The Exodus temporary Foodvan operations manager has added civil rights advisor to the extensive list of credentials she entitles herself to. She was heard by a bemused patron explaining to a patron who has been circulating a petition drawing attention to the low standards of food,that he is not entitled to do that. The bemused bystander, who happens to have worked for the United Nations was amazed that a church based charitys staff or volunteers could attempt to impinge on the rights which an individual who chooses to excercise in what is clearly a public place. His bemusement is reported to have turned to anger when our reporter pointed out to him that the older gentleman with the limp who had joined the operations manager in her tirade was none other than The Rev Bill Crews , founder, and chief funding recipient of Exodus Foundation. Where ever did they get their idea as to rights from, Nazi concentration camps?

 Whether as a private individual or as a group, everyone has the right to express their opinion or bring perceived injustices to the attention of the public. The view was confirmed in the week preceding world youth day when a protester sought the courts interpretation of Police Commissioner Scipiones announcement that “placards and t-shirts carried or worn by protesters would have to be pre-approved by police. Protester won.

 At our post foodvan meeting,attended by our fledgling legal research team, our enthusiastic soon to be lawyers have undertaken to provide all the legally defined rights you have,as well as your common law rights.

 The court of the street is also clearly on the side of the petitioner, whose petition very reasonably asks for a return to the quantities, quality and standards set by Just Enough Faith.

 In short, the rights you have are the rights you can defend.  

 A reminder that there is a separate posting of “the homeless protocol.” That defines the rights and you and officials from signatory organisations have, in the view of the signatory organisations.City of Sydney,although not a signatory, is an ardent supporter of the protocol.

 Footnote; If the rights you have are the fruit and flowers on the tree, then your responsibilities are its roots.