So you are thinking of giving over some of your time, making a contribution to a worthy cause. We are glad you made that most noble decision,but caution you to consider the following;

Muslim? No question.Dead easy.We thoroughly recommend AL GHAZZALI. . In’shah’allah.



The Station Pty Ltd; we recommend the Station because it is the most effective deliverer of government services to the homeless community, and we believe it does so efficiently.Not privy to its budgets,didn’t ask. But known to be govt funded.

The Station Ltd drop in centre is for men and women 21 and over who are experiencing homelessness and/or unemployment.


Following several requests to do so, we are delighted to recommend DONATING,VOLUNTEERING and SUPPORTING THE STARLIGHT FOUNDATION.Although not focussed on our community we can find no reason whatsoever not to fully support them, in the excellent work they do with terminally ill, and marginalised children.

Accountants,Auditors and legal professionals are needed to assist with the legal and financial auditing aspects of our alliance, assisting other volunteers and donors in ensuring that the NPO is financially the business that donors would reasonably expect, and in addition addressing our specific criteria. Contact us at 

We are not at this time recommending any other specific organisations, however, we as a general rule do not recommend volunteering with charities which are primarily providers of government based services. Nor do we support working in voluntary fundraising roles.

 We especially DO NOT endorse voluntary fundraising activities without a thorough prior knowledge of the organisation.

 While Exodus Foundation do provide a well used service in Ashfield, we caution that this organisation is church based, affiliated with the multimillon dollar a year Uniting Care Australia, and directly involved in delivering politically motivated government services.

Other volunteers are strongly urged to support;

St Vincent de Pauls Night & Breakfast Foodvan Service.


We ask that volunteers excercise their individual judgement in volunteering with ANY other Vinnies activity, in particular their chain of shops.