It will be a mistake for Kristina Keneally -or Barry O’Farrell- to support the ridiculous proposal of the redneck reverend Fred Nile to raise the drinking age to 21. The carnage of drinking teens dying in a multiplicity of accidental ways while affected by alcohol are driven by the governments unnecessary persecution of those teens who choose to experiment -socially. We often note police patrols harassing well behaved groups of youthful drinkers in places such as Hyde Park South. Such Policing does not stop young people drinking; rather it moves them to a different often less safe location.Like this sixteen year old. a City and Bondi regular who tragically died in a cliff fall away from areas which she knew.

Christian driven laws which make it illegal for parents to host “alcohol served” parties have not stopped Teens consuming alcohol. In my time or now. Nor have Kevin Rudds alcopops Taxes made it harder for Teens to afford alcohol -they simply pool money,buy and consume 700ml bottles-and often straight. It is neither the parents who have been stripped of their right and responsibility to allow their children and friends to experience alcohol in a safe home environment -thanks to malicious anti family , Church driven unfortunately named Family Laws.

No this is simply another jackboot in the throat of families and communities as the Labor -Liberal-National Coalition seek to have their parasitic Church based NGOs control the population from the cradle to the grave.