The NSW Police Service is offering a $5000 reward for information relating to “exploitation” of aboriginal children. Not all children, just aboriginals. Why doesn’t this reward apply to all ethnicities? This is a cynical NSW government attempt to insinuate white invader agencies into hapless aboriginal families and communities. Not on the basis of facts, but via spurious anonymous allegations. Hapless families do not have the right to know the source of these often mischevious and family destroying allegations which drive the State Child Abduction Industry of which NSW Government Police and Communities and their collaborating NGO partners are so proud and supportive.

There is no evidence that aboriginal children are more or less prone or exposed to exploitation than other children.

In Fact, Workplace exploitation of Children and Youth is the norm and perfectly legal in NSW and Australia.Businesses are encouraged to pay youth and children exploitatively low incomes in return for “jobs” -exploiter code for wageslavery.

There is in addition the blatant exploitation of Youth by Government contractor “Youth Services” -exploitation disguised as “providing services”.Exploitation because the Youth Service agency assures the young person that their discussions are confidential -when it is illegal for those so called services NOT to give their interpretation of those “dosclosures” to the family destroying NSW Communities -formerly DOCs,

Could it be that NSW Police simply want to paint a further false image of aboriginal people as exploiters of their own children?? We think so…

We urge all who are aware of exploitation of aboriginal children by NSW State Agencies especially Police and DOCs -along with paedophile clergy & exploitative DOCs Service providers to use this reward scheme to voice their concerns and claim the rewards for their trouble.