Talking to the many desperate young people disengaging from governments draconian monetisation model for people who have never had, or have been cheated out of their rightful equity in this bountiful country has brought the underlying issue driving homelessness and marginalisation sharply stage centre again.
That reason is continued bipartisan government support for and protection of those individuals and organisations who prosper from the exploitation of people and resources and the sequestering of the proceeds of that exploitation for their and related parties own benefit.

We live in a Nation where Leaders at Federal State and Local level are paid fat salaries and generous pensions which are funded by multiple levels of taxation AND payment for government services at commercial rates. These politicians consult with Directors of Companies such as Rio Tinto and parasitic self serving organisations such as Mission Australia -executives, like Politicians,on exceedingly generous remuneration packages: so its inevitable that the outcomes which they deliver are of significant benefit to those organisations -and of little or negative benefit to us.
We live with and see the detriments of this conspiracy of the rich every day. An 18 year old youth, looking lost, reduced to begging on downtown George Street just this morning.Or the 22 year old female who slept at her begging post outside the Events Cinemas,less than a 5 minutes walk from Premier Kristina Keneally’s plush Pitt Street Offices and less than a block away from Mayor Clover Moore’s Town Hall.The young woman does not want to be there, but nor does she want to be an exploited underpaid profit unit for a government sanctioned wageslavery employer who will pay her (after taking compulsory government taxes) less than she needs to simply live in the City of Sydney.And who can blame her?

The mantra of “jobs” from Labor as a solution to or escape from poverty and marginalisation is a failure and will continue to be so for as long as government prevent workers from using any form of effective lobbying for their rights to Fair Pay. Jobs can be a only be a part of the solution when they do not have the effect of diminishing the worker-financially,physically,emotionally or mentally. Until that point is reached, wageslavery jobs exploiter employers and the enabling NGOs and government departments continue to be part of the problem.