Measure them by the decrease in homeless people in their area, who have been voluntarily assisted into a type of accommodation which the homeless person identifies as suitable.
Lets Put it this way.The organisation has existed for decades and been regarded as a fixer of homeless problems for all or much of that time.But homelessness increases in line with the organisations own expansion.Sorry,their strategy is not ending homelessness and may even contribute to the rise in homelessness.Put simply,it’s NOT WORKING and its time to look elsewhere for solutions and an organisation to assist with funding.To check further,the organisation should return 80% of its gross generated funds to housing or services which the homeless community in their area regard as useful.And don’t take the word of the “homeless” people they steer you to.
In Australia, Sydney Homeless do not recommend supporting Exodus Foundation, Uniting Church,Uniting Care,Wesley Mission, Mission Australia,The Smith Family,Anglicare,Missionbeat.