For the March 16th NSW Election due to her cavalier attitude to the often irrpairable damage Linda Burney and her DOCs department have done (and continue to do to thousands of Families and Children NSW wide we will be participating in a no holds barred campaign against her in her Canterbury electorate. At this stage we are NOT recommending any other candidate.

   As an ex senior public servant, DOCs Minister and Minister for the State Plan Linda Burney is ,we believe, incapable of implementing the necessary changes necessary to make Childrens and Families lives safer in NSW.In fact, under her and previous Labor ministerial stewardship ,The NSW Government itself has become the primary threat to the safety and security of Children and Families in Australia. Her DOCs department and its staff have become the most despised public servants in the land. We believe that Linda Burney has misused her ministerial position to prioritise the best interests of her department and its bevy of parasitic NGO partners over the interests of Children Families and the NSW Community. Her legendary disdain shown towards affected the families and children her department has crushed in its self serving quest to increase its own and its ministers power places her in a position where we believe she has no option than to resign from parliament.

  NSW DOCs draconian Family Terrorism policies should be immediately halted ,the department shut down and all staff should never again be allowed to masquerade as Family & Childrens workers. Their qualifications should be immediately  de recognised. Children Families and Communities do not deserve to be placed at risk by a self serving community Terrorist Government -or a Terrorist Minister.

  Linda Burney’s policies as Minister for Communities (DOCs) are also among the major causes of mistrust of other government departments especially among ethnic communities (particularly aboriginal) , and  homeless. The deceitful methods used by DOCs have been the root cause of many family breakdowns according to affected homeless community members. 

 If NSW Labor should be exiled to opposition, or perhaps oblivion at the March 16th NSW State Elections ,then the primary driver of so much angst and misery, the Minister whose department has so consistently got it wrong , should be dumped from her electoral seat -and if Labor are too gutless to do so then the public must. 

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