This year SydneyHomeless urge all who plan to give to think before they spend. Where there is need in your own family or community -give there. Make sure that your gift or donation really reaches and helps your intended recipient. Do NOT fall victim to the massive annual Charity Con which circulates (with the full approval of governments) every Christmas.

As the mega wealthy and politicians congratulate themselves on the fortunes they have used your hard work and meagre pay to leverage for themselves this year SydneyHomeless are acutely aware of the rising prices people face – and the falling pay rates. Every day new faces and new cases appear of newly marginalised people facing a bleak future as their miserable government regulated income fails to keep pace with the ever increasing costs of living – rents,mortgages ,electricity food and everyday consumables have all risen steeply in price in marked contrast to incomes which except for politicians and the self aggrandised elite rise like a cake might when made devoid of yeast and bicarbonate of soda.

We know too that despite the tightening personal financial situation many face, despite the uncertain future many people are particularly generous and giving at this time of year.

We ask people to look at two issues before giving this year.

Personal- Family and Friends;

We ask you to consider carefully what Christmas is really about for them -as well as for the friends ,business associates, acquaintances and family you intend to buy presents for. If you are able to pay cash for all the presents you intend to buy, then that is absolutely your choice. I’m sure that the shareholders of the businesses you buy from will be as ecstatic as the intended recipient will be when they receive them. For the many who pay by credit card, and particularly those who will spend until July paying off their credit card debt ,I urge you to think carefully about what your intended recipients really and reasonably expect. Do they expect presents of a certain value? Why? Do you intend to buy a gift of a certain value because they bought that value last time? Do their (or your own ) expectations put your family under financial or emotional stress? Are these the things Christmas is about?? Really??

Charity Giving:

  • The first question you should ask when supporting a Charity with your hard earned cash or valued donation is: Who asked for or initiated the services that organisation provide? If the organisations target constituency have not identified the service as necessary ( or desirable) then what is the Charity’s objectives?
  • You should ask: “Which corporations and government departments fund or otherwise support that charity, whether in cash or kind?” If the service/s you like the Charity providing are government funded, then that Charity is a contracted provider of government services. The “services” are fully funded. If the organisation receives Corporate support by way of  infrastructure, or donated goods, ARE THOSE DONATIONS RECEIVED IN A WAY WHICH ALLOWS THE CORPORATE TO WRITE THEM OFF IN TAX? This is a method used in accounting of leveraging tax losses against over-the-top “rental” writeoffs or for Greedy retailers to dispose of near use-by date (unsaleable) goods. Its a rort which you should not support.
  • What percentage of the funding or resources received by the organisation are returned to the organisations “target constituency” in a form identified by that constituency as useful.

Note: In Australia (and many other countries) Charities ,particularly those linked to churches, which deal with Children are government contractors -providing family and community destroying invasive services to government, enabling the breakdown of families and already generously funded by your tax money. Think not of the forlorn child in the Charity’s begging picture,but of the callous accountants and lawyers who would leverage children who cannot speak for themselves (legally prevented) to further their organisations greed.

Donate Direct:

We have in place a simple system which allows you to directly support homeless or displaced families and marginalised people.

  • Contact @SydneyHomeless to find out how you can do this. Not tax deductible. SydneyHomeless NEVER solicit or accept donations of cash. We may if you choose put you in touch with people who genuinely need it.
  • Use your corporate credit card to gift a night or a weeks accommodation.See above …
  • We accept sound unwanted furniture or household goods gifts for distribution to struggling people who need it.
  • We accept and arrange collection of all unwanted mobile phones, adult sized bicycles to help our community reconnect.
  • You can gift prepaid mobile/cellphone credit direct via Twitter. Simply Tweet us the Network , amount, serial & pin. We distribute to struggling community members.

The Starlight Foundation & Make A Wish are exceptions (as far as we know) and only do good for kids- so we support them. We do not support any other childrens or youth charity.

Whatever you decide to do over the break, eliminate stress enjoy, care for your self family friends and community. Strong people make strong families make strong friendships make strong communities. Weak communities make strong Churches and Strong governments.Stay safe.