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We’re campaigning against NSW Labor MP Linda Burney

For the March 16th NSW Election due to her cavalier attitude to the often irrpairable damage Linda Burney and her DOCs department have done (and continue to do to thousands of Families and Children NSW wide we will be participating in a no holds barred campaign against her in her Canterbury electorate. At this stage we are NOT recommending any other candidate.

   As an ex senior public servant, DOCs Minister and Minister for the State Plan Linda Burney is ,we believe, incapable of implementing the necessary changes necessary to make Childrens and Families lives safer in NSW.In fact, under her and previous Labor ministerial stewardship ,The NSW Government itself has become the primary threat to the safety and security of Children and Families in Australia. Her DOCs department and its staff have become the most despised public servants in the land. We believe that Linda Burney has misused her ministerial position to prioritise the best interests of her department and its bevy of parasitic NGO partners over the interests of Children Families and the NSW Community. Her legendary disdain shown towards affected the families and children her department has crushed in its self serving quest to increase its own and its ministers power places her in a position where we believe she has no option than to resign from parliament.

  NSW DOCs draconian Family Terrorism policies should be immediately halted ,the department shut down and all staff should never again be allowed to masquerade as Family & Childrens workers. Their qualifications should be immediately  de recognised. Children Families and Communities do not deserve to be placed at risk by a self serving community Terrorist Government -or a Terrorist Minister.

  Linda Burney’s policies as Minister for Communities (DOCs) are also among the major causes of mistrust of other government departments especially among ethnic communities (particularly aboriginal) , and  homeless. The deceitful methods used by DOCs have been the root cause of many family breakdowns according to affected homeless community members. 

 If NSW Labor should be exiled to opposition, or perhaps oblivion at the March 16th NSW State Elections ,then the primary driver of so much angst and misery, the Minister whose department has so consistently got it wrong , should be dumped from her electoral seat -and if Labor are too gutless to do so then the public must. 

    Supporters this campaign please email


On Bail Terms, UK ,NSW & Wikileaks Assange

  In light of the recent bail refusal to Wlikleaks founder Julian Assange by British Courts , the subsequent granting of bail, then revocation subject to Swedish government appeal, it is worth noting that in Australia, bail is no longer a right or foregone conclusion. In fact, severely restrictive bail conditions are often used by police as a mischevious or vindictive means of interfering with peoples freedom, employment and families, when police simply lack evidence. They arrest and lay charges safe in the knowledge that there is no penalty for laying charges without foundation. This pattern of arrests has become a norm and many regular Sydney Homeless people are often adversely affected by falsified charges, many of which are withdrawn at a subsequent hearing- in many cases six months later. We have been notified of mulitple instances of bail refusal following false arrests. False arrests and bail refusals detrimentally affecting working families to the extent that they lose their homes incomes and even children – to State Child Abduction – on the whim of a NSW Police Pig. Usually the people concerned are from low-income backgrounds AND from indigenous or ethnic communities -communities who have learned to hate and distrust State Police and rightly regard them as a State Funded racist organisation, whose aim is to terrorise those communities so as to impose anglo “values” under the disguise of  “Australian.”  

  NSW incarceration rates per capita of population are now comparable with the highest rates in the world. While no definitive statisical analysis of the percentage of “bail refused” persons whose charges (in particular those for which bail was refused) are either withdrawn or dismissed by courts , according to prison visitors and those released from the NSW gulag , somewhere in the order of one-third of those refused bail are not found guilty. They neither have recourse for damages nor for the damage done such as loss of jobs homes children.

   Often these malicious charged are manufactured in conjunction with Human Services division DOCs ( now Communities NSW) and to a lesser extent NSW Housing to engineer a particular community outcome as desired by those agencies -irrespective of what the community want.

 In supporting Julian Assange’s right to his freedom and expressing our impression that charges against him are most likely a persecutory US orchestrated vendetta for telling the truth, we are conscious of the need to draw the Australian and international publics attention to the anti-freedom Bail Gulag which exists in Australia -hugely beneficial to the most racist and monocultural police force on earth and detrinental to those who will not stand for State repression.

Housing NSW impose jail on tenants

  In a further move towards State control of people perennial parasite and consumate human rights violator Linda Burney has taken a leaf out of Nazi Germany’s population control manual and imposed it on NSW Housing tenants in the Waterloo Towers. Our informants include a couple of tenants who favour the concept and a LOT of tenants who correctly object to the draconian measures which are turning the towers into jail you pay for.

  The new regime due to be implemented from 1st January 2011 (when most lawyers and courts are on holidays) makes it mandatory for ALL TENANTS RESIDENTS AND VISITORS to provide photo ID to the security guard station which will otherwise deny access to “Waterloo Gulag.” While implemented under the disguise of “greater safety for the elderly” this Nazi measure will have the effect of monitoring peoples movements 24 hours per day into and out of the Gulag. Repressive government departments will obviously have unimpeded access to the evolving database making,for example the ongoing harassment of for example the aboriginal community by police much simpler. It will also leave youth less able to select safe places to go with child stealing NSW Communities Profiteering Partner agencies also able to use the data collected as a datum point to manufacture allegations in order to steal children.  

   These new rules by NSW Housing represent a gross invasion  of tenants privacy and their rights to the peaceful enjoyment of their tenancy. The rules are completely contrary to the rights tenants enjoy under the Residential Tenancies Act -even the watered down version implemented by anti-people Labor governments in recent years.

  While some of the tenants (even according to some a majority) apparently agree that these rules are necessary, there are a large minority who do not -and they are having these draconian invasive conditions -spying into their homes and lives- imposed against their will.

 If wider society chooses to tolerate this imposition, you can look forward to the pollicy flowing to all residential property rentals in the coming years -irrespective of political denials.

  Doubtless such rules have the support of NSW Police who think that everyone should just follow orders from their racist anglophile officers irrespective of the right or otherwise of their often anglo serving opinions given as orders. Doubtless these rules will be the direct cause of direct violence against the State Applied Fascism being imposed by Housing NSW -simply,I can’t see the security guards not getting beaten to a pulp or even shot – with very good justification.

  Most of our Sydney Homeless long term community have long ago rejected invasive intrusive government as a precondition of social housing. We see many more people leaving social housing in preference to living in Labor imposed NAZISM.

 Having heard not a peep from The Coalition or The Greens on the subject,we can only assume that they too,agree with the policy.

  This extension of the economy first -society last mindset enriches todays politicians ,empowers todays exploiters and impoverishes todays ordinary people. The mindset that governments should collude and conspire with businesses and NGOs to manage people – as fodder for the economic machine. Social housing becomes mere storage boxes for economic tools.

Street Count Warning

As with all services, Homeless Youth should NOT engage due to these organisations predisposition to work with Fascist anti-family DOCs.This is especially true if you have younger brothers and sisters still at home.The damage this department and its surrogate NGOs have and continue to inflict on families is incalculable. For girls,the things you say to these people can pop up as a mandatory report refashioned as a reason to steal your newborn child at birth..kicking people when they’re down is sadly a DOCs speciality…just stay away

As most of the Rough sleeper community worked out after the Street Count earlier this year, Police and other agencies whose adherence to the homeless protocol is at best flimsy have access to the info.They may even plant their operatives among the Street Counters. But certainly within a fortnight of the Summer Streetcount, there were homeless encampments “moved on by police.” Coincidence?? They’d like to think we’re gullible enough to believe that, and some are. But most of the rough sleepers who actually sleep at night have places unknown to those who assist with street counts.. we don’t need what little personal space we have left invaded.

Below is a Notice put out by the City of Sydney Homelessness unit for their volunteers. This time, they’re going to attempt to collect data.This data is important to the parasites like Mission Australia who have long sucked taxpayers money out of government in the name of homeless people. CANA?? Sorry,never heard of them either–must be another well fed organisation prostituting the name of homeless people, greedily grabbing the dollars and running for the hills.. the country is full of orgs like this and by and large they’re full of shit.

Our advice to rough sleepers id to tell these teams (if approached) to fuck off. They are not there to benefit us,but to collect information to  benefit themselves. The City of Sydney does NOT have a single strategy in place which involves the creation or accumulation of affordable housing, appropriately located and free of lifestyle interference in the Sydney City area. In fact,the City of Sydney has several NGOs which they work with whose end game is to shift marginalised people into distant dying boxes “somewhere else”. We are NOT homeless for the benefit of the ocean of parasites who prey off taxpayers dollars for their own comfort status and political gain.

Not that we don’t think Sydney City should be involved.We think Sydney City should be much more actively involved in homeless and affordable housing solution provision in their area.They don’t seem to mind collecting rates, or development fees. City of Sydney would be acutely aware of the #wageslavery rates paid to workers in this city?? Now where the hell are those workers supposed to live?A four hour ride away in an Economic Bantustan? Solve that and you turn off one of the main taps allowing homelessness to flourish. The full solution from this perspective requires a national approach, kicking the NGOs out of “the game” completely, and ..Tweet me to find out more

Vulnerability Index?? Sydney Homeless people are not interested in another boring set of statistics


To all of our Street Count Volunteers

Firstly our thanks to everyone who has put up their hand to volunteer in the 2010 Winter Street Count.  This year has been our best volunteer response yet!  Especial thanks to our return volunteers in particular, your experience and ongoing committment is of immense value to this initiative.  And a big welcome to all of our newcomers. I’d like to especially acknowledge the ongoing contribution and involvement of Missionbeat and Cana Communities for transport and referral support and for breakfast each time around.

This year, in response to all of the feedback that we have received in relation to the need to collect meaningful data rather than limit ourselves to a head count alone, we are expanding our approach.  This will be a one off exercise and the first of its kind in Sydney.

The Street Count will now be followed immediately by a survey all of the rough sleepers in the inner-city over three consecutive mornings.  The following week we will carry out further work to ascertain the costs associated with maintaining people who are sleeping rough in a state of homelessness.  This work will provide all of us with the most comprehensive data on the nature and characteristics of homelessness that has been available since the 2006 Census and will greatly expand upon that.

We are seeking intrepid individuals from amongst our Street Count volunteers to transfer their registration from the Street Count to assist us to carry out the Vulnerability Index instead.


The NSW NAZI’s You Pay For…

For more than a decade now, a very powerful, organisation has been portrayed to the public as a largely bumbling, usually inept and under resourced organisation.Yet if legislation currently before NSW Parliament takes effect, that organisation will have more powers available to it than Hitlers infamous Sturmabteilung (Stormtroopers), and near parity with the dreaded Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. It is a today highly persecutory organisation which embarked about 15 years ago, on a path of terrorising and blackmailing families, parents, ethnic minorities and most of all aboriginal people.

Parrallelling the growth of Hitlers Sturmabteilung and the transition of citizen terrorism to the Schutzstaffel (SS) in the aftermath of the night of the long knives, this organisation is evolving from terrorising and blackmailing families, and the NSW Labor controlled Parliament is considering giving them the role of regulating licensed venues- with the same draconian style of powers which they continue to deploy with impunity, mainly against the lesser educated and financially challenged sectors of society.

As if competing with Herr Goebbels, Hitlers propoganda strategist, without the slightest hint of irony, this NSW government department was recently renamed NSW Communities  – Because their previous brand ” Department of Childrens Services / Department of Community Services ” was viewed with the same revulsion by the NSW public as the mother found guilty of killing the defenceless 2 year old aboriginal child DOCS failed to protect, in highly disturbing “Boy in a suitcase” murder.For those unfamiliar with the case, the mother repeatedly asked DOCs to take the child back to his grandmother, where he had lived previously AND that he was at risk of harm from her. For their own undisclosed reasons,DOCs refused to remove him-with fatal consequences. In line with what appears to be universal Labor Party Government strategy, the NSW government appointed a special commission of inquiry- but the Woods inquiry was castrated by the narrow terms of reference , perhaps exacerbated by the mindset for which Justice Woods was known, and the basis upon which he was selected. Despite the rhetoric of Retired Justice Woods (that the Inquiry would be wide-ranging) its terms of reference were extremely narrow.The Inquiry did not look at the impacts of the legislation, upon families and children, or whether(outside of the cosy, monetised world of DOCs / NGO arrangements, the delivered services were even desirable. Instead, the Woods Report looked at how DOCs image could be better protected from ridicule and criticism.

The NSW Parliament took this report and turned DOCs into a primarily persecutory role. Teachers, Police and Health workers were given the slightly less onerous option of providing ” mandatory reports “, as compared with their previous position, of being required to generate these reports.

Police were given extra powers to criminalise youth who show leadership qualities not in keeping with the anglo mould. As they have done previously especially with aboriginal youth. Educators,or some would say Neocon propagandists are given wider authority to impose their industrialist serving brand of learning or subjugation upon even the most unwilling children and young people.

Parents, many reeling under the post 1998 #stateterrorist intrusions into their families, but most blissfully unaware have had their rights to control consequences abrogated by a bunch of childless graduates of  family invasion training units which deliver mindless, callous miscreants as caseworkers in the anti-family DOCs system.In short,their right to exert authority over their children has been taken away by university driven fascists who determine that the rebranding of Anglo as Australian has precedence even over family. In the current post Woods era, parents now also risk penalties for “transgressions” committed by the same children and youth whom the State took away a parents right to control.

Oh, they appointed some 23 year old uni graduates to advise on correct parenting? What would they know? Go bring your own kids up.

While some teachers and Health workers are known to be relieved at the change to a voluntary status, other teachers have taken to actively telling students and parents at exactly what level a discussion might go, before it triggers a mandatory report. It might seem reasonable for “mandatory reports ” to exist. If they were generated purely on the basis of genuine child abuse , and the resulting proceedings produced a safer, happier life for the child, I would not be writing this. These reports are invariably used by DOCs in a Court where you are not entitled to know who your accuser is. As the accused are not entitled to know who the accuser is, Parents Families Youth and the courts are denied the natural justice right to test the veracity of the accuser. Many accusations emanate from frustrated police officers, when parents refuse to lie down and be jackbooted into their racist perception of where “the line” is. These reports are known to have been maliciously generated simply because parents tell children not to trust police (or, pigs). There are many sound reasons to give your children this information.

This departments history is littered with a litany of Government child abuse,and abuse of youth parents, ethnicities,aboriginals, process and power. It’s strong alliances with Catholic Church (itself widely reported to be riddled with systemic paedophilia) are well known.Yet society judiciary and politicians turn a blind eye to their horrifying past, and lead a gullible public to presume that “its all in the past.”

What can we do:

The time for rhetoric and talking is over. Labor and The Coalition have a bipartisan pact of family intrusion to legitimise the Anglofication of “Brand Australia.” You are asked to ditch your culture,excepting of course the authorised aspects, and give over control of its reperpetuation to the Anglophile Colonist State. Aboriginal people are bullied to abandon the oldest culture on earth for “the light of the great white way.”

  • It is your duty to your grandchildren to stand against #stateterrorism of families. You do so by not acting as blind obedient dogs in the service of the state master.
  • It is your duty to your grandchildren to stand against #stateabduction of children. You do so by speaking out against the Northern Territory Intervention, and State Child Abductions by your State Child Protection Agency.
  • It is your duty to your grandchildren to keep your culture,or cultures, intact. Your traditional culture, not some sanitised version which these Anglos masquerading as Australian accept.
  • If you are in the Canterbury State Electorate,your duty is to vote against Linda Burney, the NSW Minister for DOCs
  • Be aware that your tax money funds this repression.

Sydney Free Feed with Strings Attached

Tuesday 8th June, 10am to 3pm   –  Sydney Town Hall  –

Sydney Homeless Connect

(nothing to do with us-and we don’t endorse it)

The latest morphing of parasite NGO marketing is a rather cynical excercise in Pariah self promotion and self jsutification calling itself SydneyHomelessConnect.

These People are out to engage with you,to get money from the governments “The Road Home” Homelessness Budget -whether they get you housed or not.

They usually ask deceptive questions designed to make you give information for their repressive uses at a later stage. They will try and entice you to use services unrelated to Housing, or get try to have you attend one or more of their programs.These are designed to get their organisation paid – and give you another token towards the blackmail terms under which they allocate housing.

Guidance:Attend at your own risk,ask questions,but don’t give any details.

What is it?

Apart from the Free Feed its an annual wank, a one off trades fair of the pariah NGO industry and their self interested government departmental partners. The same ones who us us homeless people as tokens to justify their miserable and miserly existence, as they quietly pocket the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars a gullible Australian publc is told is being spent on us.

Apart from the positive publicity they hope to gather, the main aim is for NGOs to collect clients – chips or tokens to be used by them to get government funding. These NGOs want to collect information about you.Personal information. They dangle the free food and notion, or promise of housing, as a bait, to trap you into giving them information about you, and about your homelessness experience. This is Federal Government and NSW Human Services collecting information about you – not about housing.

Which Parasites are there?? Among others, theres…

Child Support Agency: Agency who steal your hard earned money and assets to fund your DOCs supported ex spouses new life with your kids and spouses new partner. They even take from Newstart assisted homeless to feed Kangaroo Family – Childrens Court based childtheft.

Mission Australia: The daddy of the parasites. Poses as a Charity but in reality a multimillion dollar nationwide government contractor whose aim is to collect as much as possible of the Taxpayers Dollars the public is told is being spent on us…courtesy of a strategy devised by their ex CEO, Patrick McClure.

Youth Warning:

A warning from Sydney Homeless Youth Wing:

If you are under 18 years of age it is not safe to attend this event. We understand that Oasis YSN will be attending along with other NSW Communities ( DOCs ) mandatory reporters. These departments and Youth Services are a major threat to your peaceful njoyment of your life.

Some relevant reading:

Mother asked DOCs to remove her son from her care.. they refused.. shes in jail for murder,2yo is DEAD ..because DOCs did nothing

DOCs knew about her too, but did nothing

The NSW Government is a leading #StateChildAbduction practitioner.

If you DO attend DO NOT give your details or those of your family, school, friends or where you stay to social workers.


Homeless?? Homeless?? Homeless?? Homeless?? Homeless??

Do Not Provide Your name or contact details, until

you have written undertakings as to what services

they will provide you,and when.

These organisations have government spying obligations and their primary reason for being there is to gather information,not to help you.

Some Questions you might ask ;

  • recently sold prime located social housing properties in Millers Point to wealthy private individuals on 99 year leases.
  • Ask Housing NSW if they have built or plan to acquire,social housing properties in the Sydney CBD?
  • Ask Housing NSW what permanent social housing options are available to you (name the area) given that you do not have a mental health or dependency issue?
  • Ask Housing NSW what the difference is between their promoted Supported Accommodation Assistance Program Tenancies and tenancies non-social housing providers offer.
  • Ask Housing NSW why SAAP discriminates against homeless people by inserting a mandatory ‘case management” NGO as a precondition of obtaining housing.
  • Ask Housing NSW why druggies should get priority access to social housing ahead of people who do not take drugs, have an alcohol or mental health problem.
  • Ask Mission Australia what they get paid per client in their case management roles.
  • Ask Centrelink why Job Network case managers get paid a bonus whether they find work for a Centrelink Client or the client finds work without their assistance.
  • Ask Centrelink when they will be bringing in changes to the way benefits are paid, and if it is true that NewStart claimants will be forced to work for profiteering charities for free.
  • Ask Mission Australia if they actually provide any housing. Their facilities are really indifferent to jails with similar rules way in excess of Residential Tenancy Act
  • Ask CARE Connect who the hell they are…and get ready for the latest in spin.
  • Bureau of Statistics. Collector of data whose databases are about to be accessible to all government agencies, with access to your private details.

Who are Noticably Absent?

NSW Communities (DOCS) — Yes, all others here have DOCS spying (mandatory reporting obligations.

Redfern Legal Centre:

The fact that they and NSW Tenants Union are not listed sheds light on the credibility of those who are and those who support them.

DOCs on Homelessness

NSWDocs on #Homelessness

This is a link to a DOCS publication which paints a glossy image of “how things could be.”

In response to the blinkered Wood Inquiry with its unfortunately narrow terms of reference the NSW State Government have with their typical incompetence revamped their delivery of the incongrously named Childrens Services to further protect their miserable department while exacerbating the opportunity for harm to families and children to occur. DOCs have now become a focussed inquisitorial and persecutory institution by definition, with their surrogates now having the dual and unenviable roles of providing care downstream of DOCs family persecution machine while having their DOCs personal data collection mechanisms finetuned. In a stunning slap in the face for aboriginals and ethnic communities, NSW Police, known as the most Anglocentric and latently racist government department, have been given an extended role with children, and greater opportunities to persecute families who do not conform to the Anglocentric agenda they call Australian. And beleagured teachers and educators are also scrambling to resource schools with the skills to provide the additional responsibilities foisted upon them, while at least privately many denounce the stupidity of effectively undermining marginalised ethnic and indigenous community confidence in education systems. 

We have ongoing evidence of adolescents hiding in abject fear of being discovered by DOCS, and with excellent reasons. DOCS are consistently responsible for so much harm to children and irrepairable damage to families that the only option for a NSW government with conscience is to shut it down.We don’t know how Linda Burney can sleep at night,knowing the real disasters her department continues to perpetrate particularly against aboriginal communities.

 As Sydney Homeless struggle to provide the small amount of assistance we can to the few families we can, we are confronted nightly with the reality of NSW government and DOCs social engineering policies. We are confronted with the end results of their systematic interference often collusively with others in families and communities where they have no capability to assist.

 DOCS Minister Linda Burney is a career bureaucrat. Her approach to successfully dealing with the issues growing from the fertile gardens of failed government policies is to implement further policies ripe for failure.

 SydneyHomeless cannot guarantee the safety of minors attending at the foodvans or their families wellbeing, due to the potential for incursions by DOCs and its agents and the inevitable disastrous downstream consequences thereof. We advise any homeless families to send adults or over 15s to the foodvan, and ask around among the homeless community as to resources.Do not ask at the foodvans directly.

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