The biggest threat to your personal enjoyment of Sydney City is gutless politicians who you never see on the streets of Sydney, boorish dictatorial Christians who support them and their State Funded thug force NSW Police .

Faced with the barrage of intimidatory threats especially from chief pig Scipione a beseiged Sydney public are deeming it safer to stay home. Christmas has passed a subdued ghost of the exuberant past celebrations as people cower in the safety of small family gatherings.

This is YOUR & OUR CITY -Not a plaything for pigs politicians and their rich exploitative co-conspirators. And You should feel safe to go out in Sydney. We suggest that people wishing to go out -especially drinkers – go in very large numbers, and go where YOU WANT TO GO – irrespective of what some neocon says you should do. Pigs and security are not there for your safety.They are there to protect the revenue streams of the ripoff merchants masquerading as businesses ,who stand ready to sell you overpriced watered down alcohol in areas where the same businesses have negotiated away your right to bring your own alcohol. Some councils in collusion with fun killing NSW Police have banned alcohol completely from popular New Years eve areas. We suggest that if you choose to take alcohol there-do so openly, AND arrive in VERY large numbers!! Take your city back!! Put the pigs politicians and fatcats in their place -which is last. React to any violence against crowd members with overwhelming force and enforce your right to peacefully enjoy yourself with your community this New Years