The call by serial family destroyer and token black NSW minister Linda Burney to Stop Child Abuse really makes my blood boil. This serial parasite actually accelerated harm to aboriginal families and children when she was the bureaucrat in charge of NSW Aboriginal Affairs. In her current role as Minister for DOCs (now hidden in the unfortunately named “Human Services” Department, at a time when every other State in Australia is working to decrease its #StateChildAbduction rates,the current New South Wales government has actually ramped up its child stealing and use of children as instruments of blackmail to leverage compliance with their duplicitous Christian centred anglophile idea of what appropriate child raising is.In the last figures her neo-nazi DOCs Department published recently there were 35,000 children under StateChildAbduction in NSW. An outrageous call from a department mired by a history of children in its direct care and responsibility being physically sexually and emotionally abused not only by some carers, but more particularly by the very authority figures whom society and the children themselves are constantly told they can trust. Police,clergy teachers and “child protection workers” figure prominently in statistics of those convicted of child pornography and child abuse.And still the State has regard police and clergy reports concerning the appropriateness of a childs care.Still two of the three NGOs responsible for adoption management are subsidiaries of churches,with direct links to purveyors promoters perpetrators and protectors of paedophilia in NSW.

Telling your children not to trust police is a definite negative,empowering police to write a report which can result in the State Abduction of your child.If you happen to be of certain asian ethnicities or worse aboriginal you would be committing cultural genocide to advise your child to trust police…okay pigs – in any Australian State.

While undoubtedly many children are traumatised -scarred for life by the well publicised violence by individuals against them,there is a worse evil. That evil is the systemic abuse of children by the State ,often on the basis of scurrilous concocted allegations made by public servants with alternative inter-departmental or personal considerations.

StateChildAbuse is commonplace in all Australian States and at this writing most prevalent in NSW. Babies are State Abducted at birth from helpless mothers weakened by the trauma of childbirth. We have been notified of instances where newborn State Abductions occur within an hour of birth. A DOCS case manager I met was one of these babies many years ago and grew up believing that her parents were bad heroin addicts. By chance I met her father, and later her mother. Their story was that police wanted their father to give evidence about someone police suspected of Drug Trafficking. Father knew nothing and refused to lie against a person he knew socially as police wished.Police arranged for his children to be State Abducted. Court Case cost parents their home and business- mainly funding lawyers to attend government sought adjournments. Parents have kept all bank, court and case records. It is virtually all they have, bankrupted by an out of control bureaucracy which chose to victimise them and subject their daughter to missing 23 years of the richness of her culture , the closeness of her natural family.Replaced by a care system which spat her out at 18 -to become a bloody DOCs persecutor.

Polling by the device of long-standing personal engagement of Homeless and marginalised people in Sydney over a period of many years has revealed time and again;

  1. Regular Newly arriving homeless in the 16 to 18 year age group.Spat out of the too hard basket by an uncaring mechanical bureaucracy within both government and NGOs which rejects youth once they become “low value” adults measured in terms of case management revenues.Some never leave.Some of todays will be tomorrows drug alcohol and gambling addicts.Others will become purveyors of drugs and sex services at the lower end of those economies. Some are so institutionalised that they spend their lives cycling in and out of jails or other institutions.
  2. Over 70% have had Child Protection Interference, either as parents or as children which has had a detrimental effect on their lives.Hard working people bankrupted by the legal costs of defending against a Disney like nether world in a kangaroo court system where the cornerstone of Australian law,the evidence act, does not apply.
  3. Abundant accounts of inappropriate treatment or management of children and family matters by Childrens Services, Family & Childrens Courts,Childrens Court Clinicians.
  4. More than one in seven stated that Court matters were subject to multiple crown instigated adjournments.These were ALL self funded defenders, some of whom lost homes and were bankrupted.
  5. A universal hatred of anyone and anything remotely connected with Child or Family Protective Services.

There is also a common and correct public perception of the contemporary DOCs descendant, NSW Communities and its parent department as being a worse option for children and youth than the conditions which the child currently endures. Minister Burney laments that the public are unwilling to report child abuse. Well Ms Burney who would when the primary abuser is the very organ of State charged with childrens and families care and protection. I personally would NEVER think for a minute that any child would be better off under your department.

The new stolen generation

Apology – Nothing Changed, Nothing Gained