The common denominator creating and maintaining homelessness is the lack of Homeless peoples access to access to sufficient economic resources. At the end of the day, that is means of generating an income. While, undoubtedly the solutions some homeless people choose include robbery drug dealing and prostitution, the majority of homeless people would prefer to generate their own incomes.

Update: Since the time of writing SydneyHomeless have helped over 550 people into an income stream which gives them the amount of autonomy they seek. Many have moved from our #homeless community to other things – thats a good thing. Others work as day labour or in our Social Media Management Alliance. Our youthwing report over 200 young people placed in non exploitative jobs… & our Removals Network is overbookedee 
Sydney Homeless has begun building an identified skills database among our homeless and marginalised peoples community. Already, we have been able to match some people with available work in  building cleaning and warehousing. We are arranging for one of our community to take up a caretaking opportunity in far south western NSW and look forward to many more placements. We do not and will not work with government agencies, however, we will consider offers from independent non government funded employment agencies where actual jobs are offered, rather than a book building excercise.Builders and Trades Labour

 Do You Need work done? We have a broad base of people and skills available. Excellent gardeners labourers removalists and warehouse people are always available. As well, we have a number of mainly overseas students with a developing command of the english language but strong IT and Asian language skills, some proficient database builders and one excellent Drupal programmer… We acommodate ad hoc offers from truckies who need a hand unloading, and even offices who need lightbulbs changed. We do not charge a fee to employers or staff, this is a free,voluntary service.

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 Homeless and Marginalised people  

 You and your business can help by offering jobs to homeless people. To do so,email describing the work you need done and we will try to find a person or people who have the appropriate skills and attributes. There are many homeless men and women who are eager to earn a fair days work for a fair days pay. There are many people on the streets with backgrounds in the construction services and transport industries who are currently doing work ranging from office & furniture removals, a couple of hours a day in the inner city to ongoing construction work. Some are doing evening cleaning and one guy last week went to a country caretaking position. Our homeless people are as diverse in their skill base as most other microcisms of the community,give them a go!!!

 Real Jobs and real employers only,please. Due to our peoples typically scant resources, we do not entertain employment agents bookbuilding excercises, but welcome all genuine job offers.All jobs considered.

 As at 20/05/09 we have placed 22 people into 18 jobs, mainly in furniture, building and services.