How different the world must seem as viewed from inside the bulletproof glass of the NSW Labor Fishtank.

As if homeless or Marginalised People needed any further proof that DoCS and its Minister live and function in a parallel universe, Ms Burnies stunning lack of care with her parliamentary answers is matched only by the callous disregard she her government and her department have, and continue to show for homeless and marginalised people.

 Our current advisement to NSW voters is DO NOT VOTE LABOR at STATE ELECTIONS. NSW Labor have neither the policies nor the desire to put in place a strategy to end homelessness and marginalisation: which does not involve the homeless person becoming an income generator for a government department or its poverty industry contractors. We Sydney Homeless & Community further commit to providing whatever assistance is necessary to the candidate most likely to unseat Ms Burnie and Minister Kevin Greene in the next State Elections.

While the horror stories of DoCS mismanagement of children continue to appall the sane, DoCS merely burrow their heads ever deeper into the sand, and struggle in their tragicomical attempts to cover an ass in dire need of Jenny Craig with an infants pair of underwear.

   On children, this tired Labor govt, a disshevelled and disorganised shadow of its once proud self, missed a golden opportunity to reform DoCS, by not allowing Justice Woods to consider the Childrens and Young Persons Care and Protection Act 1998 . This legislation and DoCS choices in their administration of that legislation have been the singular most common denominator in family breakdowns and the breakdown in relationships between parents and children. These idiots have on the one hand case managers telling children as young as ten that they don’t have to listen to their parents, yet on the other pressing charges against parents when the children refuse to go to school.

 In dealing with ethnic and indigenous communities, the farce only thickens. The department routinely undermines “other ethnic” cultural values seeking to replace the tried and tested cultural and family based values which resonate with ethnic people with the university generated sterile and convoluted doublespeak that is the basis of Australian Family Law.Yes, its time to throw the baby out with the bathwater, the legislation and the department are just too stuffed to EVER work.

  But the as almost universally demonstrated across all portfolios,NSW Labor government seem to have mastered the art of rescuing defeat from the jaws of victory. In the aftermath of the Wood report, they decided to “contract” much of their previous roles to Police and Educators, both of whom, on at least the private admission of many frontline members are not trained to carry out their new roles.We look forward to the first taser assisted arrest of a nine year old. Educators are less than thankful for the role which has the real likelihood of significantly diminishing the considerable trust educators enjoy across most sectors of the community. Look forward to schools becoming less effective learning places with parents warning children not to trust teachers. Meanwhile, Childrens Services have in effect become the Family Police, whose job is to force Families to abandon their values and adopt the Anglo centric model which deprives family and ethnic community of authority, devolving that instead to a draconian and deceptive DoCS department and its Anglo assimilationist agenda.

With her background in education coupled with her obvious interest in and previous role as DG of aboriginal affairs, one would have hoped Ms Burnie would be across the import of educators maintaining the trust of all communities, not solely the anglo assimilationists.Obviously and disappointingly,not.

 We must confess, we were absolutely shocked when Linda Burnie accepted the portfolio. Look forward to her following NT MP Ms Scrymgour onto the cross benches if she has any empathy with her own people, or rising to lead the Labor Opposition in the next term of parliament if she does not.

 Our concerns regarding Ms Burnie are that in her response to our questions put via Ms Hale,Greens, she simply does not know, nor in thirty five days have the capability to have her department inform her correctly, that she might provide relevant and true information, which totally addresses our concerns. We might add that in our view she demonstrates a decided disinterest in not only homeless people in general, and among our most vulnerable,our young homeless women and children. In fact,looking over her parliamentary anwers to previous questions, if she were a truck driver,the RTA would likely remove her licence on the ground of public safety. Perhaps Mr Rees or his successor may wish to remove her ministerial responsibilities on the same grounds. Certainly NOT ministerial material in a normal government, but we are talking about a party and government in its death throes, thrashing about, helplessly stranded on the sandbar of its own incompetence as the neap tide of public opinion ebbs at its lowest approval level ever.

 Ms Burnie categorically rejects that her department has a role in supporting marginalised people (rough sleepers) while they are marginalised, and states that the only pathway from marginalisation which her department supports is via SupportedAccommodationAccessPrograms. That treats homeless people as profit units as SupportedAccommodationAccessPrograms are richly rewarded for their transitioning work. What all SupportedAccommodationAccessPrograms and the minister don’t want you to know is that each SupportedAccommodationAccessPrograms acts as a spying and information collection service for DoCS, with casefiles routinely turning up in Childrens and Family court matters years sometimes later, as DoCS reports. These courts,where the Evidence Act applies, are Australia’s very own Guantanamo Bay, with the evidence act not applying and DoCS simply making up allegations which hapless victimised caring parents are forced to respond to.

 Our advice to our community is that if you see a DoCS worker in any kind of trouble,leave them there.

 We have just been notified of an interview with DoCS minister Linda Burnie some years ago. The following is an excerpt;

“Linda identified a $240 million housing project undertaken some years ago as an example of culturally inappropriate policy that was bound to fail. The project built two-bedroom houses, with no porch or facilities for outdoor living, and used regular materials. The design did not take into account that there would be overcrowding, each house often holding two or three large families. It did not take into account that Aboriginal families do much of their living outdoors. Stainless steel cabinets and fittings would have been more appropriate than ceramics to withstand intense wear and tear. The design of the houses should have started by consulting the community and not an architect in the Sydney CBD.”

 We say that the minister is 1000 percent correct in relation to aboriginal communities and will be well advised to heed the same advice in relation to to homeles & marginalised, families and children who are the ostensible focus of her current ministerial portfolio. Stop listening to the self interest of the poverty industry.