Following the unfortunate debacle at Just Enough Faith, resulting in even parliamentarians pre judging Jef Gambin, it seems that most sides of State Parliament are strongly in favour of Rev Crews Exodus Foundation taking over the JEF service. Why? Bill Crews is one of the co-conspirators at government and religion-based business-charity level who speak often in the name of marginalised people. Bill Crews delivers for the bureaucrats, being a master of minimalist services for maximum funding. His website ( casually asks for another 1.5 million by the end of June, just to have a dollar in the bank. The website is exclusively about how to donate to Exodus, by the way. The difference between Exodus and Just Enough Faith though is the fact that as a church based charity Exodus is exempt from paying taxes AND reporting legislation in NSW. Bill Crews isn’t subject to the same public scrutiny as JEF, and could, for all anyone knows, be squanderiing millions. They may not, but just because they are a religious group they are exempt from scrutiny. Why are Salvos, Vinnies and Exodus budgets exempt from oversight? Or, put another way, why are non religious charities subject to any departmental scrutiny?

We are surprised and pleased that evidently Mission Australia agree with us . In this posting on their blog they too call for a level playing field.

But Mission Australia have in mind a purely accounting standards audit. We want a marginalised persons monitoring group audit, ensuring that funds raised or provided to an organisation are applied in the direct interests of the people whom the funding is raised to benefit,NOT to pay for high cost consulting or advisory services.

The street view is simple. Either scrutiny for all charities, or exemption for all(we don’t care which)

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