There is an adage which states that communities with excesses of wealth generally also have excesses of poverty. My past sojourns around the world took me to some of the most unlikely places… places not on the conventional tourist map. Places like Manlia’s Smoky Mountain , The Bullrings in Liverpool UK , and The Valley of the Dead in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At Smoky Mountain one saw generations of families who lived by scavenging in the rubbish tips, at a time when Phillipine President Marcos wife Imelda had a virtual Louis Voutton waehouse of shoes.

House Prices static rents still rising

As rising retail and housing prices career away ahead of the real average income (not the median income government keep quoting, which lumps the Likes of Macquarie Millionaires salaries (up to $25m pa) in with minimum adult wage earners paltry $570 per week wageslavery income (gross,before tax). Despite the apparent stall (is it the stall before the fall?) in Australian Q3 residential property price increases, there is no apparent decline in rent escalations.

Affordable Housing not a priority

Housing affordability is not part of current federal or state government priority. Nor, despite the rhetoric the priority of any senior management in any government or Not for Profit “Housing” or “Homelessness” related sphere.While politicians may make the occasioal whimper about homelessness , housing marginalisation and the attendant societal side issues they are extremely conscious of the multi billion dollar “poverty industry -government” co dependency complex with each party ensuring that “the problem” remains unsolved, and their revenue streams of Taxpayer Gold remain intact. Why would you do anything which put a sunset clause on your funding??

Current Program Failures;

There have been many Social Service provider consultative processes where government has paid close attention to the advisements of those who benefit most from Housing Marginalisation. Government contract service providers. Yet without exception, the resulting recommendations taken up by State and Federal Governments has produced a domino deck of progressive failures -at the ever increasing expense of the unconsulted and uninformed taxpayer. The current “The Road Home” is a bicycle determinedly ridden by its proponents-yet it does nothing to either end homelessness nor turn off the tap. The Road Home has a core policy flaw which many rough sleepers reject outright. The expensive (for taxpayers) case management role which, put another way, allows government contractors to spy on tenants. There is also the very real possibility confirmed to us by some Real Estate agents- with substantial rent rolls- that “The Road Home” and its State spinoffs are in fact driving rental prices higher. Agents can easily manipulate rental rates to ensure the poorest condition properties in an area are rented securely to State Government at area premium rental rates.

@SydneyHomeless End Homelessness Challenge : If you’re NOT doing ALL these things,you’re not really about ending Homelessness.

  • Right to erect shelter; Where there is a clear shortage of affordable appropriate acceptable housing, determined by the number of rough sleepers in the area, those persons should have the inalienable right to erect and occupy shelter-on any or appropriately located designated public land.Right to occupy until appropriate affordable and agreeable conventional accommodation is found.
  • Raise Basic Incomes & Invoke 5 year rent freeze.
  • Modify Property rental laws to ensure minimum tenancy terms of 2 years, instead of the current 6 months.
  • Make 1st Home Buyer Loans more affordable with a compulsory percentage of Bank Loans supporting fixed interest 1st Home Buyers, and property investor loans less attractive.
  • Management of Local Body area Residential Housing Stocks according to workforce required in the relevant postcode, with rental/occupancy value as percentage of income.
  • All property developments to include a 4% social housing component,with housing to be managed by Local Body Authority.
  • Lobby all levels of government to make this a reality.
  • Case Management may be optional but should NOT be a necessary component of accessing Social Housing.