The Greens have just announced an alliance with Labor,giving Labor 73 of the 76 seats it needs to form Government and control of the Senate from July 1st.
Gillard has ditched Labors Climate Talkfest election promise and replaced it with the same tired old Parliamentary comittee process which has consistently failed,most notably under Labor administrations.There is no agreement on Carbon Prices nor a strategy to meet crucial 2020 Climate targets.The alliance may have been strategically timed to influence the crucial 3 amigos, the country independents, whom pollsters tell us are being overwhelmingly told to align with the Coalition.
There is zero in this for marginalised people or for Climate mitigation.Gillard or Brown have not articulated what form parliamentary transparency might take and its difficult to see the consistency between this brave new world for Labor and its love of the backroom deal,or its Internet Filter policy, which we are not allowed to fully know about. (source: Australian)