Sydney Homeless is an informational and assistance resource developed and maintained by a loose alliance of homeless and marginalised people. While it is intended primarily as an information resource, Sydney Homeless Viewpoint also articulates the issues aspirations and concerns of the street diaspora. We may also publish submitted items, always on the basis of the published article NEVER being edited without the consent of its author/s. Our team is made up exclusively of homeless and marginalised peope . We We do not receive or solicit government financial support. All alliance volunteers are unpaid and do not have any relationship with service provider organisations.We believe that it is essential to maintain separation and therefore the unfettered independence to comment impartially in line with the stated views of our community. While it cannot be said of any piece published that it represents a universal viewpoint within our community (which is impractical), we do consult on a daily basis with people on the streets in an effort to present the community viewpoint.

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Map showing location of JEF Foodvan site(currently operated by government contractor.)

Complaints(or compliments) about current JEF site foodvan service; This is Minister for Lotteries Gaming and Racing Greenes official email. We have tried unsuccessfully to find an official email address for Government contractor Exodus Foundation, but the minister is the publicly elected representative who has ultimate responsibility for the takeover of Just Enough Faith,and the current contractors lowering of the standards set by Just Enough Faith.