In News recently the Sydney Morning Herald says that Australians will give less to charities this year. That is a good thing. For too long the largesse of largely good natured and giving Australians has been taken as a soft touch by unaccountable charities . These charities profess to raise funds in the name of nominated constituencies such as homeless people and children -but what really happens to the money?? A large percentage is diverted into research and administrative accounts to fund bloated ulterior agendas in tandem with mammoth economic inefficiencies. Much of the goods and food given out as Christmas Hampers is in fact donated. Some “charities” give out only those donated goods which other tentacles of their cloaking operations cannot otherwise sell.Logistics are also donated. Much of the work is done by genuine volunteers as well as wageslaves , minimally paid people, or worse “Mutual Obligation” “volunteers” forced to carry out charity servitude in return for income support. So why,precisely,do these organisations need tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to facilitate their charitable purposes?

 The awful truth is that for too long too many organisations and in particular those of christian origin, have callously leveraged poverty marginalisation and calamaties locally and internationally, to collect funds amounting to billions of dollars annually – funds which they are allowed to account for in such vague terms that the picture they present of the success of their programs bears no relationship to the often destructive reality of their actions.

  Giving in Australia .

Do support financially and voluntarily. 

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Amnesty International

Youth Off The Streets :  We reluctantly place this organisation in our do support category. It is a Uniting Church subsidiary and a DOCs service provider -both red flags which normally mean DO NOT SUPPORT. However YOTS appear to successfully transition their case managed charges.. so much that they are the only Youth organisation we know of whose former charges are not seen on the streets as adults. In addition, their founder, a Uniting Church Minister is no patsy, recently resigning from Premier Kristina Keneallys Homelessness committee. 

Small independent community groups which you know the organisers of personally.

School Community Efforts.

  Do Not Support

Mission Australia: This organisation wrote the book on current government – charity partnership arrangements to monetise the marginalised and drive worker exploitation by greedy business partners. Objectives are to maximise ways in which marginalised people can be exploited. Employs ex police in management roles. Strongly suspected by street community of spying and providing information on homeless people to police and other anti homeless government agencies. Mission Australia has its origins in the Congregational Church,now part of perennial pariah Uniting Church.

Exodus Foundation: Parasitic organisation masquerading as a caring charity which in reality is a callous christian cash cow milking the gullible taxpayer for hundreds of millions of dollars by providing family destroying services to government family invader DOCs .Also engaged in invading aboriginal communities via whitening anglocentric education models forcing aboriginal people to prioritise duplicitous anglocentric “education” over indigenous culture.  Collaborated with State Government to take over the only effective Charity dealing with Homeless people in the Sydney CBD-now using that charitys good work as platform to raise extra millions of dollars in Made for TV imagery with little substance.Food delivered varies from tolerable on media nights) to causing food poisoning.  

Uniting Church (or its many sub brands,except Youth off the Streets).

We especially ask that people DO NOT GIVE to Mission Australia , Uniting Church , Salvation Army or the myriad of cloaking “shirts”, brands which these invasive Government Funded organisations hide behind. These organisations are heavily involved and highly paid by government to deliver comunity destroying wageslavery and family intrusive and destroying DOCs and FACSIA programs.Programs which give government and its invasive agencies priority over people and families.Programs which lie to children and youth and misdirect their energies as fodder for those who will exploit them for capital gain. Programs which are designed to rob them of their true worth and pass that value to a few chosen families. There is ONE EXCEPTION. That organisation is Uniting Church shirt YOUTH OFF THE STREETS.