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Housing NSW impose jail on tenants

  In a further move towards State control of people perennial parasite and consumate human rights violator Linda Burney has taken a leaf out of Nazi Germany’s population control manual and imposed it on NSW Housing tenants in the Waterloo Towers. Our informants include a couple of tenants who favour the concept and a LOT of tenants who correctly object to the draconian measures which are turning the towers into jail you pay for.

  The new regime due to be implemented from 1st January 2011 (when most lawyers and courts are on holidays) makes it mandatory for ALL TENANTS RESIDENTS AND VISITORS to provide photo ID to the security guard station which will otherwise deny access to “Waterloo Gulag.” While implemented under the disguise of “greater safety for the elderly” this Nazi measure will have the effect of monitoring peoples movements 24 hours per day into and out of the Gulag. Repressive government departments will obviously have unimpeded access to the evolving database making,for example the ongoing harassment of for example the aboriginal community by police much simpler. It will also leave youth less able to select safe places to go with child stealing NSW Communities Profiteering Partner agencies also able to use the data collected as a datum point to manufacture allegations in order to steal children.  

   These new rules by NSW Housing represent a gross invasion  of tenants privacy and their rights to the peaceful enjoyment of their tenancy. The rules are completely contrary to the rights tenants enjoy under the Residential Tenancies Act -even the watered down version implemented by anti-people Labor governments in recent years.

  While some of the tenants (even according to some a majority) apparently agree that these rules are necessary, there are a large minority who do not -and they are having these draconian invasive conditions -spying into their homes and lives- imposed against their will.

 If wider society chooses to tolerate this imposition, you can look forward to the pollicy flowing to all residential property rentals in the coming years -irrespective of political denials.

  Doubtless such rules have the support of NSW Police who think that everyone should just follow orders from their racist anglophile officers irrespective of the right or otherwise of their often anglo serving opinions given as orders. Doubtless these rules will be the direct cause of direct violence against the State Applied Fascism being imposed by Housing NSW -simply,I can’t see the security guards not getting beaten to a pulp or even shot – with very good justification.

  Most of our Sydney Homeless long term community have long ago rejected invasive intrusive government as a precondition of social housing. We see many more people leaving social housing in preference to living in Labor imposed NAZISM.

 Having heard not a peep from The Coalition or The Greens on the subject,we can only assume that they too,agree with the policy.

  This extension of the economy first -society last mindset enriches todays politicians ,empowers todays exploiters and impoverishes todays ordinary people. The mindset that governments should collude and conspire with businesses and NGOs to manage people – as fodder for the economic machine. Social housing becomes mere storage boxes for economic tools.


A Rock of Charity in an Ocean of deceit

We don’t often have anything good to say about ANY of the corporatised “charities” – especially the majors. It is widely known among the sector how and why their aims of monetising the marginalised has earned them our eternal scorn and contempt. We are more than ready and able to throw shit where it sticks and in doing so, it may be seen to reflect badly on some operators within the sector who have long been stalwart unsung heroes of the marginalised in Sydney. There are some committed people and groups within even the most monetised of the Marginalisation Sector NGO Industry and we’d like to thank one of the genuine, make it up as you go along, old school operations who have spent more days and nights providing essential services to Sydney ‘s homeless and marginalised community than the average low income family living indoors have had nourishing hot dinners in the Howard-Rudd_Gillard era. On the First Sunday evening of every month for many years now an old Nissan Urvan in Salvation Army livery with a distinctive yellow roadworks light appears outside Nicks in Woollo, then later at Martin Place and later at the railway station,sometimes even at Belmore Park. This van, staffed and supported entirely on the resources its small team manage to bring together, provides the only freely available eyesight tests-oh yes-and glasses available on the Streets. This is old school Salvos,a regrettably rare relic from bygone times when The Salvation Army were a genuine charity, not a thinly disguised business masquerading as a Not-for-Profit. This small group are from the era when Churches prayed,not prey as they do today. Over the years countless homeless,many who had long ago resigned themselves to never enjoying a good read ever again,due to government (and government funded) services being a quantum leap short of the abyss width between the rhetoric and hyperbole of government / NGO hyperbole -compared with the crushing demeaning reality of meanspirited minimalist delivery, have been quickly given a new lease of sight by this apparently cavalier but deeply committed crew of genuine stalwarts. Stalwarts whose good work is consistently being diminished by the money first antics of their associated Job Network and  parasitic family destroying Oasis divisions. Are this small band who do so much for the homeless community the last genuine Salvos?? We hope not. Now, we spend a lot of time telling people NOT to give to the poverty industry-but next time you’re approached by a Salvo check his nametag.If it says Major Hilton Harmer, open your heart,open your mind and empty your wallet.The man quietly does what all the spin & rhetoric makers can only hope to do -without the millions of your tax dollars squandered annually by the pariah poverty industry.Your money goes where its needed. To Major Harmer and his merry band of volunteers merry christmas,from a grateful SydneyHomeless community .

#NSW #Labor, #Lend Lease and Public Land

Is Premier Keneally really ready to risk going into opposition over #Barangaroo and The Foreshore Authority’s dealings in Public Land since that public entities creation by Keneally when she was Infrastructure and planning Minister? Following her to some surprising decision to take the Labor Lend-Lease Barnagaroo project back under her personal wing, The NSW Premier has once again asserted the influence of her office to shamelessly lobby for the rich and parasitic. Her shameless attempt to enter into a workplace agreement on a greenfields site prior to the arrival of the workforce onsite smacks of the anti-worker antics of Peter Reith and his Howardly accomplices from that thankfully departed era.The Premiers attempt to leverage an exemption from Federal Industrial Relations Laws for Lend Lease and its ultimate Banker clients smacks-as is too often the case of late-of Labor protecting the rich from exploited workers. Labor has done zilch at State or Federal Level to leverage price stability at retail level- Unregulated Real costs- of food rents and electricity are all spiralling unfettered as rampant exploiter capitalists take full advantage of Governments who continue to regulate and persecute workers for seeking fairpay while suggesting banks and their subordinate capitalists not increase prices. Nice-if you’re a greed driven capitalist.

Barangaroo offers less than nothing for the people of Sydney and the people of NSW.

  • Barangaroo offers Sydney NSW and Australia less than nothing because we will be prevailed upon to suffer further overload of our already strained City Circle Rail Services because most workers at Barangaroo will not be able to afford to live there,or near there. Or should the State Government decide to expand Wynyard Stations capacity,it will be at the publics cost-As will any other public transport alternative.
  • The Workers who build it will never afford to live there.There is no social housing component.
  • What was publicly owned and publicly accessible will be the domain of the greedy banker fraternity whose will is to further exploit workers,with the apparent acquiescence of the Labor and Liberal Parties.
  • Unlike the Olympics, which at least had Local, National and International implications for Sydney and Australia, the proposed Barangaroo is a monument to greed- Bankers, Lend-Leases and Labors.

Federal Government should properly reject any overtures from the NSW Government to leverage exemptions from industrial law for Barangaroo.The Project is a sellout of public assets for the same small clique who repeatedly enjoy the benefits of their associations with the Labor and Liberal Parties…

Sydney Homeless see no benefits for Homeless marginalised workers or the residents of Sydney.Jobs paid at rates which force workers to trek from the city rim economic bantustans are not affordable or sustainable.

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