Small signs in abundance that Sydneys and Australias citizenry have had an absolute gut-full of police perennially positioning themselves as a species apart and superior to everyone else. Amid the Hitlerian blitzreig orchestrated internationally against citizens by these government funded thugs, some encouraging signs that citizens are prepared to fight back. As police have for a generation sought to position themselves as an exclusive and separate species, citizens have noted the fact and today treat and regard them as maggots.Many levels of society are closed to these parasites,who regard entry everywhere as their right. Police are the major threat to ethnic and in particular indigenous communities because their agenda is to destroy anything that is not anglo in origin. They are regarded with the utmost disdain by most levels of society.

Our observers in the Sydney City precincts saw an over abundance of testosterone driven gangs of police uniformed thugs threatening intimidating and heavying mostly young asian, arabic looking, and dark youth to twenty somethings – people going about their business in a peaceful and orderly manner. More than a few were seen to react violently to the trampling of their rights by offensive police actions.They were promptly arrested for their trouble. What is needed and the duty of all citizens is to stand in unison against these agent provocateur thugs. They are NOT meant to control us.They are funded by you and my tax dollars and are meant to serve us in the way we choose.The sole sector of society they serve is the Christians whose churches pay little or no taxes.Next time you witness a citizen being repressed by thug NSW police -help him or her.Until we stand as one against repression in all its evil forms,repression will be the ever growing cancer in our society