What is your real agenda?

In your appointment to the administration of Just Enough Faith, what were you mandated to do?

Mr administrator,we are just simple street folk, but somehing just doesn’t ring true. According to our information, you have rebuffed the approaches of some very well organised existing voluntary organisations which are ready with the relevant service delivery and management to be part of a revamped Just Enough Faith. Instead, you have held discussions with groups which have zero track record in providing services to homeless groups. Is this being done on the basis that some groups are prepared to deliver government services,some are not,and you are selecting from those who will? Or had you made up your mind based on your animosity towards Mr Gambin and hostility towards his board. 

If it is untrue that you have already preselected your choice to continue the service, as some assert, then why are you flatly rejecting any overtures from community groups and organisations which might form part of a coalition to operate the service? And why have you approached a number of groups who don’t have a show in hell of doing it?

Why have you not published an invitation for expressions of interest to bring forth parties who might be interested in providing the service? We understand that this is normal transparent procedure.

On whose instructions do you act in trying to destroy Just Enough Faith?