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War on the Poor: US Bans on feeding homeless

You can’t just feed the homeless outdoors in Philadelphia anymore; you now need a permit.

In Dallas, you can give away food only with officialpermission first.

Laws tightening regulations on aid to the homeless are popping up across the country Santa Monica therapist paints portraits of the homeless –


High Cancer Deaths and the Public Right To know

Theres an old saying -what you sow you reap. In the case of Cancer, the “high” death rate among cancer sufferers is directly attributable to what goes into the human body. Government and health bureaucrats perpetually blame smokers and have singled Australias Big Tobacco companies out, imposing the most draconian anti smoker taxes and measures anywhere in the world. But smoking is far from the sole cause of cancer. The chemical additives in virtually all processed foods along with workers exposure to toxins in the workplace are among the “other” causes of cancer.Little is done to lower the publics exposure to these causes of cancer or to inform the public of the risks. I look forward to the day when Food processors are forced to tell the public what additives are in their processed foods and what their vegetables and meat producing animals have been fed.The public deserve the right to make informed choices on these products too.

South Australia records 10 cancer deaths every day

Our Sydney Homeless and marginalised communities are among the higher risk categories where exposure to toxins is concerned. Lower paid occupations usually include workers whose health and safety are considered least by employers whose main consideration is bottom line, or in many cases, their personal survival. Low income groups also are able to exercise the least choice in consumption and usually choose the lowest cost foods-which happen to be the most chemically infused. For people on welfare, magnify this by five worldwide- and in Post Howard Australia,magnify this by ten.

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