On this cold wet day in Sydney our team have found 43 newly homeless people -people who have fallen through the cracks of the “economy first people last” Liberal/Labor Government managed societal construct. Thats 43 people found just by us spending their first night homeless in Sydney. For the first time our hotel room  accommodation is fully taken by families with children under 12–thankfully we have all known families covered. I’m sure DOCs and its agencies would love to add these families to those they blackmail and monetise -as cruel an anti community form of exploitation as leveraged by even the most draconian of governments. 

 The single people have been shown where to eat and given blankets (we’re out of them too til about 11 tonight). Where to sleep thats dry comes a bit later when we have time. Hopefully the friendly Sydney Homeless network will absorb some of them…

 I don’t remember when I last saw so many newly homeless faces on the Street in one day….