As we deal daily with increased numbers (and a higher income bracket) of invoulntary homelessness in Sydney, we can but look askance at the rhetoric and rationale of both sides of politics at State and Federal levels. Australias politicians are more than ever the problem,as they collude with banking and industrialist interests to rape Australia of its natural wealth while providing the labour to do so under exploitative wageslavery conditions. This past weekend, while Federal politicians are enjoying their summer long holidays and NSW Politicians are concerned more about their re election prospects – and while all the profiteering Homelessness NGOs remain closed, we have helped an unprecedented 26 families with accommodation -accommodation which we ourselves don’t have. We are hearing of widespread working family poverty as desperate couples turn to desperate means to feed their families-and the insatiable greed of their bankers. Many don’t know whether they’ll have food for Christmas, nevermind presents for their kids. This sad state of affairs in a top mineral exporting country is caused by governments collusion with NGOs, Banks and industrialists to place immense power in a very few hands -and do so by ripping the majority of people off.

If government does nothing for you, or acts against your interests, why do you vote for them??? They do NOTHING for Australias most marginalised – and oppositions do even less