Sydney Homeless Homestay

Sydney Homeless Homestay

 Updated 13th June… since its inception, our “Homeless for a Day” program” has hosted eight guests as we strugglt with the nuances of tourism and our guests learn the discomforts and disenfranchisement that are the everyday existence of many street people.We have had two people who were absolutely freaked out at the reality, yet so grateful at just having survived one day- as I’m sure they will mention to their peers and descendants in Holland and Montreal. Bookings are light for the next week as potential partipants with a penchant perhaps for comfort contemplate the compartive merits of reverse cycle aircon versus direct cycle air-at chill temperatures. Do we have more Nordic sorts,they don’t seem to notice.

In a unique twist on the old coals to Newcastle adage a group of Sydney Homeless People have started offering their own inimitable brand of homestay- The chance to immerse oneself in a “Homeless for a Day” experience. 

The promoters aim to ensure that the only difference for each client, is that the client has their other life to return to, homeless people don’t. Guides are all experienced long term street residents, you might say the most proficient survivors in this urban jungle. Clients get to experience all the dizzying highs and harrowing lows, the long cold nights in a warts and all experience “as it really is.” 

  The project is seen both as providing temporary personal empowerment for the guide, a real life Sydney Homeless person, as well as advancing the general communitys awareness of and responsiveness to homeless issues. The service will provide opportunities also for students of social sciences, government employees and especially spokespeople for the many poverty industry operators to gain some first hand experience of one area of marginalisation which they claim to represent.

 Early interest though,has been from the tourism sector with travellers from Ireland, Sweden and Holland the first clients. 3 on the first day is not at all a bad effort. More bookings in the pipeline, we hear.

 24 hour escorted “Homeless for a Day” Experience Packages may be booked via us, at our email, or via their advertised contacts below;

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