Some time ago we emailed the minister for the Office of Liqour Gaming and Racing with the reasonable request to identify his offices position in relation to the Foodvan service which his office had at the time recently confiscated from Just Enough Faith.

 In a stunning admission of that ministerial offices failure to grasp the basic concept of homelessness ( ) or partake of the by now multiple media which render snail mail a relic of the stone age, the sole response we received from Mr Kevin Greene’s office was a request for an address to mail to. Mr Greene, homies do not usually have addresses, unless you consider Sydney 2000 a valid address. Australia Post find it difficult to deliver according to this generic, and it is surely the fault of Sydney City Council that the tree I slept under last night does not have an number, nor does the park boast a street number. And due to the regularity with which I change trees, the cost of perpetually changing addresses would, while well within the meagre means of the new CEO of the super ministry your OLGR is about to be merged into, it would prove prohibitive pour moi. That, Mr Greene, is one of the reasons that we homeless waifs have embraced a technology called email ( ). It really is faster,Mr Greene, and you don’t have to feed the pigeons either; very convenient.

 Mr Greene, as you haven’t answered our previous correspondence yet, after some considerable time, we assume that you are disinterested in discussions with those whom perhaps you term derelict delinquents, preferring to pontificate with the purveyors of poverty industry rhetoric passing themselves off as patrons of the impoverished while preying on the predeliction of parliamentarians to pass legislation permitting the plunder of the public purse in pursuit of phantom solutions to a problem which is profitable-for some not a problem but a solution. Minister,DO YOU GET MY DRIFT-FIVE MINUTES WORM,YOUR HONOUR.

 We have voices and minds Mr Greene, and esteemed ministers. These voices are ready and waiting. DO YOU HAVE BRAINS AND EARS?  

 Mr Greene, not only have you ignored us, but you and your agents and staff  have ignored the only people upon whom we have conferred the right to speak on our behalf- the Board of Just Enough Faith and Jef Gambin. And we take the sleight and insult very seriously.

 We believe in earnest that our previously put questions are legitimate, and with the end of your departments announced contract term with Exodus Foundation, our community have a right to ask whether you intend to fix the fiasco your department created?