A lot of our Sydney Homeless Community’s “rough sleepers” are going into hiding in preparation for the homeless count.Or at least those who actually sleep at night as the hopeless homeless counters seem to think they do. Most homeless now know who those who took counters to their spots last time are so those people are being left out of the loop.2 main reasons.First is the police who circulated giving move-on orders to people a couple of weeks after the last count, and some security guards also telling guys they couldn’t let them stay anymore around the same time. Secondly guys are heartily sick of being used as tokens by organisations who want to collect money by providing them with “services” which are never the services they want. They are setting up hidden camps (and will probably stay in them as long as they can). Some are being assisted by friendly property managers who know a thing or two about the tenets of Christianity, even when most of the churches are focussed on filling their wallets.Oh well.

Other Homeless are moving away from services with a longer term view.They do not appreciate the Intervention style dictatorship of where and on what they should spend half their Centrelink money…so they’re ditching Centrelink and going off to sell drugs.They don’t want to,but the intervention style Centrelink payment system coupled with the draconian recent cigarette tax will force them to sell drugs or “do something else to make an earn” ..  Jobs?? The wageslavery positions advertised on the Job Network System this morning really are slavery. Slavery conditions & slavery pay.Working for under $25 per hour in Sydney just loses you money…

Oh well, we got another 9 guys working this week,not much,but a start… 4 on the Westfield site labouring. And @BannerBikes will have jobs from the end of August.