The Howard Coalition and Rudd/Gillard   Governments demonstrate precisely what we, and a growing band of angry commentators Australia wide have been saying for over a decade. At State and Federal levels governments are overly focussed on how we fare in an economic snakepit controlled offshore. These governments whether Labor or Liberal National Coalition need refocus on the people, their electors- and reject the self serving demands of international economics. When the voters interests are subservient to external influences whatever they may be something is wrong. In NSW the Keneally Labor government is about to find out just where treating voters as second or third class citizens for 17 years will get them. I suspect that the good citizenry of NSW will also receive a cold reality bath as the conservative waters of Liberal National policy erode yet more of the rights New South Welshmen (and women) thought they had.

Our advice to the people of NSW is to choose extremely carefully as #NSWvotes – and pick the best available candidate