Despite their allegation to the contrary, Homelessness Australia DO NOT advocate for Homeless People in Australia.They do not consult with homeless people,nor have the authority of homeless people to advocate on our behalf. In Fact Homelessness Australia according to their website,are the peak body for the Non Government organisations which they represent, and was formed as a direct consequence of those organisations loss of government funding. We are always insulted by these parasitic organisations who use our circumstances and name as a pretext to solicit support and funding for their own purposes.

Sydney Homeless know of no services or exit strategies whether worthwhile or otherwise which this organisation provide to Homeless people. We ask people not to support them or their supporting organisations in the misguided belief that they advocate on behalf of or no the authority of Homeless people. In fact like many who prey off homeless people,they simply speak to solicit funding and support for their self styled solutions. Obviously, given the rise in homeless numbers,unsuccessfully.