In the upcoming NSW election I can give you 16000 compelling reasons not to vote for Linda Burney. They are the 16000 children currently under State Child abduction in NSW. Cynically referred to as Child protection, sadly, many of these children have never felt the need for protection from their caring and loving families. Yet they are not allowed to tell you that. Their names are forbidden to be published (unless they are dead) -even if they seek to make their case public when they become adults. While the Law says that this is to protect the child, history is littered with numerous instances where a reasonable person would conclude that the reasons for such secrecy are foremost the protection of this out of control department,among the most reviled in Australia  from exposure to public scrutiny and serious criminal charges ranging from gross negligence to giving evidence in a court of law knowing it to be false.

The much promoted changes to the way DOCs does business and accompanying name change in January 2010 palmed off the troublesome care obligations to Serco style DOCs contract “case managers” who are reputedly paid $6000 per child per week. In stark contrast to the $600 per child per week allocated to the actual carer. Many of these “case management” businesses are either Church or ex DOCS Staff/Management controlled. The inexplicably high service costs provide no incentive for these businesses to speed up the conclusion of court proceedings- in fact,mischevious  family destroying delays are quite lucrative-for lawyers ,”pseudo science psychologists”whose every make believe word is hung on by out of touch judges and of course, DOCs bureaucrats and their attendant band of profiteering,community destroying NGOS.   Happily for these businesses,they are uniquely positioned to both tell children they are there to help them,while using the relationship to spy on those children, gathering or sometimes manufacturing information to assist with the often baseless allegations made against the often hapless families.   DOCs was also tucked away- hidden within the “super department” of Human Services. Nobody (In their right mind )would work for DOCs

Here are some of the children,the compelling reasons NOT to vote for DOCs Minister Linda Burney at the NSW State elections in March 2011.

A 13-YEAR-OLD put on a train alone by the Department of Community Services has vanished.

June 2010:

Police are searching for the teenager Ryall who was left on a train at Parramatta by DoCS staff on Monday.

She failed to arrive at her destination near Wollongong and police said today security cameras at Central Station had captured her leaving a train there.

Her parents told a radio station this morning they were furious with the department…full article in The Daily Telegraph

FIVE-year-old girl wrongly removed from her parents was denied a visit with her dying father,by Minister Linda Burney even after the Ombudsman ruled DOCS bungled the case.”

In a horror start to her life, the girl has suffered from cancer, lost her father and spent more than two years separated from her family because of decisions that should not have been made.

DOCS will be forced to pay compensation to the family of the Sydney girl, who had never been abused or neglected… more

Baby in DOCS care ‘horrifically’ injured in NSW |

The Daily Telegraph

check back.. a new child will be added reported by the mainstream media…

   There is no destroyer of families and communities which has as profound and devastating an impact as that which you, the taxpayer fund -The NSW Department of Communities and its parent Human Services. Their impact is more detrimental than aids cancer drugs and alcohol combined. This department of the NSW Government is now the leading cause of family and comunity breakdown, homelessness, poverty and marginalisation in New South Wales, Australia. It is time communities and people stood up to this taxpayer funded fascism -by all means available.

  Every Child Protection worker from the minister to volunteers should have their work assessed by a community tribunal with the same Guantanamo like approach to justice as the Chldrens and Families Courts -with punishments including loss of all superannuation, assets and rights to work with children. Christians and Government employees should be specifically excluded from participating as arbiters in these tribunals, which should be appointed by the affected communities.