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NSW Budget 2012 will decrease private home ownership, increase poverty

  The NSW Budget 2012 does nothing to increase ownership opportunity for new aspirants to the home ownership class, while instead providing further incentives for investors and multi unit owners to increase their asset base to the detriment of the struggling working population.

Housing NSW for people not profit

 NSW Treasurer Baird’s plan to incentivise the construction of 76,000 new dwelling units will pr


ably do so. But the bulk of these homes will most likely be built by investors such as Harry Tribugoff’s Meriton 

with a view to further exploiting the artificially housing stressed Sydney working population. There is al

so no disincentive to offshore buyers purchasing residential property. Changes to the First Home buyers grant mean that First Home buyers of basic homes can no longer look to the next generation of 1st home buyers to on-sell 

their property to when upgrading. 

 Sydney Homeless see no merits in the residential housing roadmap for NSW as proposed by this Investor focussed budget. We see zero security for homeowner – occupiers and yet more incentives

 for investors to capitalise at the expense of home occupiers. 

 Sydney Homeless have and continue to advocate for the removal of all government incentive

s for non-occupier housing investment and the implementation of punitive State based Stamp duties coupled with 

increases in Federal Government taxes on rental income , curtail the negative gearing and depreciation regimes for investors, add residential property investment penalties and a ban on foreign investment in residential property for non residential purposes.The Federal Government might wish to make depreci


ion and negative gearing tax incentives available to occupying purchasers.There should be a Commonwealth based


 Home Loans facility for home buyers which is underwritten by the Federal Government in place of current social housing expenditure. This combination will have the effect of lowering property values over the medium term while stimulating property ownership by occupiers, while disincentivising speculative investors. see ABC article on NSW Budget 2012 – Housing


Sydney Homeless Connect or How to take your tax dollars & goodwill

Today (June 5th) 10 a.m. at Sydney Town Hall Sydney Homeless Connect host the annual trade show and marginalised persons fishing expedition of the Poverty industry.

 The fishing expedition dishes up a hot lunch and commerce discards donated (some as tax writeoffs) as bait in an annual expedition to find marginalised people to monetise. Targeting the Sydney Homeless Community as hand-up tokens to utilise to collect your tax dollars your generous donations and possibly voluntary goodwill these organisations are in fact multimillion dollar annual turnover businesses, most quite unfamiliar to the Sydney Homeless community.

 Its no accident that the Trades Show happens just before the end of the financial year- you might just write a donation which you can claim back in your tax return.

 Standout among the parasites preying today are Mission Australia, the major beneficiary of cosy government relationships forged in the back-room secrecy of bipartisan Australian politics. Inaugural CEO Patrick McClure, an ex brother in the Brotherhood of St Laurence wrote the book on NGO relationships with Australian government and how both could monetise the marginalised. Its called “The McClure Report” and provides the roadmap for CDEP/ Workchoices and NT Intervention / Income Management -hugely beneficial to the poverty industry AND government.

 The current “ten year plan” initiated by the Rudd Labor Government is The Road Home. Started in 2009 its a spend of $6 Billion of your Tax Dollars on “reducing homelessness by 50%”. Numerous requests to departments including direct in person requests to Ministers Mark Arbib and Tanya Plibersek to quantify the 50% referred to have gone unanswered. Is it 50% of the 2009 figure? Or an extrapolated 2019 figure? Or some other figure altogether? I’m sure they will tell us in 2019 but for now its a big secret –and a lie — based on the increased numbers of Homeless sleeping rough on the Streets of Sydney.

 The SAAP plan provides much revenue and growth opportunity for “The Sector” as the Poverty Industry calls itself. New St Vincents de Paul buildings harvested from Social Housing property stock in Waterloo add resources to the NOT IN POVERTY Vinnies (and ultimately Catholic Church) , while shiny new vans and a vast array of ineffective programs drive your tax dollar further into the coffers of Mission Australia. The Salvos and Mission Australia are busy too finding jobs (sans sustainable incomes) for marginalised and slaves for an ever grateful profit conscious corporate sector.

 City of Sydney and contract services provider NEAMI will most likely be there too… their nimby solutions to homelessness provide zero new affordable housing in the Sydney 2000 postcode. The City of Sydney provides only token homeless services and its contractor Neami is seen as a prime subverter of homelessness resources to assist mental health clients tipped from the health budget allowing Federal government to falcetiously claim savings and efficiencies in the Health portfolio.

 Some smaller NFPs which legitimately provide services to the marginalised such as The Benjamin Footpath Library and Clothesline will more than likely be there too- mere window dressing for a Trade Show which you should be VERY sceptical of .   

Protest Sydney Homelessness Industry

Housing Affordability   On June 5th a showcase of the Sydney Poverty Industry called Sydney Homeless Connect will roll out its annual Roadshow at the Sydney Town Hall. For what many regard as “Charities” and “Not For Profits” – organisations which represent themselves to a caring but gullible public and a cynical but cooperative government as “providing homelessness services” – Sydney Homeless Connect is an annual Fishing Competition with the aim being to entrap as many homeless as possible in a cycle of being shuffled from one marginalisation industry monetiser to the other -to drive revenues for the industry participants.

Sydney Homeless call on the Federal Government to immediately cease funding the disastrous inefficient failed $600 million a year  “The Road Home” Program which aims to spend $6.6billion in ten years to halve homelessness -from a completely unquantified index figure. In the about two and a half years since The Road Home was launched Homeless numbers in Sydney City have increased dramatically, despite a flawed Homeless Street Count Methodology. From the outset of the Programs rollout in Sydney City service providers prioritised mental health clients who had recently been tossed out of the Mental Health System – The Federal Government then used The Road Home, a 10 year $600 million a year Homelessness spend, to house those chronic mental health sufferers and claim a reduction in Health budget spending.

Under the Road Home, the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) heavily resources NGOs to provide mandatory “support services” of highly questionable value to clients. Services include much “counselling” and “training” which in practice burden clients with time and travel commitments and merely lead from one of these monetisation processes to the next – Monetising the marginalised.

Under The Road Home qualified Real Estate Agents are also able to raise rents on low quality slum properties to the maximum level Government will pay, while subsidising ex homeless clients. In effect this componemt of The Road Home actually raises rents of private properties. By doing so the Road Home becomes a driver raising the bar of Housing cost.

Sydney Homeless will Rally in Town Hall Square to Protest the Sydney Homeless Connect event to Protest this calculated waste of billions of taxpayers dollars and call for an end to The Road Home. The $600 million a year saved could be used maintaining single parents in their full time capacity as carers , a $700million cut in the Federal Budget.

NSW and Queensland Floods Appeal Warning Updated

  The main appeal launched by Premier Anna Bligh does not inform the public countries, States and corporates who have so far donated in excess of $30million, what those donations will be spent on. Remarkably, several governments and corporates have weighed in with hefty donations on the basis of trust . I have not ever witnessed so successful a leveraging of a disaster on a “Trust Me” basis. I cannot say that Premier Bligh will do the wrong thing, and neither can donors because she has NOT said what the funds will be used for. Research and development of a flood prevention strategy,using Labor Party hack consultants? Probably not, but if she chose to ,it would have to be acceptable. How many donors to the Victorian BushFires Appeal were a little miffed to find Funds subverted to cover the cost of an investigation?

 It seems from Premier Bligh’s website that the funds will be managed by Australian Red Cross. What percentage will they retain in “management or other fees?” The donating public deserve to know. We know that Red Cross run their own “Poverty Relief Appeal” yet know of no meaningful work they do in that area. In fact, their Australian operations are increasingly a business.

 In general, Give in kind, not in cash.

Exception: Rural Fire Services , State Emergency Services , St Johns Ambulance , Small local charities (not subsidiaries of larger organisations) which you know personally.

 In kind donations allow you to give with a reasonable assurance that your well meaning gift will not be subverted to suit some manager or politicians ulterior agenda. If you are a business, consider what your business might do to support the people affected by this disaster.

We know Aussies and many others will be overwhelmed by gestures of goodwill directed at the victims, and there will be many, of the Queensland and NSW Floods. We ask that before donating especially to Government and mainstream Charity Appeals PLEASE CONSIDER WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE CASE OF SIMILAR APPEALS.

 In the Haiti Earthquake Appeal just 12 months ago a generous worldwide public donated a whopping $US12 Billion to Appeals which they thought would support the unfortnuate people displaced by that disaster. Reports soon began surfacing of a United States Military orchestrated subversion of that Aid, under the control of its CIA front US Aid ,to suit the military industrial and political expedience of the USA. The people today live in dangerous squalid camps or crudely constructed housing which certainly will not survive a further earthquake should those unfortunate residents of Port au Prince ever experience another earthquake.

 In Australia The Victorian bushfires Appeal raised $391 million. The Fund, administered by the Victorian Government’s department  of Human Services has been used to fund government programs – including the Bushfire Inquiry and future bushfire mitigation strategies- Not what Public donors had in mind at all .and doled out so slowly and mean spiritedly that many whom the fund was donated to provide relief for were forced to live in totally inappropriate accommodation like leaky second hand caravans-at commercial rental rates- for extended periods. The major application of these funds by government has in place of the services which the public expect in return for the high rates of tax Australians are forced to pay. The Salvation Army. originally asked to use its existing accounts for that appeal, are said to have demanded between 25% and 30% of the gross amount as a “service fee.” Quite outrageous.

  Countless organisations ,most of which maintain but a tenuous link if at all to homelessness never-the-less see fit to raise funds for themselves using the name of homeless people -very little-as little as 5% of the funds reaches the homeless communities or people in a form we asked for, or identify as useful. Meanwhile the organisations collecting funds blossom and boom.Sydney Homeless don’t know of a single fundraising Charity or NFP organisation which genuinely works to end homelessness. Most use our people as stepping stones to elevate themselves in the eyes of the media.

  Fading memories of the Asian Tsunami Disaster are clouded by the same issues surrounding inappropriate use of the publics generously donated funds by many relief agencies active there.

  We ask that you check in advance precisely how the funds will be spent before donating to any appeals.  Broad expansive and vague lines like “It all gets spent directly on the people” are as credible and believable as Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott at election time. In this age where political doublespeak is the currency of successful election campaigns duplicitious Fundraising by Charities Parasitic NGOs and Governments are a winner for their greedy calculating directors. Be careful

A Rock of Charity in an Ocean of deceit

We don’t often have anything good to say about ANY of the corporatised “charities” – especially the majors. It is widely known among the sector how and why their aims of monetising the marginalised has earned them our eternal scorn and contempt. We are more than ready and able to throw shit where it sticks and in doing so, it may be seen to reflect badly on some operators within the sector who have long been stalwart unsung heroes of the marginalised in Sydney. There are some committed people and groups within even the most monetised of the Marginalisation Sector NGO Industry and we’d like to thank one of the genuine, make it up as you go along, old school operations who have spent more days and nights providing essential services to Sydney ‘s homeless and marginalised community than the average low income family living indoors have had nourishing hot dinners in the Howard-Rudd_Gillard era. On the First Sunday evening of every month for many years now an old Nissan Urvan in Salvation Army livery with a distinctive yellow roadworks light appears outside Nicks in Woollo, then later at Martin Place and later at the railway station,sometimes even at Belmore Park. This van, staffed and supported entirely on the resources its small team manage to bring together, provides the only freely available eyesight tests-oh yes-and glasses available on the Streets. This is old school Salvos,a regrettably rare relic from bygone times when The Salvation Army were a genuine charity, not a thinly disguised business masquerading as a Not-for-Profit. This small group are from the era when Churches prayed,not prey as they do today. Over the years countless homeless,many who had long ago resigned themselves to never enjoying a good read ever again,due to government (and government funded) services being a quantum leap short of the abyss width between the rhetoric and hyperbole of government / NGO hyperbole -compared with the crushing demeaning reality of meanspirited minimalist delivery, have been quickly given a new lease of sight by this apparently cavalier but deeply committed crew of genuine stalwarts. Stalwarts whose good work is consistently being diminished by the money first antics of their associated Job Network and  parasitic family destroying Oasis divisions. Are this small band who do so much for the homeless community the last genuine Salvos?? We hope not. Now, we spend a lot of time telling people NOT to give to the poverty industry-but next time you’re approached by a Salvo check his nametag.If it says Major Hilton Harmer, open your heart,open your mind and empty your wallet.The man quietly does what all the spin & rhetoric makers can only hope to do -without the millions of your tax dollars squandered annually by the pariah poverty industry.Your money goes where its needed. To Major Harmer and his merry band of volunteers merry christmas,from a grateful SydneyHomeless community .

YouthWing Schoolies

#Sydney #Homeless #YouthWing. 23 Year 12 graduates are nearly all seriously engaged in creating a Schoolies legacy which each will remember, I hope,as a milestone marker and gateway to the real world. Six Youth Wingers have gone to The Gold Coast, some to Lennox Head while others have taken holiday houses near Nowra and Newcastle.The Newcastle group, whose YouthWing members have told their class why they stay with YouthWing even invited the entire YouthWing up to share a barbie. Reports filtering back of rages and rigorous rules in the Party Towns as one would expect -but others are enjoying bushwalks and beaches and showing the world that drugs and alcohol just don’t kick it in their timelines. Reports from a YouthWinger with a large Class Group in GC are that the group are somewhat sombre in the realisation that they will no longer share each others daily lives -well, theres FB of course.
3 elected to stay at Youth Wing and are generally out spending what they saved on outrageous holiday priced Schoolies accom.

Thanks to all who have contributed to making these kids lives better -and understanding the absolute need to keep Youth away from invasive, family and community wrecking Government

Our Off-the-Streets IT Teams busiest 48 hours ever.

Our IT team, those who have transitioned successfully from our off-the-streets IT course have just had their busiest 24 hour period ever. An un-forseen 60% above normal spike in business in our Product Brand and Image Support saw some very satisfied customers clients successfully supported within our guaranteed 10 minute response time-with 100% success.
Our blog authoring ghosting and maintenance workload is also increasing with Off-the-Streets Team involved in some way with over 4500 blogs worldwide.
Our Off-the-streets Team are cross trained to support services across the entire network, giving flexibility to shapeshift when required to accommodate peak demand.Its as important to Sydney Homeless as it is to our clients.Well done team…

Can our tailored online support services assist your business?? Ask @SydneyHomeless on Twitter.

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