Church based charities have the easiest system to run rorts through,because they are exempt from all state government scrutiny. Independent charities can run rorts too. We suggest some ways which might work for the less than honest charity controller.

1)There is no foolproof way of stopping church leaders showing whatever figures they like regarding church takings.As little or as much as they see fit declared to the congregation and public. Arrangements can be made for example,for a drug dealer to donate $100000 in cash, and get $95000 in assistance from the church.Money laundered. Now of course we all know that no church or religious organisation would contemplate doing this,don’t we?

2) A charity hires a builder to carry out a construction project. Actual construction cost $2 million. Charity is billed for $5 million. Up to $3 million to be split between conspirators.Not bad.

3) Charity puts contract to provide research services (for example,to examine international solutions to homelessness).