One of our homeless community members has been obliged to attend some appointments with a Centrelink contracted Job Network agency in Williams St near the Cross.For the moment,the agency shall remain nameless. However, he was taken by the point that the Management Team members were overwhelmingly recently arrived and heavily accented foreigners – which we have no objection to. However their role is to promote unlivable wageslavery incomes of $16-$17 per hour -which for a single parent is totally unlivable in the Sydney City area…to which we object very strenuously.
Businesses which exist by hiring people at Unfair exploitation rates are really not and nor do they deserve to be , part of the business landscape.
Governments at any level which legislate for or to protect such worker exploitation are and should be held as publicly and equally accountable. As should government contracted service providers who use enable or benefit from such exploitative practices