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Pigs killing civilians okay but not people defending vs Pigs

    Two completely different spins by mediocre pro-police mainstream Australian media over the last two days. In Melbourne a pig gives evidence to an inquest whose role is to exonerate police in the execution killing of a teenager . Despite having access to unlimited resources to subdue the teenager, this pig felt so threatened that he had to cold bloodedly kill the teenager.  The incident should reinforce to teenagers, families communities and the Australian public that people are not safe anywhere in Australia -and the greatest threat to people (particularly teens ) is gung ho often steroid stoned pigs, funded by your tax money… heres how the Sydney Morning Herald saw the unravelling story today.

 Just yesterday the mainstream media was a waterfall of sympathy for a Kings Cross female pig “badly bashed” by a guy some time ago. Kings Cross Police have a reputation for victimising youth and defenceless people as career stepping stones. They are well known too for orchestrating beatups on homeless people and communities as well as social housing tenants in the Kings Cross Local Area Command region. Unlike the many executed by police over the years she didn’t die. But the guy who was found guilty of bashing her was sentenced to 21 years jail. Many who had been accosted by this particular pig thought he deserved a medal. Youth from the area were cheering when it happened, when they found out whom it happened to. Heres how the mainstream media saw that one .

  Sydney Homeless view police as Taxpayer funded racist community terrorists whose role is to take rights away from people and give them to churches and wealthy exploiters.NSW Police engage in many levels of racist community terrorism.It is widely known that NSW Police were responsible for orchestrating constant streams of class A drugs into the Redfern Aboriginal Community known as the block since the 1970s with the purpose of de politicizing that community. It is no secret that most of the ICE -the most evil drug with the most devastating consequences -distributed in Sydney is green flagged to certain areas and people by police. Police are known to be the source of many malicious and false reports which culminate in children being State Abducted. Many of us remember having our wallets taken for ID checks by police and having them returned stripped of cash. Others recall gangs of cops bashing them (while handcuffed) in cells. Some are related to or know someone who was killed by pigs. So yes,on the rare occasion when a NSW police officer is killed, we celebrate.


Prayers Preying on Rough Sleepers

 This past week serial preyer on marginalised people Mission Australia’s Missionbeat unit, assisted an organisation we’ve never heard of,Mercy Foundation, to conduct a “survey” of Sydney “Rough sleepers”. The City of Sydney usually have some involvement also.

We were highly amused at the results as published Nov 3. 262 “known homeless” in Sydney.Our current rough sleepers far exceed 500. This has a lot to do with the “Surveyors” methodology. Many “night-sleeping” rough sleepers are “mobile” by 0430 hrs, when they started their count. But most of the elderly rough sleepers and many aged 14-25 sleep during the day.  In addition, we admit warning many NOT to co-operate with the survey because the benefits will flow to the government and NGOs while mere scraps are doled out to our community.

  We were less than amused with the “researchers”  methodologies, so checked out perpetrators.The Mercy Foundation website indicates that they are a “Grants” awarding body of the Catholic Church who,in 2008,decided to become involved in “homelessness”.Right about when the federal government were formulating their huge waste of taxpayers money for their “The Road Home” disaster.We don’t know if Mercy Foundation co-ordinated this survey Australia wide, or how much they were paid to do it. They were assisted by long term business masquerading as a charity and Serco wannabe Mission Australia – who have organised the past two “Rough Sleeper counts” and we suspect been instrumental in Police visiting those campsites and sleeper locations about a fortnight later, moving many on in defiance of the NSW Homeless Protocol But you can bet the survey will be carefully massaged to further use rough sleepers as tokens to collect tax and corporate dollars with -to be spent on NGO infrastructure, staff  “research” and “consulting” needs.

Not only did they have the temerity to deprive those who wanted to of appropriate sleep by “waking them up”, these gung ho, unqualified intruders took photos. Consent given when the subject has just woken up does NOT constitute informed consent.

  The final insult is the $10 “payment” made to Rough Sleeper respondents-for three successive nights of invasive prying. Our inquiries revealed that the standard payment rate for survey completion in a face to face setting ranges from $30 to $150. These researchers, typical of the Poverty industry, chose to undervalue homeless people again -as is the norm of their profiteering business model.  

  As none of the listed organisations is noted for its research quality, we called two well known pollsters and a supporter, a mathematician and statistician who happens to lecture in research methodologies. None were able to hazard a guess as to what part photos may play in genuine statistical research. I then asked how useful various government agencies including police and immigration might find photos in an effort to deduce a logical and ethical reason for these ‘researchers” taking photos. In each case my question was met with a darkened acknowledgement that there were “other government” opportunities but all stated that such collection methods, while not illegal, were most certainly unethical. The point was also raised that these photos could be used as fundraising and promotional material by the various agencies who are aligned with this project.

  The Sydney Morning Herald quoted the perpetrators of this “Survey” as saying “Unlike the common public perception, most homeless people do not want to be homeless.” In our experience and with our broad base of over 5000 contacts we asked -and the response was 100% that they DO NOT see homeless people as “wanting to be homeless.” While we agree as but a few say they “choose to be homeless whatever the options,” this does not mean that any form of accommodation is an acceptable “solution.” Unaddressed is “How many will remain homeless in preference to living in Supported Accommodation Assisted Program Housing” with its onerous case management structures attached.How many are unwilling to cling to the flimsy thread of short 6 monthly leases, to be flung out at the whim of a gung ho realtor or greedy landlord? In Australia,by agreement between the Poverty Industry and government SAAP is the major gateway to public housing and involves an invasive (and for the taxpayer expensive) case management service whose role is to find out how many government departments and NGOs might be able to use this person as tokens to collect further copious amounts of public money for themselves or their employer. While some homeless people identify some of the “services” as useful, many do not-in fact regarding them as draconian obligations. Also unaddressed is Rough Sleepers correct perceptions of the onerous extra obligations placed on Social Housing Tenants by State Labor driven modifications to the NSW Residential Tenancies Act 1987 -placing obligations on Social Housing Tenants which other tenants do not have and giving the Marie Antoinette and aboriginal embarassment of NSW Politics Linda Burneys Housing NSW powers which other landlords do not enjoy. For me personally, I will not faithfully report each and every person who stays at my house to Housing -or anyone else.Either I pay and control the property, or I don’t pay-simple.

Smokers Unite!! Health Smoking & Cigarette Butts

Protecting Smokers from themselves.Governing our health. The government message is very much “We will decide whats best for you(and make ourselves some money while we do it.) Government “protecting” always makes me suspicious. In the cases of the environment and aboriginal peoples, protect is at best an euphemism for “be seen to act,while having no,or a detrimental effect. The notion that we need want or countenance government interference in a matter of personal choice is a furphy.

Yes the  Labor Party writhes in agony fell back on that popular attack on the mainly poor and working class Australians for whom one of lifes few pleasures is the enjoyment of a cigarette or two. Nobody in politics will disagree-

Australian Governments do nothing to contain this,but attack smokers. Power companies can afford powerful legal teams,smokers without a voice.

you have bipartisan support even from the Greens. Its safe to attack the poor, the workers as you and the coalition have done for many years now.Once again the Trojan horse making this incursion into personal choice and our personal lives is health.The same Trojan horse trampling over the rights of Australias long suffering aboriginal communities, necessitating the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act,placing Australia on par with the elites of indigenous exploitation,like Peru which was correctly castigated along with Australia by UN Special Rapponteur James Anaya.

Government Tax Gouging in the name of health renders cigarettes unaffordable

Yes, smokers pollute, and granted there are health detriments, but they pale in comparison to both the health hazards and the environmental impacts caused by the major polluters which Labors ETS would have subsidised, while struggling small businesses are made to pay. Health!! Most cars give off amounts carbon monoxide in daily quantities which far exceed a cigarette smokers annual output, but theres no punitive tax on cars—or petroleum products , for health reasons,of course. Electric Cars?? Most of Australia’s electricity is produced by burning dirty coal with its very own tableau of toxins pumped out into the atmosphere daily. Labor told the electorate there would be no emissions tax in the leadup to the elections,but are now talking about one. Emissions “offset” is virtual climate denial and DOES NOT COMPEL the biggest polluters to stop polluting,or even lessen the copious black clouds they have pumped out in increasing volumes over the decades. Companies like miners, so near and dear to PM Julia Gillards heart. This is why ETS or an “emissions offset” is so attractive to industry.Its an easy way out.It will also pay tree farmers to degrade land for plantations,with no differentiation between ecologically harmful exotic and natural indigenous forests. ETS will not meet the target of 350 parts per million.

You get the idea.

Back to smoking and health and how the 25% extra impost on cigarettes is not really a tax gouge as everybody thinks.Labors right, we are wrong. Well Labor,heres the  impact of your 25% cigarette price hike in Struggle Street..

  • Smokers are getting sicker faster as they lower their quality of food intake as they adjust budgets to accommodate your price gouge (sorry,health measure) Please note,not too many smokers got a $250 plus per week payrise like @JuliaGillardPM did.
  • Few smokers are successfully giving up the habit.Some have been forced to sell drugs such as marihuana just to afford cigarettes.Its also not unheard of for people to offer sexual favours in return for cigarette packs.
  • Many low income, and a number of middle income people too, are resorting to daily patrols of known places where cigarette butts are discarded in recyclable lengths.Yes collecting discarded cigarette butts to break down for tobacco. Since April we’ve observed a growing number of well dressed office workers gathering cigarette butts,some surreptitiously, others as casually and devoid of embarassment as you please. A widespread practice among marginalised people as cigarettes spiral skywards in price.Needless to say there is additional health risk of spreading respiratory diseases via secondary infection.

    Cigarette butts the low income smokes shop

    The Affordable Low Income Cigarette Store

  • With attendant anti smoker legislation at State level,notably in NSW and just introduced in WA,there are the additional health issues of smokers being forced to smoke in hostile environments.For example,people who work in air conditioned offices and are forced to smoke off premises may be detrimentally affected by the climatic changes from the artificial interior environment to the changable weather outdoors.
  • Meanwhile health authorities lap up the luxuries afforded by this extra revenue stream…more junkets to Hayman Island or the latest bonding & conferencing locale…more new furniture & cars…that’ll solve a lot of health problems.We hear with regular monotony how underfunded and under resourced Health Services are and have to ask “How efficiently are health service deliveries managed?”. Throwing money at Health in the hope that the issues will go away simply won’t work.If the money spent now is being spent less than efficiently,why would one solve the problem with more money?

I choose to smoke.I also accept that there is some risk of cancer and other respiratory diseases associated with smoking.The risks are however,by no means confined to smoking. For example, chemicals which government allow food processors to add to foodstuffs without telling consumers also promote similar health issues.As do the many toxins which businesses expose their workers to.As do the residues of industry such as smoke and dust which are allowed to permeate into the community uncontained by industrial processes in the form of smoke and dust particles or water pollutants. The “National Automotive Fleet” belches carbon monoxide into the atmosphere in amounts which render cigarette smoke insignificant.Yet we see no tax gouge on petrol, or cars. The aforementioned sectors of course are not under attack because they are represnented by cohesive activist groups,which smokers are not.

Sydney Homeless rejecting Pay-to-Stay Jails

Since the commencement of The Rudd-Gillard Labor Governments “The Road Home” Homelessness plan over a year ago, and the NSW State Governments “Reducing Homelessness in NSW” 2009-2014 Plan, we have seen many disillusioned homeless people enter the schemes devised to house homeless, stay a while, then end up back on the Street.We have noted numerous agencies,funded on the basis of the number of “services” they provide, jockeying to collect data from our homeless community members, dangling vague promises of “housing” while at best offering squalid overpriced and under-serviced death-traps and health-hazard zones as bridging accommodation.We have yet to identify a single long term tenancy secured for a homeless person in the Sydney CBD-which is where we live.

Spent much of this morning at a barbecue spot we use enjoying breakfast with 17 homeless guys who have tried, and rejected Federal/State Government Social Housing.7 were in Supported Accommodation Assistance Program placements, 10 in various State or Community Housing offerings. Here are their reasons for rejecting social housing options offered.

1/ NSW Dept of Housing had coerced the client into accepting an unaffordable private rental agreement in a boarding house, then told the client that they were housed now and therefore no longer eligible for Social Housing. (1 case).

2/ The social housing provided was in an unfamiliar area with difficult or expensive transport access. 3 continued to live at least part time on streets. (6 cases).

3/ I knew no one in the area and only got to see these outreach or social workers.The places they suggested I go were just other agencies.(4 people).

4/ If I wanted to live by jail rules,I’d just mug someone and go to jail. (1 person).

5/ I’m not going to shut the door and die in silence (1 person).

6/By the time I pay the bills I have nothing left.(9 people).

7/I’m not living by their rules (4 people).

8/ I can’t have my friends over (noise & accessibility a major factor) (11 people)

All of the above are currently homeless, on a form of Welfare, in the Sydney City Council area.4 say they have drug or alcohol histories (current or past).None stated a history of Mental Health. They are by no means the only homeless known to have rejected current social housing options.All agree that they want housing-but not subject to draconian terms and conditions.

In an informal group discussion a consensus description of Pay-to-Stay Jails was given to the pro-offered social housing options.The term was coined and universally applied by those who had rejected invasive SAAP programs.

13 of the 17 said that they were now much worse off as a result of participating in these programs. These 13 identified debts which they had incurred and would have to pay while living on the streets,such as expensive utilities. All agree that they have virtually no prospect of receiving further “government assistance”

There was almost universal agreement that what they received was not what was initially promoted to them. 1 SAAP client disagreed.

Election Possibilities

Neither The Coalition nor Labor have any right to claim a victory let alone a clear mandate and vindication of their policies. In preferring to run mirror image negative campaigns and virtually identical policies the two major parties effectively created the no-choice election.Neither leader is perceived as particularly competent, outstanding or honest.Both Parties adhere to the economic rationalist economy first people last mantra.The inevitable result is that the election result is too close to call-and in all probability a hung parliament. With independents and a lone Green lower house member holding the balance of responsibility. To get to the magical majority of 76 Lower House seats, either major party must reach an accommodation with two, or possibly three independents as a minimum. If this alone were the challenge we could reasonably expect a Coalition government with the support of the Oakeshott-Katter-Windsor block-all ex Coalition.But there is the further complication of Greens balance of responsibility in the Senate from July 2011. A Coalition government may well overcome this by ramming through all the legislation they need which will be unpalatable to the Greens, without much discussion.There would be little the opposition could do. The other diabolical possibility none of the experts have mentioned would deliver the strongest government-even after the inevitable defections from the respective parties.That is for the Coalition and Labor to form “a government of National Unity”.Abbott and Gillard as co-Prime Ministers perhaps with divided responsibilities. Both are that desperate for power. There is virtually identical policy already. Their corporate masters are the same, as are their economy first people last agendas. The final option possible is a Labor National Coalition, or even Labor Liberal or Labor LNP-the virtual demise of the current Coalition.Whatever outcome transpires the inevitable losers are the Australian people with marginalised people the biggest losers; indigenous and homeless the biggest losers of all.

Ausvotes : Your Vote WILL affect your Future.

@JuliaGillard crams election keywords into meaningless sentence.

Gillard says people need to focus on their jobs (STILL NO MENTION OF FAIRPAY), their children’s education (LABOR & COALITION HAVE TURNED SCHOOLS INTO REGURGITATOR FACTORIES.SAUDs LEADING A DOWNGRADE OF ACCEPTANCE OF AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITY STANDARDS), better health care (GET YOUR DRUGS ONLINE FROM DOCTOR VIRTUAL)and going forward (STILL NO DEFINITIVE OF WHERE FORWARD IS) into the future with conviction. If they think about these big issues before they vote – as well as broadband (what about Internet Filter) and climate (COMPARED TO CHINA SPAIN BRAZIL AND CHINA, AUSTRALIAN GOVT POSITION ON CLIMATE IS DENIAL) change – that’s all she asks.

We agree.Australians should consider all of above, but also

Human Rights:

Indigenous – Northern Territory Intervention required a suspension of Human Rights Act & castigated by UN Special Rapponteur James Anaya .

Human Rights:

Refugees – Although it is NOT illegal for undocumented people to come to Australia, there is bipartisan political animosity towards refugees especially from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.


The world accepted minimum standard to be met to ensure minimal human driven climate impact is 350 parts per million carbon emissions, AND 30% reductions of 1990 emissions levels.An ETS DOES NOT reduce emissions.Nor does a discussion between 150 people @JuliaGillard or anyone selects.The leading solution available in Australia is Beyond Zero  which will reduce Australias Energy Emissions to Zero in ten years. Support politicians who support this.

Affordability: Under the Howard-Abbott and Rudd-Gillard regimes real incomes have fallen due to draconian anti-worker restrictions on workers rights to lobby effectively for FairPay while allowing unrestrained price hikes by all sectors,including government.


Past Performance:

Labor won the 2007 elections on the key platforms of Climate Resolution and Resolving Homelessness.They have NOT done either.Nor will their current policies effect resolution of those issues.

The Coalition has a history of anti worker exploitative policies, placing the economy on a pedestal and environmental tokenism.Demonstrable duplicity examples include “never ever a GST” the children overboard lie” and Abbotts own statement.


On this basis our advisement is to not entrust control of Australias future to either of the major parties.It is essential that Greens, preferably with other parties,control the balance of responsibility in Senate. It is preferable to have the balance of responsibility in the lower house held by smaller parties or independents. But most importantly think before you vote.

Some interesting politicians and would be politicians on Twitter include:

@TurnbullMalcolm Liberal, member for Wentworth, supporter of Beyond Zero and committed to mitigating man-made Climate change. Integrity.Business sense.Economics credentials.Taxation Expert. Launched Oz-E-Mail.Vision. Our preferred Leader of Liberal Party bringing stability and researched timely policy to a shambolic Party. Said to have some insightful views on social housing also. We support him on the basis of his Beyond Zero support, but disagree strongly with his NBN position.

@leerhiannon Lee Rhiannon, Greens, seeking Senate list seat. Long term NSW Senator and activist known for supporting peoples, Green and marginalised groups. Didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to enter politics.Parents were well known political activists too. Counting on an excellent Green Senate vote to get over the line.

@burwoodgreen Christine Donayre, Greens Candidate Watson, current Burwood local body councillor.

@Julie_Gilmore Lead Senate Candidate for Carers Alliance Western Australia.

@SocialistAllnce The Socialist Alliance is a Broad Left Coalition active in promoting progressive policies and politics in Australia.

Other interesting Pollies Parties deserving consideration:

Greens looking a good indigenous choice in Northern Territory – Greens Indigenous candidates standing in Lingiari / NT senate combo

Bringing Sexy Back  Australian Sex Party Policies .

Bob Katter Independent Member for KennedyJust the opposite is true, Nothing will unless you do.” Well known and respected in huge electorate.Helps Farmers with farmwork while talking to them -Farming is time critical. His electorate covers controversial new Gas extractive area with imminent collision between Farming Green & Extractive interests. Not known for bullshit & intolerant of same. On song with local indigenous community and kept Sugar Ray Robinson in check. A key independent most unlikely to be unemployed post election but …Good luck,Bob.

Ausvotes: Concerns over Welfare Nazi-ism

Prime Minister Julia Gillards premeditated attack on welfare recipients has caused a wave of scathing criticisms to flow from many quarters. Discussions with aghast welfare recipients reveal that, yes,they frequently miss appointments- due to Job Network or Centrelink letters not arriving until after the appointed time. In Julia Gillards, and doubtless Jenny Macklins announced scheme these people will have their payments stopped and suffer the penalty for a failure of Gillard Macklins Centrelink system to properly inform their client. The people we are speaking to say that this happens consistently.And we know of many others who have reported similarly.

At the crux of the matter is Centrelinks flat refusal to save taxpayers money by recognising the advent and advantages of email. The vagaries and expense of snail mail can be eliminated completely, or to a large degree, by embracing this technology. We think that email has been around so long that even the Prime Minister and her neanderthal opposition counterpart use it. And its time politicians stopped using statistics as garnishes for the fabrications they foist on a gullible public.In this case stats merely show that 58% of appointments are not kept.

Sydney Homeless strongly support Welfare Claimants assertions that these proposals are draconian ill founded and represent a direct and uncalled for assault on the rights of the most marginalised in the community-a favoured ploy it seems, of right wingers without substance. Hitler did much the same.

an in depth insiders view from within JSN courtesy of @LukeDowning Improve Job Services Aust contract administration, & you won’t have to be harsh on JobSeekers « biologic renaissance

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