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We take this opportunity to thank the private, workgroup and accommodation industry donors who have so far provided the rooms units or resources to fund our new Offstreets program. Offstreets provides an option for homeless parents with children to receive a leg-up in the form of unconditionally provided hotel/motel accommodation, for up to one week. While it is not a long term solution,it certainly provides some unconditional respite. Parents or family names are NOT recorded by our service, to ensure that the service is unconditional. We commenced this essential service in response to the large number of young children being seen on the streets in the company of desperate parents-and their circumstances are heartbreaking. The last thing these people need is to find out years later that their often temporary accommodation crisis has resulted in a mandatory report to DOCs who are then able to apply their imagination to concoct fanciful allegations at some future date against the hapless family.

We also seek further donations of rooms, units and funds to cover such on an urgent basis.These are NOT tax deductible as we are NOT a registered charity,at federal or state level. Your donation is 100% direct to the recipient, we just facilitate.

All families and the public need to be aware that ALL educators, child care centres, doctors, hospitals, police emergency housing providers and social workers, youth services organisations such as YOTS and Oasis are mandatory reporters


Armed with these mandatory reports DOCs can and do issue proceedings in the Childrens Court, which we consider Australias Guantanamo Bay. Allegations are sufficient to manufacture a case and DOCs delight in this style of presentation. Often cash strapped families are forced to use legal aid lawyers with only very basic access to resources, pitted against the combined resources of DOCs the DPP and Police, in a court where innuendo replaces evidence from your accusers.

The Sydney Daily rough sleepers count has been cobbled together and refers to the number of people sleeping rough , in the 24 hour period ending 2 a.m. Our count includes people who sleep by day in the many areas & places known to us as well as people and families sleeping in Cars and other non residential housing, squats as well as the more obvious locations.

Mon  24th June   Total 588  age 5-17 144

Tues 25th June   Total 438 age 5-17  132 Down 150/12

Wed 26th June   Total  493 age 5 -17 113 Up 55/down 19

Thu 27th June   Total 486  age 5-17  144 Down 7/up 31

Fri  28th  June  Total 401   age 5-17 118  Down 85/down 26

Sat 29th  June  Total 429  age  5-17  133 Up 18/Up 28

Sun30th June total 462 aged 5-17 88.Temp 9deg wind W8 up33/down 35 offstreets 14 Note our new more informative format from today.No off streets inc in counts.

Mon                    Total449            5-17 101 Temp 8degWindWSW5 down 13/up 13 offstreets 6

Tues                               438                      119 Temp6deg WindS12      down11/up   18 offstreets 12

Wed                               463                       140Temp7degwindV5        up   25/up 21      offstreets  3 due to no further funds

Thurs                           478                        112 Temp6degwindSE5      up15//down 28 offstreets 22

Friday 3rd Jul          564            5-17  177 Temp3dgWind NW18 up86/up 65          offstreets 9

Sat        4th Jul           502            5-17 159 Temp5deg Wind W8    down62/down18 offstreets 3

Sun       5thJul            479                       123                                                                                   offstreets 13

Monday6th July      416                        111  temp11deg wind0       down63/down12    offstreets 18

Tuesday7th July     423                        106 temp9degwindse 5     up7/down 5              offstreets 2

wed        8thJuly     430                         118 temp cold wind 1-15 up7/up12                    offstreets 6

thur       9thJuly     444                         123 temp mod wind0        up14/up5                    offstreets 8

fri         10thJuly    456                          155 temp9deg wind2        up12/up32                  offstreets 14

sat        11thJul      512                           196 temp10degwind0      up56/up41                  offstreets 6

worth mention,32 teens 13-16 sent home in groups alc/drug affected,thx 2 cooperating taxis.Most frm Eastern Subs.

sun 12 Jul               498                         156                                           down14/down40        offstreets 5

mon13Jul               462                         146                                           down36/down10        offstreets6

tues14July             450                         135                                           down12/down11         offstreets6

wed15July             516                          112                                            up66/down23             offstreets6

thu16July              480                          123                                         down36/up11                offstreets11

fri17July               499                           133                                         up 19 /up10                    offstreets10

sat18July              508                           130                                        up 9/ down 3                  offstreets12

sun19July             513                            135                                        up5/up5                           offstreets6

mon20July          514                             141                                       up1/up6                             offstreets4

tues21July           516                              130                                      up2/down11                     offstreets8

wed22July           483                              135                                      down33/up5                     offstreets13