barangaroo and The Foreshore Authority’s dealings in Public Land since that public entities creation by Keneally when she was Infrastructure and planning Minister? Following her to some surprising decision to take the Labor Lend-Lease Barnagaroo project back under her personal wing, The NSW Premier has once again asserted the influence of her office to shamelessly lobby for the rich and parasitic. Her shameless attempt to enter into a workplace agreement on a greenfields site prior to the arrival of the workforce onsite smacks of the anti-worker antics of Peter Reith and his Howardly accomplices from that thankfully departed era.The Premiers attempt to leverage an exemption from Federal Industrial Relations Laws for Lend Lease and its ultimate Banker clients smacks-as is too often the case of late-of Labor protecting the rich from exploited workers. Labor has done zilch at State or Federal Level to leverage price stability at retail level- Unregulated Real costs- of food rents and electricity are all spiralling unfettered as rampant exploiter capitalists take full advantage of Governments who continue to regulate and persecute workers for seeking fairpay while suggesting banks and their subordinate capitalists not increase prices. Nice-if you’re a greed driven capitalist.

Barangaroo offers less than nothing for the people of Sydney and the people of NSW.

  • Barangaroo offers Sydney NSW and Australia less than nothing because we will be prevailed upon to suffer further overload of our already strained City Circle Rail Services because most workers at Barangaroo will not be able to afford to live there,or near there. Or should the State Government decide to expand Wynyard Stations capacity,it will be at the publics cost-As will any other public transport alternative.
  • The Workers who build it will never afford to live there.There is no social housing component.
  • What was publicly owned and publicly accessible will be the domain of the greedy banker fraternity whose will is to further exploit workers,with the apparent acquiescence of the Labor and Liberal Parties.
  • Unlike the Olympics, which at least had Local, National and International implications for Sydney and Australia, the proposed Barangaroo is a monument to greed- Bankers, Lend-Leases and Labors.

Federal Government should properly reject any overtures from the NSW Government to leverage exemptions from industrial law for Barangaroo.The Project is a sellout of public assets for the same small clique who repeatedly enjoy the benefits of their associations with the Labor and Liberal Parties…

Sydney Homeless see no benefits for Homeless marginalised workers or the residents of Sydney.Jobs paid at rates which force workers to trek from the city rim economic bantustans are not affordable or sustainable.

RT @SydneyHomeless: RT @travelodgehotel

RT @SydneyHomeless: RT @travelodgehotel Travelodge Hotels are giving away 10 FREE nights to Twitter followers. RT for a chance to win.

RT @SydneyHomeless Anarchists,Maoists,no

RT @SydneyHomeless Anarchists,Maoists,not needed to disrupt #CommonwealthGames- organisers doing just fine

Knowing Twitter

Understanding The Blue Bird:

Twitter -Flying The Blue Bird

Twitter >>> Flying The Blue Bird

After a year developing Twitter strategies to empower homeless people and businesses @SydneyHomeless bring to are leveraging our highly successful Homeless Empowerment Strategies which have assisted 288 people to exit or prevent homelessness marginalisation or Foreclosure occurring.

Courses are in Sydney CBD (right on George St,near Wynyard Station). Courses last 6 to 8 hours and include support and updates on all aspects covered by the course-and a few things you will think to ask later.

.Our Twitters are regularly ranked 3rd to 6th in Australia for #FollowFriday and rate highly on many other indicators.

Twitter button

Tweeting for PleasureSydney two vital one day Crash courses in Twitter.

Personal Twitter 101:

For the personal Tweeter we have assembled a comprehensive information and development day designed to give you a full understanding of Twitter. We assume you only know the name and “Start from Scratch” in a relaxed entertaining but comprehensive workshop cum info session. Our aim is to show you how to achieve your personal Twitter objectives to your satisfaction-whatever those achievable objectives are.

Our informal setting allows us to work with you as a group and individual to ensure that you develop an appropriate Twitter presence for your objectives. These Sessions Do Not cover any Twitter monetisation methods.

  • Sessions last for 6-8 hours commencing between 8am and 9am.If you so wish you may stay on to continue building your network. These courses will operate on Saturdays,fortnightly.
  • Sessions are limited to a maximum 12 people.
  • Payments:Credit Card / Paypal pre-payment offer a 20% Discount or you may pay the full amount in cash in advance if you wish. Cancellations are not accepted within 7 days of course commencement,however we will allocate you a new course date if you wish,without charge.A booking fee of 25% will be deducted from all other refunds.

Commercial Twitter 101:

Tweeting for Profit

Tweeting for Business

Using Twitter for your Business makes good business sense…but you must avoid the pitfalls- and there are a few.There are also some strategies you may want to adopt to protect your business from harm by either your competitors, practical jokers or merchants of malice.

At Commercial Twitter 101: we train you to tame the Blue Bird just enough to suit your business needs,but not enough to clip the birds wings.Starting with the assumption that you only know the name Twitter, our small group format enables you to either build your Twitter presence within the session or tweak your existing account to enhance its effectiveness. We cover Twitter comprehensively and will advise on a range of applications which are available to enable you to conduct your business effectively.

  • New to Twitter?? Welcome!We are NOT, and we’re here to save you all the pitfalls that have beset many businesses-in some cases having a negative impact on their business.
  • Current Account Holders: Prior to course commencement,we look at your current Twitter account (if you have one),your businesses online presence and build a basic understanding of your business.This enables us to determine your Twitter intentions. We will advise based on your stated objectives and may identify other strategies for you also.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Sessions last for 6-8 hours commencing between 8am and 9am.If you so wish you may stay on to continue building your network. These courses will operate on Saturdays,fortnightly.
  • Sessions are limited to a maximum 12 people.
  • Payments:Credit Card / Paypal pre-payment offer a 20% Discount or you may pay the full amount in cash in advance if you wish. Cancellations are not accepted within 7 days of course commencement,however we will allocate you a new course date if you wish,without charge.A booking fee of 25% will be deducted from all other refunds.
  • Looking forward to seeing you soon. Enquiries to @SydneyHomeless or email

Xenophon makes move on $1 MAX bets http:

Xenophon makes move on $1 MAX bets which we call for full support of

Need Workers in Sydney??

CONSTRUCTION: We have some guys just coming off a construction job today & tomorrow. Labourers, Forklift & bobcat operators,fully ticketed.Not interested in time consuming agency signups & state your rate at enquiry. These guys don’t stay out of work for long… tweet me

Street Vendors: We have some guys wanting to make supplementary dollars selling your products on Sydney CBD Streets …  tweet me

FURNITURE REMOVALS: 2 & 4 Tonners with 2/3 man crews available… tweet me

Banner Bikes: Book the new Standout advertising medium for your business …. tweet me

Cash in Hand : Labourers warehouse & other casual workers always available to do cashies in Sydney CBD & surrounding areas. ..Nothing to do with us,we just introduce you to the workers.Make your own deal with them. tweet me @SydneyHomeless

Smokers Unite!! Health Smoking & Cigarette Butts

Protecting Smokers from themselves.Governing our health. The government message is very much “We will decide whats best for you(and make ourselves some money while we do it.) Government “protecting” always makes me suspicious. In the cases of the environment and aboriginal peoples, protect is at best an euphemism for “be seen to act,while having no,or a detrimental effect. The notion that we need want or countenance government interference in a matter of personal choice is a furphy.

Yes the  Labor Party writhes in agony fell back on that popular attack on the mainly poor and working class Australians for whom one of lifes few pleasures is the enjoyment of a cigarette or two. Nobody in politics will disagree-

Australian Governments do nothing to contain this,but attack smokers. Power companies can afford powerful legal teams,smokers without a voice.

you have bipartisan support even from the Greens. Its safe to attack the poor, the workers as you and the coalition have done for many years now.Once again the Trojan horse making this incursion into personal choice and our personal lives is health.The same Trojan horse trampling over the rights of Australias long suffering aboriginal communities, necessitating the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act,placing Australia on par with the elites of indigenous exploitation,like Peru which was correctly castigated along with Australia by UN Special Rapponteur James Anaya.

Government Tax Gouging in the name of health renders cigarettes unaffordable

Yes, smokers pollute, and granted there are health detriments, but they pale in comparison to both the health hazards and the environmental impacts caused by the major polluters which Labors ETS would have subsidised, while struggling small businesses are made to pay. Health!! Most cars give off amounts carbon monoxide in daily quantities which far exceed a cigarette smokers annual output, but theres no punitive tax on cars—or petroleum products , for health reasons,of course. Electric Cars?? Most of Australia’s electricity is produced by burning dirty coal with its very own tableau of toxins pumped out into the atmosphere daily. Labor told the electorate there would be no emissions tax in the leadup to the elections,but are now talking about one. Emissions “offset” is virtual climate denial and DOES NOT COMPEL the biggest polluters to stop polluting,or even lessen the copious black clouds they have pumped out in increasing volumes over the decades. Companies like miners, so near and dear to PM Julia Gillards heart. This is why ETS or an “emissions offset” is so attractive to industry.Its an easy way out.It will also pay tree farmers to degrade land for plantations,with no differentiation between ecologically harmful exotic and natural indigenous forests. ETS will not meet the target of 350 parts per million.

You get the idea.

Back to smoking and health and how the 25% extra impost on cigarettes is not really a tax gouge as everybody thinks.Labors right, we are wrong. Well Labor,heres the  impact of your 25% cigarette price hike in Struggle Street..

  • Smokers are getting sicker faster as they lower their quality of food intake as they adjust budgets to accommodate your price gouge (sorry,health measure) Please note,not too many smokers got a $250 plus per week payrise like @JuliaGillardPM did.
  • Few smokers are successfully giving up the habit.Some have been forced to sell drugs such as marihuana just to afford cigarettes.Its also not unheard of for people to offer sexual favours in return for cigarette packs.
  • Many low income, and a number of middle income people too, are resorting to daily patrols of known places where cigarette butts are discarded in recyclable lengths.Yes collecting discarded cigarette butts to break down for tobacco. Since April we’ve observed a growing number of well dressed office workers gathering cigarette butts,some surreptitiously, others as casually and devoid of embarassment as you please. A widespread practice among marginalised people as cigarettes spiral skywards in price.Needless to say there is additional health risk of spreading respiratory diseases via secondary infection.

    Cigarette butts the low income smokes shop

    The Affordable Low Income Cigarette Store

  • With attendant anti smoker legislation at State level,notably in NSW and just introduced in WA,there are the additional health issues of smokers being forced to smoke in hostile environments.For example,people who work in air conditioned offices and are forced to smoke off premises may be detrimentally affected by the climatic changes from the artificial interior environment to the changable weather outdoors.
  • Meanwhile health authorities lap up the luxuries afforded by this extra revenue stream…more junkets to Hayman Island or the latest bonding & conferencing locale…more new furniture & cars…that’ll solve a lot of health problems.We hear with regular monotony how underfunded and under resourced Health Services are and have to ask “How efficiently are health service deliveries managed?”. Throwing money at Health in the hope that the issues will go away simply won’t work.If the money spent now is being spent less than efficiently,why would one solve the problem with more money?

I choose to smoke.I also accept that there is some risk of cancer and other respiratory diseases associated with smoking.The risks are however,by no means confined to smoking. For example, chemicals which government allow food processors to add to foodstuffs without telling consumers also promote similar health issues.As do the many toxins which businesses expose their workers to.As do the residues of industry such as smoke and dust which are allowed to permeate into the community uncontained by industrial processes in the form of smoke and dust particles or water pollutants. The “National Automotive Fleet” belches carbon monoxide into the atmosphere in amounts which render cigarette smoke insignificant.Yet we see no tax gouge on petrol, or cars. The aforementioned sectors of course are not under attack because they are represnented by cohesive activist groups,which smokers are not.

Enjoyed a sumptuous lunch with a “taken

Enjoyed a sumptuous lunch with a “taken aback” bureaucrat who just bought lunch for 12 #homeless people–while he & I sat & had coffee 🙂

Work, Sydney & from Home

These good people are the pick of those seeking work among our Sydney Homeless AND at risk of homelessness community….

28 year old Guy with 8 years transport logistics, Forklift,RF,Order Picker,Guided elevating picker,electronic & manual stocktake  experience, semi trailer license with experience regional centre deliveries…. seeks Logistics position utilising his experience -full time to casual..Stop him his partner & 3 kids losing their rental home…rents up $60 per week

Lady seeks part time cleaning,home, aged or commercial okay Hurstville to City area,most hours considered..Stop her becoming homeless

Travis & the boys in the City always available for labouring, containers stores work, exhibits,removals help….

We have Korean Vietnamese and Cantonese & Bengali speaking labourers cleaners retail assistants … no,they don’t speak fluent english or have Masters degrees

Message me @SydneyHomeless (Armenian Serb,Turkish,Croat,Arabic,Vietnamese,Chinese,Spanish & Portuguese languages now covered…

Marcia Langtons veiled suggestion to pen

Marcia Langtons veiled suggestion to penalise drinkers for “being drunks”

The New Twitter is an Attack on All Desk

The New Twitter is an Attack on All Desktop Apps from @mashable

Orlando Florida: We advise people NOT to

Orlando Florida: We advise people NOT to donate via homeless org meters

Gillards Cabinet for Homeless

The Gillard Cabinet restructure as it affects homeless and marginalised people, and the governments stated direction, will ensure that there are increases in homeless and marginalised and increases in crime. Gillard has surrounded herself closely with other out of touch Ivory Tower dwelling Labor apparatchiks like the career neocon Jenny Macklin.

Gillard has used Tanya Plibersek,Jan McLucas and Julie Collins to run interference for the draconian anti people policies of the current Labor regime. Policies which delight Gillard Labors true constituency of Big Business with their cornerstone wageslavery constraint on workers lobbying effectively for fair pay. When you see a draconian announcement from Plibersek, Collins and McLucas, think Macklin. They will be the face of such policies as Quarantining as they are rolled out nationwide.

The Lower House MPs whom we must rely on if this government is to deliver social justice are Wilkie and Brandt. Without their votes Labor cannot pass any more draconian anti people legislation. Wilkie called for livable welfare packages and we fully endorse that call.

The Gillard affair with NGOs is a marriage destined for divorce.NGOs are themselves the obstacle to ending most forms of marginalisation.The programs they deliver from Job Network to Housing are resounding failures because they fail to deliver an exit strategy from marginalisation for marginalised people. NGOs and their bureaucracy supporters also do not have any acceptable marginalisation prevention strategies,ensuring that both NGOs and bureaucrats will prosper for the term of this government

Police rough up Sydney

Small signs in abundance that Sydneys and Australias citizenry have had an absolute gut-full of police perennially positioning themselves as a species apart and superior to everyone else. Amid the Hitlerian blitzreig orchestrated internationally against citizens by these government funded thugs, some encouraging signs that citizens are prepared to fight back. As police have for a generation sought to position themselves as an exclusive and separate species, citizens have noted the fact and today treat and regard them as maggots.Many levels of society are closed to these parasites,who regard entry everywhere as their right. Police are the major threat to ethnic and in particular indigenous communities because their agenda is to destroy anything that is not anglo in origin. They are regarded with the utmost disdain by most levels of society.

Our observers in the Sydney City precincts saw an over abundance of testosterone driven gangs of police uniformed thugs threatening intimidating and heavying mostly young asian, arabic looking, and dark youth to twenty somethings – people going about their business in a peaceful and orderly manner. More than a few were seen to react violently to the trampling of their rights by offensive police actions.They were promptly arrested for their trouble. What is needed and the duty of all citizens is to stand in unison against these agent provocateur thugs. They are NOT meant to control us.They are funded by you and my tax dollars and are meant to serve us in the way we choose.The sole sector of society they serve is the Christians whose churches pay little or no taxes.Next time you witness a citizen being repressed by thug NSW police -help him or her.Until we stand as one against repression in all its evil forms,repression will be the ever growing cancer in our society

Sydney Rough Sleepers Count

The City of Sydney has released the results of its 2010 Rough Sleepers Count and used those figures to justify a perception that homelessness is decreasing and their programs are working.In contrast to the City of Sydney figures of 289,our latest figures are 648 rough sleepers who have been on the streets for more than a week.

Here are some of the reasons that the Sydney City Council count is hopelessly flawed.

  • The Homeless Rough Sleepers Count is conducted in a two hour night period, 1 am to 3 am.More than half of Sydneys rough sleepers do not camp at night.
  • Due to police destabilising several rough sleeper camps in fortnight after Summer Street Count, many rough sleepers who camp at night hid. We issued a warning and suggested that people not cooperate with the Rough Sleeper Count due to this.
  • There is the additional concern amongst the rough sleeper community that “volunteers” often have ulterior motives  such as their police or NGO agenda’s.
  • In the fortnight prior to the Rough Sleeper count, Police destabilised the biggest homeless camps in Woolloomooloo by systemically harassing the campers with multiple searches per day.People were told “don’t be seen in Sydney City,we don’t want your kind here.”
  • In an election year government departments roll out programs which are temporary in nature in an effort to artificially reduce the presence of Rough Sleepers.2010-2011 is a State and Federal election period.

While the City of Sydney, State and Federal Government are developing capabilities in identifying traditional rough sleepers they are just not across multiple demographics – for example the rather large and close knit Asian Homeless communities.

STOP Govt and Church Child Abuse

The call by serial family destroyer and token black NSW minister Linda Burney to Stop Child Abuse really makes my blood boil. This serial parasite actually accelerated harm to aboriginal families and children when she was the bureaucrat in charge of NSW Aboriginal Affairs. In her current role as Minister for DOCs (now hidden in the unfortunately named “Human Services” Department, at a time when every other State in Australia is working to decrease its #StateChildAbduction rates,the current New South Wales government has actually ramped up its child stealing and use of children as instruments of blackmail to leverage compliance with their duplicitous Christian centred anglophile idea of what appropriate child raising is.In the last figures her neo-nazi DOCs Department published recently there were 35,000 children under StateChildAbduction in NSW. An outrageous call from a department mired by a history of children in its direct care and responsibility being physically sexually and emotionally abused not only by some carers, but more particularly by the very authority figures whom society and the children themselves are constantly told they can trust. Police,clergy teachers and “child protection workers” figure prominently in statistics of those convicted of child pornography and child abuse.And still the State has regard police and clergy reports concerning the appropriateness of a childs care.Still two of the three NGOs responsible for adoption management are subsidiaries of churches,with direct links to purveyors promoters perpetrators and protectors of paedophilia in NSW.

Telling your children not to trust police is a definite negative,empowering police to write a report which can result in the State Abduction of your child.If you happen to be of certain asian ethnicities or worse aboriginal you would be committing cultural genocide to advise your child to trust police…okay pigs – in any Australian State.

While undoubtedly many children are traumatised -scarred for life by the well publicised violence by individuals against them,there is a worse evil. That evil is the systemic abuse of children by the State ,often on the basis of scurrilous concocted allegations made by public servants with alternative inter-departmental or personal considerations.

StateChildAbuse is commonplace in all Australian States and at this writing most prevalent in NSW. Babies are State Abducted at birth from helpless mothers weakened by the trauma of childbirth. We have been notified of instances where newborn State Abductions occur within an hour of birth. A DOCS case manager I met was one of these babies many years ago and grew up believing that her parents were bad heroin addicts. By chance I met her father, and later her mother. Their story was that police wanted their father to give evidence about someone police suspected of Drug Trafficking. Father knew nothing and refused to lie against a person he knew socially as police wished.Police arranged for his children to be State Abducted. Court Case cost parents their home and business- mainly funding lawyers to attend government sought adjournments. Parents have kept all bank, court and case records. It is virtually all they have, bankrupted by an out of control bureaucracy which chose to victimise them and subject their daughter to missing 23 years of the richness of her culture , the closeness of her natural family.Replaced by a care system which spat her out at 18 -to become a bloody DOCs persecutor.

Polling by the device of long-standing personal engagement of Homeless and marginalised people in Sydney over a period of many years has revealed time and again;

  1. Regular Newly arriving homeless in the 16 to 18 year age group.Spat out of the too hard basket by an uncaring mechanical bureaucracy within both government and NGOs which rejects youth once they become “low value” adults measured in terms of case management revenues.Some never leave.Some of todays will be tomorrows drug alcohol and gambling addicts.Others will become purveyors of drugs and sex services at the lower end of those economies. Some are so institutionalised that they spend their lives cycling in and out of jails or other institutions.
  2. Over 70% have had Child Protection Interference, either as parents or as children which has had a detrimental effect on their lives.Hard working people bankrupted by the legal costs of defending against a Disney like nether world in a kangaroo court system where the cornerstone of Australian law,the evidence act, does not apply.
  3. Abundant accounts of inappropriate treatment or management of children and family matters by Childrens Services, Family & Childrens Courts,Childrens Court Clinicians.
  4. More than one in seven stated that Court matters were subject to multiple crown instigated adjournments.These were ALL self funded defenders, some of whom lost homes and were bankrupted.
  5. A universal hatred of anyone and anything remotely connected with Child or Family Protective Services.

There is also a common and correct public perception of the contemporary DOCs descendant, NSW Communities and its parent department as being a worse option for children and youth than the conditions which the child currently endures. Minister Burney laments that the public are unwilling to report child abuse. Well Ms Burney who would when the primary abuser is the very organ of State charged with childrens and families care and protection. I personally would NEVER think for a minute that any child would be better off under your department.

The new stolen generation

Apology – Nothing Changed, Nothing Gained

Our Off-the-Streets IT Teams busiest 48 hours ever.

Our IT team, those who have transitioned successfully from our off-the-streets IT course have just had their busiest 24 hour period ever. An un-forseen 60% above normal spike in business in our Product Brand and Image Support saw some very satisfied customers clients successfully supported within our guaranteed 10 minute response time-with 100% success.
Our blog authoring ghosting and maintenance workload is also increasing with Off-the-Streets Team involved in some way with over 4500 blogs worldwide.
Our Off-the-streets Team are cross trained to support services across the entire network, giving flexibility to shapeshift when required to accommodate peak demand.Its as important to Sydney Homeless as it is to our clients.Well done team…

Can our tailored online support services assist your business?? Ask @SydneyHomeless on Twitter.

Sydney Homeless rejecting Pay-to-Stay Jails

Since the commencement of The Rudd-Gillard Labor Governments “The Road Home” Homelessness plan over a year ago, and the NSW State Governments “Reducing Homelessness in NSW” 2009-2014 Plan, we have seen many disillusioned homeless people enter the schemes devised to house homeless, stay a while, then end up back on the Street.We have noted numerous agencies,funded on the basis of the number of “services” they provide, jockeying to collect data from our homeless community members, dangling vague promises of “housing” while at best offering squalid overpriced and under-serviced death-traps and health-hazard zones as bridging accommodation.We have yet to identify a single long term tenancy secured for a homeless person in the Sydney CBD-which is where we live.

Spent much of this morning at a barbecue spot we use enjoying breakfast with 17 homeless guys who have tried, and rejected Federal/State Government Social Housing.7 were in Supported Accommodation Assistance Program placements, 10 in various State or Community Housing offerings. Here are their reasons for rejecting social housing options offered.

1/ NSW Dept of Housing had coerced the client into accepting an unaffordable private rental agreement in a boarding house, then told the client that they were housed now and therefore no longer eligible for Social Housing. (1 case).

2/ The social housing provided was in an unfamiliar area with difficult or expensive transport access. 3 continued to live at least part time on streets. (6 cases).

3/ I knew no one in the area and only got to see these outreach or social workers.The places they suggested I go were just other agencies.(4 people).

4/ If I wanted to live by jail rules,I’d just mug someone and go to jail. (1 person).

5/ I’m not going to shut the door and die in silence (1 person).

6/By the time I pay the bills I have nothing left.(9 people).

7/I’m not living by their rules (4 people).

8/ I can’t have my friends over (noise & accessibility a major factor) (11 people)

All of the above are currently homeless, on a form of Welfare, in the Sydney City Council area.4 say they have drug or alcohol histories (current or past).None stated a history of Mental Health. They are by no means the only homeless known to have rejected current social housing options.All agree that they want housing-but not subject to draconian terms and conditions.

In an informal group discussion a consensus description of Pay-to-Stay Jails was given to the pro-offered social housing options.The term was coined and universally applied by those who had rejected invasive SAAP programs.

13 of the 17 said that they were now much worse off as a result of participating in these programs. These 13 identified debts which they had incurred and would have to pay while living on the streets,such as expensive utilities. All agree that they have virtually no prospect of receiving further “government assistance”

There was almost universal agreement that what they received was not what was initially promoted to them. 1 SAAP client disagreed.

#Ausvotes Greens sign up with Labor

The Greens have just announced an alliance with Labor,giving Labor 73 of the 76 seats it needs to form Government and control of the Senate from July 1st.
Gillard has ditched Labors Climate Talkfest election promise and replaced it with the same tired old Parliamentary comittee process which has consistently failed,most notably under Labor administrations.There is no agreement on Carbon Prices nor a strategy to meet crucial 2020 Climate targets.The alliance may have been strategically timed to influence the crucial 3 amigos, the country independents, whom pollsters tell us are being overwhelmingly told to align with the Coalition.
There is zero in this for marginalised people or for Climate mitigation.Gillard or Brown have not articulated what form parliamentary transparency might take and its difficult to see the consistency between this brave new world for Labor and its love of the backroom deal,or its Internet Filter policy, which we are not allowed to fully know about. (source: Australian)

How to Recognize a Successful Homelessness Organisation.

Measure them by the decrease in homeless people in their area, who have been voluntarily assisted into a type of accommodation which the homeless person identifies as suitable.
Lets Put it this way.The organisation has existed for decades and been regarded as a fixer of homeless problems for all or much of that time.But homelessness increases in line with the organisations own expansion.Sorry,their strategy is not ending homelessness and may even contribute to the rise in homelessness.Put simply,it’s NOT WORKING and its time to look elsewhere for solutions and an organisation to assist with funding.To check further,the organisation should return 80% of its gross generated funds to housing or services which the homeless community in their area regard as useful.And don’t take the word of the “homeless” people they steer you to.
In Australia, Sydney Homeless do not recommend supporting Exodus Foundation, Uniting Church,Uniting Care,Wesley Mission, Mission Australia,The Smith Family,Anglicare,Missionbeat.

Local Jobs and Working Visas

Sydney and Metropolitan jobs going to visa workers empowers wageslavery employers to engage in their expolitative practices – and the Australian Taxpayer picks up the bill. The Howard regime of which current Coalition Leader Tony Abbott was a senior member and the subsequent Rudd-Gillard administration sent big business profits into the stratosphere while sending living wages plummeting.They achieved this by the simple device of over-regulating

Major reasons for employer groups enthusiasm for visitors from overseas having the right to work are those workers ignorance of Australian workers rights and their acceptance of substandard conditions. Now I’m not saying that these workers should not have the right to work in Australia. More, I’m asking,should they have the right to work in metropolitan areas where there are unemployed people capable of carrying out that same work? To illustrate, I’m using two companies. They usually work in conjunction with each other and may in fact be related.They are Subakette and Australian Traffic Management. It seems that these companies specialise in hiring exclusively English and Irish backpackers to carry out government funded civil works in the Sydney CBD. They are not the only companies but in Sydney City they certainly stand out. As does the Traffic control industry with other companies seemingly engaged in this discriminatory practice.I’ve talked to the workers from these companies regularly over the past five years and am yet to meet an Australian or Australian resident. It defies logic that these backpackers somehow acquire better skills or bring with them a special knowledge of Australian Traffic Control-so much so that they are able to get all this government funded work and Australians are not. It bothered me so much that I paid three Aussies course fees to do a Traffic Control Ticket in April. Two females(one aboriginal) and one male. Their first two points of contact were Australian Traffic Control & Retro, another with a visible discriminatory employment policy. Its nearly September now and neither of them has been able to get traffic control work. Yet there are still huge traffic control contracts in Sydney City and outlying metropolitan areas-and we want to know why Aussies aren’t getting them. Is there something about blonde female backpackers which makes them superior purveyors of this type of work? I don’t think so. Is there some innate quality english backpackers have which gives them a superior ability to interpret understand and direct local traffic, which locals lack? I don’t think so.Or could it be that they care less about maintaining the living wage which Australian workers fought for in times past?

The Prime Minister has recently announced her regionalisation policy.Immigration should create a visa category which entitles backpackers to work in identified regional areas only where Julia Gillard tells us there is a shortage of workers. After checking that those areas don’t have local unemployed people who could be trained if necessary for that work. It could well be that these so called employers pay so little that the local population calculate its unaffordable for them to work there.In this case these are not jobs or employers-they are wageslavery and exploiters and should be exposed as such.

Resident locals who wish to work should have priority over working visa tourists on all work available. If local workers are refusing the work on pay grounds then the industry must raise its pay to the needs of the local community, or wither. Immigrants should be settled for their first five years of residency in the regional areas which are screaming out for workers (according to our politicians and National Farmers Federation).

Politicians at federal state and local levels should also ensure that their departments and the contractors they engage have an appropriate local workforce engagement policy.Say 80%. It doesn”t sound like rocket science to me.


We hear the ping pong rhetoric from Australias Neanderthal Political leadership prattling jobs jobs jobs. We had eleven years of Abbots vision of jobs under Howard. Howard and his ilk marched to the mantra that workers are a mere tool in a bosses toolkit -there to be used as cheaply as possible and discarded. Howard hired professional poverty industry parasite Patrick McClure to marshall low income people into his #wageslavery and #bankslavery regime. Viewed from the fabled ivory towers of corporate and political power this system worked so well ( for business and bankers) that they awarded Patrick McClure the Order of Australia for his services to business.Not as you might expect from his then role as CEO of Mission Australia, services to marginalised people or communities.

Without diminishing the importance of sustainable jobs a significant percentage of jobs in Australia pay wages andsalaries which are not sustainable for workers. The minimum wage in Australia is $570 per week-for adults.From this, tax at 30% leaves $399 per week in nett income. Oh,low paid workers get tax back at the end of the year?? Minimum wage earners need the money now and should NOT be a free money lending service for greedy government. So, on their $399 per week where will they live? In the Sydney City Council area, only in social housing or substandard slum private housing. And if they’re dead lucky they might be able to afford a packet of lollies-their reward for 40 hours of #wageslavery.

Yes there are many homeless and other people who want to work-but not as slaves. And while there are legislative constraints on workers lobbying effectively for better pay, either businesses need to recognise their social obligation to pay sustainable incomes en masse or workers should consider alternative means of generating incomes.Like prostitution and drug dealing.Or cash in hand.

Our advice to workers who are in wageslavery roles is to not do anything to prevent your exploiter going broke. Australia doesn’t need bastards like that and you need that job like you need a ten ton anchor around your neck in a canoe race.

Transient Homeless + Seasonal Work = Mobile Homes

Thinking outside the square.Thats usually where you find innovative solutions.Solutions which work. I know from contact over the years that several of the people who hub through Sydney’s itinerant living community are seasonal workers. The reason that they are unable to afford stable housing is that their work cycle extends the length and breadth of Australia, with seasonal harvest labor requirements as far flung as Tasmania, Far North Queensland and South Western Australia. In the main seasonal workers tend to fall between the eligibility cracks for social housing due largely to their not being in one place or state for the minimum prescribed period. When in “Harvest Towns” they either stay in pickers accommodation, backpackers or camp in the long grass. Where they pay for accommodation, it tends to be at premium prices because “harvest season” is the high season for the local tourist industry and who could blame those businesses.In some cases their business would not survive without the income derived in the harvest season.Even inner city hotels have their high and low seasons.

In gap periods between harvest seasons many itinerant workers end up on the dole and sleeping rough, having spent their earnings largely on accommodation, transport and food in the periods when they are working.The low income nature of most seasonal work means that at best only modest savings are possible.

Recently Prime Minister Gillard has flagged her intention to support a program of population migration to regional Australia.While this may be very beneficial to Mining Companies who typically have thirty year lifespans on their mines it may not assist those primarily agricultural regions with seasonal labour demands or the workforce they might hope to attract.Those contemplating such a move might be challenged by the need to service their annual living costs from seasonal incomes.

The Typical investment in a conventional social housing property can range from $250,000 to over $400,000 per unit. Mobile homes can cost from $60,000 to $120,000. They give workers the flexibility to relocate easily to locations where work exists while eliminating or minimising accommodation costs.

Many Homeless people would also be incentivised to select this option as a viable alternative to social housing.

In the interests of reducing the ever increasing demand for taxpayers dollars, government need to give serious consideration to assisting with purchases or giving grants or even using mobile homes as a viable cost effective social housing option.

High Cancer Deaths and the Public Right To know

Theres an old saying -what you sow you reap. In the case of Cancer, the “high” death rate among cancer sufferers is directly attributable to what goes into the human body. Government and health bureaucrats perpetually blame smokers and have singled Australias Big Tobacco companies out, imposing the most draconian anti smoker taxes and measures anywhere in the world. But smoking is far from the sole cause of cancer. The chemical additives in virtually all processed foods along with workers exposure to toxins in the workplace are among the “other” causes of cancer.Little is done to lower the publics exposure to these causes of cancer or to inform the public of the risks. I look forward to the day when Food processors are forced to tell the public what additives are in their processed foods and what their vegetables and meat producing animals have been fed.The public deserve the right to make informed choices on these products too.

South Australia records 10 cancer deaths every day

Our Sydney Homeless and marginalised communities are among the higher risk categories where exposure to toxins is concerned. Lower paid occupations usually include workers whose health and safety are considered least by employers whose main consideration is bottom line, or in many cases, their personal survival. Low income groups also are able to exercise the least choice in consumption and usually choose the lowest cost foods-which happen to be the most chemically infused. For people on welfare, magnify this by five worldwide- and in Post Howard Australia,magnify this by ten.

The Govt Policy Auction begins

With the Federal Election a long way from decided and the auction has commenced in earnest. In an unnecessary rebuff to incoming WA MP Crook a WA Nationals member who has vowed to work as an independent in federal parliament, Julia Gillard has signalled that her deal with big end of town miners Rio, BHP Billiton and Xstrata is cast in concrete and not up for negotiation.But in an olive branch to the other independents the Prime Minister has signalled that all the election commitments she made to the people are negotiable. Its a clear indication of where Prime Minister Julia Gillards priorities are. Xstrata, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto certainly have her undivided attention to the extent that the Prime Minister is not prepared to reveal the full extent of her deal with them to the public – or even other lesser miners such as the publicly listed Fortescue, who must make financial decisions going forward without access to the full deck of cards as far as the mining super-tax is concerned.

For what its worth, we consider the mining super-tax to be grossly unfair for two reasons. Its effective date exempts the bulk of Xstrata – BHP Billiton – Rio Tinto operations from paying the tax, yet these companies have enjoyed long periods of huge profits, while the comparatively new projects of the “lesser miners” which will have to pay, are virtually greenfields. As we shift our focus more broadly its apparent that there are other businesses operating in Australia which also generate indecent super profits.Leading those are banksand other financial institutions, with Commonwealth recently reporting a 6 billion dollar profit.

Prime Minister Gillard could appease the WA member very easily by dropping the mining tax (on the condition that WA Govt removes its mining taxes) then apply a fairer broad spectrum super profits tax which applyies to all businesses. She could win Windsors approval by linking this tax to improving the Murray Darling water supply,even if this means buying water-hog Cubby Station (which I’d prefer to see nationalised without compensation). The Prime Minister could use some of the projected funds to hasten the deployment of NBN Broadband in the bush, a key Oakeshott Katter concern.

Tony Abbott is equally hungry for power and has put all his election promises on the chopping block in a naked grab for power.He has still not told the public what he will do if by some quirk of misfortune he is foisted on us as Prime Minister. Tony Abbott told us in May not to trust anything he says “unless he writes it.” Independent MPs would be well advised to get any commitments he makes carved in stone in front of the full bench of the Supreme Court.

….but what would I know… I’m just a homeless guy.

Greens looking forward

While we have been enthusiastically supportive of the Greens holding the balance of responsibility there are some policies and one candidate which we don’t support.

Greens ACT Senate candidate Lin Hatfield Dodds is the ex head of Uniting Care Australia and Chair of ACOSS. Both of these organisations have a parasitic connection to marginalised people using us as tokens to leverage financial advantage from an ever overburdened taxpayer. Both together with their affiliates have a long history of enjoying the attentive ear of both sides of politics. We only became aware of her history after the election and we therefore were not able to get this information out. If she is the Greens lead person on Marginalisation and welfare then the country can look forward to the Greens supporting more expensive and ineffective band aids which do not address the causes of marginalisation, but are extremely beneficial revenue wise for entities such as Uniting Care. That is what ACOSS and Uniting Care specialise in.

The Australian Greens also have a policy commitment to keep public service jobs secure. This includes the bureaucratic brainiacs who have under the Howard and Rudd-Gillard governments orchestrated indigenous family invasions under the guise of protecting children -and using those children as tokens to collect millions of dollars without delivering outcomes which exceed or even meet those which would reasonably be expected in the circumstances from which the child was removed.

The third issue I have with Greens policy is its support of a higher income tax regime and lower GST. This is in my view regressive and especially detrimental to the very constituency which the Greens seek to represent. A progressive option is to implement an extension of the miners super tax to include a similar tax on similar profit excesses across the business spectrum. Banking and Financial Institutions for example. Then theres the issue of why churches should be exempt from paying their fair share in taxes,yet receive far more generous benefits than any taxpayer. And the potential for a development supertax offset to fund social housing acquisition. This would seem to me to be more in tune with Greens constituencies aspirations and their capacity to keep paying ever more burdensome and onerous taxes.

Meanwhile, congratulations to all Greens and Greens supporters for your resounding victories in this 2010 Federal Election.I hope you get the opportunity to use your new balance of responsibility wisely.

Election Possibilities

Neither The Coalition nor Labor have any right to claim a victory let alone a clear mandate and vindication of their policies. In preferring to run mirror image negative campaigns and virtually identical policies the two major parties effectively created the no-choice election.Neither leader is perceived as particularly competent, outstanding or honest.Both Parties adhere to the economic rationalist economy first people last mantra.The inevitable result is that the election result is too close to call-and in all probability a hung parliament. With independents and a lone Green lower house member holding the balance of responsibility. To get to the magical majority of 76 Lower House seats, either major party must reach an accommodation with two, or possibly three independents as a minimum. If this alone were the challenge we could reasonably expect a Coalition government with the support of the Oakeshott-Katter-Windsor block-all ex Coalition.But there is the further complication of Greens balance of responsibility in the Senate from July 2011. A Coalition government may well overcome this by ramming through all the legislation they need which will be unpalatable to the Greens, without much discussion.There would be little the opposition could do. The other diabolical possibility none of the experts have mentioned would deliver the strongest government-even after the inevitable defections from the respective parties.That is for the Coalition and Labor to form “a government of National Unity”.Abbott and Gillard as co-Prime Ministers perhaps with divided responsibilities. Both are that desperate for power. There is virtually identical policy already. Their corporate masters are the same, as are their economy first people last agendas. The final option possible is a Labor National Coalition, or even Labor Liberal or Labor LNP-the virtual demise of the current Coalition.Whatever outcome transpires the inevitable losers are the Australian people with marginalised people the biggest losers; indigenous and homeless the biggest losers of all.

Hasluck sure to deliver the first indige

Hasluck sure to deliver the first indigenous Lower House Member

We are seeing nexgen voters switching off Greens

6 of our Youth Wing get to vote on Saturday. I hope Julia Gillard is suitably ashamed of herself for daring to call an election in the midst of year 12 exams and formals…what was she thinking…certainly not wearing her old cap of education minister.

The article below says 07 Labor voters leaving in droves. We believe it and don’t think for a minute they’ll be back as Labor proves its ineptitude and treachery. Our Youth Wing, many of whom have a decided political bent also eschew the Greens , although agreeing with most of the Greens message.

Their perception is that Greens are SOO 70s (and we love the seventies but..)

  • Greens speak neither their language,nor understand or use their communication methods,tools effectively.
  • Many say Greens Tax policies enough to turn them off Greens.
  • A small number consider Greens support of Wild Rivers Legislation to disenfranchise aboriginal people, so policy is racist.These young people are not aboriginal.

If these young people are a sample of their generation then the Greens need to look at their resonance

Ausvotes : Your Vote WILL affect your Future.

@JuliaGillard crams election keywords into meaningless sentence.

Gillard says people need to focus on their jobs (STILL NO MENTION OF FAIRPAY), their children’s education (LABOR & COALITION HAVE TURNED SCHOOLS INTO REGURGITATOR FACTORIES.SAUDs LEADING A DOWNGRADE OF ACCEPTANCE OF AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITY STANDARDS), better health care (GET YOUR DRUGS ONLINE FROM DOCTOR VIRTUAL)and going forward (STILL NO DEFINITIVE OF WHERE FORWARD IS) into the future with conviction. If they think about these big issues before they vote – as well as broadband (what about Internet Filter) and climate (COMPARED TO CHINA SPAIN BRAZIL AND CHINA, AUSTRALIAN GOVT POSITION ON CLIMATE IS DENIAL) change – that’s all she asks.

We agree.Australians should consider all of above, but also

Human Rights:

Indigenous – Northern Territory Intervention required a suspension of Human Rights Act & castigated by UN Special Rapponteur James Anaya .

Human Rights:

Refugees – Although it is NOT illegal for undocumented people to come to Australia, there is bipartisan political animosity towards refugees especially from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.


The world accepted minimum standard to be met to ensure minimal human driven climate impact is 350 parts per million carbon emissions, AND 30% reductions of 1990 emissions levels.An ETS DOES NOT reduce emissions.Nor does a discussion between 150 people @JuliaGillard or anyone selects.The leading solution available in Australia is Beyond Zero  which will reduce Australias Energy Emissions to Zero in ten years. Support politicians who support this.

Affordability: Under the Howard-Abbott and Rudd-Gillard regimes real incomes have fallen due to draconian anti-worker restrictions on workers rights to lobby effectively for FairPay while allowing unrestrained price hikes by all sectors,including government.


Past Performance:

Labor won the 2007 elections on the key platforms of Climate Resolution and Resolving Homelessness.They have NOT done either.Nor will their current policies effect resolution of those issues.

The Coalition has a history of anti worker exploitative policies, placing the economy on a pedestal and environmental tokenism.Demonstrable duplicity examples include “never ever a GST” the children overboard lie” and Abbotts own statement.


On this basis our advisement is to not entrust control of Australias future to either of the major parties.It is essential that Greens, preferably with other parties,control the balance of responsibility in Senate. It is preferable to have the balance of responsibility in the lower house held by smaller parties or independents. But most importantly think before you vote.

Some interesting politicians and would be politicians on Twitter include:

@TurnbullMalcolm Liberal, member for Wentworth, supporter of Beyond Zero and committed to mitigating man-made Climate change. Integrity.Business sense.Economics credentials.Taxation Expert. Launched Oz-E-Mail.Vision. Our preferred Leader of Liberal Party bringing stability and researched timely policy to a shambolic Party. Said to have some insightful views on social housing also. We support him on the basis of his Beyond Zero support, but disagree strongly with his NBN position.

@leerhiannon Lee Rhiannon, Greens, seeking Senate list seat. Long term NSW Senator and activist known for supporting peoples, Green and marginalised groups. Didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to enter politics.Parents were well known political activists too. Counting on an excellent Green Senate vote to get over the line.

@burwoodgreen Christine Donayre, Greens Candidate Watson, current Burwood local body councillor.

@Julie_Gilmore Lead Senate Candidate for Carers Alliance Western Australia.

@SocialistAllnce The Socialist Alliance is a Broad Left Coalition active in promoting progressive policies and politics in Australia.

Other interesting Pollies Parties deserving consideration:

Greens looking a good indigenous choice in Northern Territory – Greens Indigenous candidates standing in Lingiari / NT senate combo

Bringing Sexy Back  Australian Sex Party Policies .

Bob Katter Independent Member for KennedyJust the opposite is true, Nothing will unless you do.” Well known and respected in huge electorate.Helps Farmers with farmwork while talking to them -Farming is time critical. His electorate covers controversial new Gas extractive area with imminent collision between Farming Green & Extractive interests. Not known for bullshit & intolerant of same. On song with local indigenous community and kept Sugar Ray Robinson in check. A key independent most unlikely to be unemployed post election but …Good luck,Bob.

Living in an Economy

We used to live in families, communities and societies. Today, in the world according to Gillard & Abbott we live in an economy. We live for Bosses Banks and the illusion of the Big Buck. Abbott and Gillard have mentioned jobs, jobs jobs as the pathway to prosperity… (but for them not for us.) Not once in the entire election campaign has FAIRPAY been mentioned.Well the big two who would be king are to leave out mention of FAIRPAY. Both have an absolutely abysmal record- in government from opposition and from private life.

We will be treated to a debate on sound economic management.Abbott can rightly claim to have been a minister in the highest taxing government Australia has ever seen, a government which promised to “never ever introduce a GST” and did anyway. Abbott can claim to have used draconian laws to protect exploiter employers from just Fairwage claims and improvement in workers conditions, to the advantage of the most parasitic businesses in Australia. Examples of businesses which profited immeasurably from such neocon benevolence include Visy & Amcor of collusive price fixing fame.

Gillard draws a long bow in her claims to sound economic management. If her claims are reasonable then credit must go to Kevin Rudd- and if he did such a good job, why did she overthrow him??

And as #ausvotes the small opportunities to avert bipartisan dictatorship masquerading as democracy lie with Bob Katter , a couple of other independents and possibly The Greens in the lower house. Your insurance is to vote Greens or Socialist Alliance above the line for Senate. But don’t take my word for it..think before you vote in 2010.Throwing your vote away may have as much adverse impact as filling Sydney Harbour with Toxic waste.

Living in an Oz economy

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Prime Ministerial wannabe Tony Abbott agree on lots of things.So many in fact that I’m surprised that they remain in different parties.

On Welfare their differences amount to the mere pedanticism of exactly how far to turn the thumbscrews.Not once did either mention a Fairpay guarantee.

Today they will prove yet again that in their eyes we live in an economy, not a society.Their economy debate should be fun. Abbotts degree in economics should ensure that he at least spells the word correctly. But I digress and trivialise and I shouldn’t.Dear Leader and Dear Leader-in-Waiting have by unanimous decree declared each themself to be the superior manager of our national economy.I would have thought that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao had at least as much to do with sound economic management of the Australian economy,given the extremely generous prices his country has offered for our not inexhaustable commodities in our hour of perceived need; as either of the two combatants -but I don’t have a degree in economics and Tony Abbott does and what exactly that means,I’m not sure.

But I’m really looking forward to this debate because, as any thinking person would know, the person who proves to be the soundest economy manager of them all will reduce Taxes the most. Because a smart economic manager will reduce costs across all portfolios and pass on the resulting savings to the investor which is the taxpayer which is you,right? A smart economy manager in a capitalist free market economy will allow Free Market principles to apply.Businesses free to set their own prices and workers free to choose their own comfortable pay rate. Because its about freedom, choice and prosperity. Thats gotta be VERY good for workers and not a bad way to reduce unemployment homelessness economic and social marginalisation either.I’m really GETTING this!! But the best bit is that a good economic manager is a lot like a good property developer. If he hires an architect and the architect designs a building which falls down, the developer will likely never hire the architect again.And I know that no matter which of these two great people wins the debate, that person will apply this important principle. Across the many essential functions of government reward those whose performance actually delivers the desired outcomes according to the vanishing timeline set out culminating in the resolution of the problem or issues without a recurrent call on taxpayers for more and more funds.

From the stone cold reality of the sidewalk paver I’m sitting on,it seems to me that Government Australian Style is in fact the antithesis of sound economic management. Constant calls for yet more funds on already overtaxed and under-serviced tax and ratepayers is the norm.As is an extremely low return on investment to the shareholder which would again be-the taxpayer. Therefore I’m glad That Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard agreed to have this conversation..its a conversation Australia so badly needs to have.

Ausvotes: Concerns over Welfare Nazi-ism

Prime Minister Julia Gillards premeditated attack on welfare recipients has caused a wave of scathing criticisms to flow from many quarters. Discussions with aghast welfare recipients reveal that, yes,they frequently miss appointments- due to Job Network or Centrelink letters not arriving until after the appointed time. In Julia Gillards, and doubtless Jenny Macklins announced scheme these people will have their payments stopped and suffer the penalty for a failure of Gillard Macklins Centrelink system to properly inform their client. The people we are speaking to say that this happens consistently.And we know of many others who have reported similarly.

At the crux of the matter is Centrelinks flat refusal to save taxpayers money by recognising the advent and advantages of email. The vagaries and expense of snail mail can be eliminated completely, or to a large degree, by embracing this technology. We think that email has been around so long that even the Prime Minister and her neanderthal opposition counterpart use it. And its time politicians stopped using statistics as garnishes for the fabrications they foist on a gullible public.In this case stats merely show that 58% of appointments are not kept.

Sydney Homeless strongly support Welfare Claimants assertions that these proposals are draconian ill founded and represent a direct and uncalled for assault on the rights of the most marginalised in the community-a favoured ploy it seems, of right wingers without substance. Hitler did much the same.

an in depth insiders view from within JSN courtesy of @LukeDowning Improve Job Services Aust contract administration, & you won’t have to be harsh on JobSeekers « biologic renaissance

Gillards Deals for Mates Unfair

BC Iron boss Mike Young keeps the heat on Julia Gillard .Now we’re not paerticularly pro mining or extractive industries. But Gillards version of the Mining Super Tax is unjust.Plain and simple.

The Miners Supertax does not apply equally to all miners or mining operations.It exempts the very companies which have gotten away with NOT paying their fair share of taxes for, in one case, 100 years. The big three winged about not making the investment if they knew they would have to pay the tax and there is some merit to this assertion. However, the same applies to Fortescue and the Myriad of second tier miners who were not consulted as Xstrata BHP-Billiton and Rio Tinto struck a deal affecting the entire sector, a deal which has not been made public. Even Fortescue Mining is being denied certainty as to exactly where the goalposts are in this murky all to increasingly familiar Labor deal.

There is some concern that Prime Minister Gillard is way too close to particular companies in the mining sector.As deputy Prime Minister earlier this year she was in Australias North West berating workers who were lobbying for better conditions from these same extractors.

There is the question of why this tax applies to mining alone-and not any business which makes excessive profits. I note the Commonwealth Bank recently announced a $6billion profit.This is one of the same banks which were underwritten by Rudd Gillard using your tax dollars in this classic example of socialising risk and privatising profit.No super tax for Commonwealth .. and lucky Commonwealth.

And as to what happens to the tax collected, I’m drawn to the Norwegian equivalent.When  Oil was discovered in their waters, their parliament took the view “It took 300million years for these deposits to get here, and it will be remiss of us to spend it in fifty. Norway nationalised its oil production diverted profits to a future fund which has been a major reason that Norway has the highest standard of living in the world.

Imagine if Australia had done that at federation, or in 1950 or even 1990. Or even now. Instead,Labor links this windfall tax to aged care, there to be squandered on the most spoilt reckless generation this country has ever known,the baby boomers. Like all taxes and bipartisan government actions, there is zero thought of the future.

Australian governments  still behave very much as colonist capitalists. Get in rape pillage plunder, we can leave after we’ve destroyed it & set up elsewhere.

Sydney Street Report:

Sydney Homeless reporting

1 Our Youth Wing year eleven and under have embarked on a street education initiative which they dreamed up themselves.The Year 12s are busy studying for HSC or whatever it is they do. The Street Education initiative which they call “Wise Up” tells kids about Childrens Youth and Family Safety and keeping Youth Safe on the streets. They advise on how to integrate seamlessly into the city and where to go to get help if or when its needed. Needless to say,they are not suggesting any form of government or NGO help.The main reason is that DOCs Police and Government are seen as the biggest threat to their, and their families safety and security. Youth Wing numbers are consistently high,but in part due to extrmemely selective intake policies which they have developed, we have never been “full”. Average churn is 6 people per week-that is six young people seamlessly integrated back into their own communities.Not necessarily with their parents or previous carers but always with mutual agreement between young person,old carers new carer. These are the stakeholders.Government agencies and their collaborator NGOs are mere parasites who prey on families and young people with the aim of battering them into submission while making as much money out of them (your tax dollars) as they possibly can.


Exodus Foundation have done it again.Despite the 1.8million dollars recently given to them by State Premier Kristina Keneally in the name of homeless people, and the hundred thousand dollar plus van they managed to give 22 rough sleepers food poisoning over the last week. We have advised for over a year to only eat there as an absolute last resort,and continue to issue that advisement.A couple, when directed there as the only family appropriate hot meal available in Sydney, looked disdainfully and said they had been and found the food inedible. Doubtless the food quality vaccilates wildly and on media nights improves out of sight…oh well, The Rev Bill Crews has his own media show and is backed by John Singleton so between them I’m sure they know a little about tugging on the publics sympathies…I can tell you for nothing that they know nothing about feeding or servicing the homeless…

Here is a video of the people who started the service and provided the best non judgemental hot food service available to all comers Sydney has ever seen… Jef Gambins Just Enough Faith was siezed by the NSW Labor Govt and handed to parasite Bill Crews Exodus Foundation


The Homeless Counters will be out again this week and the parasite charities NGOs and government departments who exist largely by monetising the marginalised will be rubbing their hands at the prospect of conning Jenny Macklin and Linda Burney out of more of your taxpayer dollars in our name. The money and benefits are not for us,but for those organisations or their friends. We don’t get half million dollar research grants, nor are we funded in the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to submit reports which generate funding for us…thats the poverty industry.


Still Steady demand from families with young children who have in the main short term accommodation crisis needs.Some of these have been already turned away by the Govt Funded parasites by the time they get to us. We have turned a couple away this week whom we suspected of being government plants.We are not jeopardising our emergency accommodation arrangements to accommodate mischief making maggots from any government department.We are also not accommodating any people who have existing arrangements with government agencies-our brief is to look after those who want to keep their family safe from government invasion.


Last couple of nights very cold and we thank those who have given blankets and warm wear recently……


Dinner Tonite (Monday) is being served at The Kings Table, a small good quality all comers affair fortnightly at the Millers Point Bowling Club, just across the harbour bridge.

Family’s rightful Fear of Govt driver to homelessness

Sydeny Homeless Friday,different day same shit.When I should be building Banner Bikes & Cycle Rescue,instead Im dealing with a nice young family who have previously had their two children Stateabducted by the draconian NSW DOCs.I have seen the Court orders and the Childrens Court Judges summation castigating DOCs for putting on totally fabricated information to take the kids in the first place.These are commonplace in NSW. Less common is finding an eleven year old who can so vividly and graphically verbalise what happened to them under DOCs care -and why he is so fearful of DOCs knowing where he lives that he refuses to live in a place if DOCs know the address.

Why am I dealing with them?? Because the “help” government impose is so damaging that one of our imperatives is to keep kids the hell away from any government services or their mandatory reporting spy agencies.

It is every childs right to feel safe and parental responsibility to fulfil that obligation. Those rights and responsibilities are ridden roughshod over by the States draconian self given right to insinuate itself into every aspect of family like aids. In NSW there are no legal protections from State Invasion of your family. In the justice system the only people who can apply for Apprehended Violence Orders on behalf of Children are DOCs and Police – the very government departments who are the greatest threat to children. Parents cannot apply. I see many children and a lot of adults scarred for life by the intrusion DOCs and their ilk have made into their lives. Among our community are traumatised middle aged adults who haven’t fully gotten over the horror care foisted on them by DOCs and their money grabbing affiliates -and we haven’t touched on the paedophilia aspects.. makes me sick.

Well,family now matched to gifted accommodation for a week and alls well ……….for now.

Homeless-Help needed with “Special Diet” Resources

We are putting together a “Getting Food” Guide for homeless people,listing the addresses or means of contact times and places,for Sydney and other areas too.

  • We need to know about the service your organisation offer.
  • We are especially interested in hearing from providers of vegan kosher halal or other specialised dietary cuisine services for marginalised people from those respective communities. Contact us via blog or @SydneyHomeless on Twitter

Street Count Warning

As with all services, Homeless Youth should NOT engage due to these organisations predisposition to work with Fascist anti-family DOCs.This is especially true if you have younger brothers and sisters still at home.The damage this department and its surrogate NGOs have and continue to inflict on families is incalculable. For girls,the things you say to these people can pop up as a mandatory report refashioned as a reason to steal your newborn child at birth..kicking people when they’re down is sadly a DOCs speciality…just stay away

As most of the Rough sleeper community worked out after the Street Count earlier this year, Police and other agencies whose adherence to the homeless protocol is at best flimsy have access to the info.They may even plant their operatives among the Street Counters. But certainly within a fortnight of the Summer Streetcount, there were homeless encampments “moved on by police.” Coincidence?? They’d like to think we’re gullible enough to believe that, and some are. But most of the rough sleepers who actually sleep at night have places unknown to those who assist with street counts.. we don’t need what little personal space we have left invaded.

Below is a Notice put out by the City of Sydney Homelessness unit for their volunteers. This time, they’re going to attempt to collect data.This data is important to the parasites like Mission Australia who have long sucked taxpayers money out of government in the name of homeless people. CANA?? Sorry,never heard of them either–must be another well fed organisation prostituting the name of homeless people, greedily grabbing the dollars and running for the hills.. the country is full of orgs like this and by and large they’re full of shit.

Our advice to rough sleepers id to tell these teams (if approached) to fuck off. They are not there to benefit us,but to collect information to  benefit themselves. The City of Sydney does NOT have a single strategy in place which involves the creation or accumulation of affordable housing, appropriately located and free of lifestyle interference in the Sydney City area. In fact,the City of Sydney has several NGOs which they work with whose end game is to shift marginalised people into distant dying boxes “somewhere else”. We are NOT homeless for the benefit of the ocean of parasites who prey off taxpayers dollars for their own comfort status and political gain.

Not that we don’t think Sydney City should be involved.We think Sydney City should be much more actively involved in homeless and affordable housing solution provision in their area.They don’t seem to mind collecting rates, or development fees. City of Sydney would be acutely aware of the #wageslavery rates paid to workers in this city?? Now where the hell are those workers supposed to live?A four hour ride away in an Economic Bantustan? Solve that and you turn off one of the main taps allowing homelessness to flourish. The full solution from this perspective requires a national approach, kicking the NGOs out of “the game” completely, and ..Tweet me to find out more

Vulnerability Index?? Sydney Homeless people are not interested in another boring set of statistics


To all of our Street Count Volunteers

Firstly our thanks to everyone who has put up their hand to volunteer in the 2010 Winter Street Count.  This year has been our best volunteer response yet!  Especial thanks to our return volunteers in particular, your experience and ongoing committment is of immense value to this initiative.  And a big welcome to all of our newcomers. I’d like to especially acknowledge the ongoing contribution and involvement of Missionbeat and Cana Communities for transport and referral support and for breakfast each time around.

This year, in response to all of the feedback that we have received in relation to the need to collect meaningful data rather than limit ourselves to a head count alone, we are expanding our approach.  This will be a one off exercise and the first of its kind in Sydney.

The Street Count will now be followed immediately by a survey all of the rough sleepers in the inner-city over three consecutive mornings.  The following week we will carry out further work to ascertain the costs associated with maintaining people who are sleeping rough in a state of homelessness.  This work will provide all of us with the most comprehensive data on the nature and characteristics of homelessness that has been available since the 2006 Census and will greatly expand upon that.

We are seeking intrepid individuals from amongst our Street Count volunteers to transfer their registration from the Street Count to assist us to carry out the Vulnerability Index instead.


SydneyHomeless go hiding from Homeless Counters

A lot of our Sydney Homeless Community’s “rough sleepers” are going into hiding in preparation for the homeless count.Or at least those who actually sleep at night as the hopeless homeless counters seem to think they do. Most homeless now know who those who took counters to their spots last time are so those people are being left out of the loop.2 main reasons.First is the police who circulated giving move-on orders to people a couple of weeks after the last count, and some security guards also telling guys they couldn’t let them stay anymore around the same time. Secondly guys are heartily sick of being used as tokens by organisations who want to collect money by providing them with “services” which are never the services they want. They are setting up hidden camps (and will probably stay in them as long as they can). Some are being assisted by friendly property managers who know a thing or two about the tenets of Christianity, even when most of the churches are focussed on filling their wallets.Oh well.

Other Homeless are moving away from services with a longer term view.They do not appreciate the Intervention style dictatorship of where and on what they should spend half their Centrelink money…so they’re ditching Centrelink and going off to sell drugs.They don’t want to,but the intervention style Centrelink payment system coupled with the draconian recent cigarette tax will force them to sell drugs or “do something else to make an earn” ..  Jobs?? The wageslavery positions advertised on the Job Network System this morning really are slavery. Slavery conditions & slavery pay.Working for under $25 per hour in Sydney just loses you money…

Oh well, we got another 9 guys working this week,not much,but a start… 4 on the Westfield site labouring. And @BannerBikes will have jobs from the end of August.

Resume Cheats?? What about Aerospace Qualifications??

It seems that Australia is really good at cheating. I remember in my project management days when we knew which plant certififiers and Green Card issuers to watch out for –they were issued via “the pub”. And there are assertions that some university courses and even the police academy dumb down their courses for certain ethnicities. Now we hear that An Aerospace lecturer denies exam cheat claims . Its always been true in Australia that the best qualification you can have is your mates… see also our earlier post .

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