As with all services, Homeless Youth should NOT engage due to these organisations predisposition to work with Fascist anti-family DOCs.This is especially true if you have younger brothers and sisters still at home.The damage this department and its surrogate NGOs have and continue to inflict on families is incalculable. For girls,the things you say to these people can pop up as a mandatory report refashioned as a reason to steal your newborn child at birth..kicking people when they’re down is sadly a DOCs speciality…just stay away

As most of the Rough sleeper community worked out after the Street Count earlier this year, Police and other agencies whose adherence to the homeless protocol is at best flimsy have access to the info.They may even plant their operatives among the Street Counters. But certainly within a fortnight of the Summer Streetcount, there were homeless encampments “moved on by police.” Coincidence?? They’d like to think we’re gullible enough to believe that, and some are. But most of the rough sleepers who actually sleep at night have places unknown to those who assist with street counts.. we don’t need what little personal space we have left invaded.

Below is a Notice put out by the City of Sydney Homelessness unit for their volunteers. This time, they’re going to attempt to collect data.This data is important to the parasites like Mission Australia who have long sucked taxpayers money out of government in the name of homeless people. CANA?? Sorry,never heard of them either–must be another well fed organisation prostituting the name of homeless people, greedily grabbing the dollars and running for the hills.. the country is full of orgs like this and by and large they’re full of shit.

Our advice to rough sleepers id to tell these teams (if approached) to fuck off. They are not there to benefit us,but to collect information to  benefit themselves. The City of Sydney does NOT have a single strategy in place which involves the creation or accumulation of affordable housing, appropriately located and free of lifestyle interference in the Sydney City area. In fact,the City of Sydney has several NGOs which they work with whose end game is to shift marginalised people into distant dying boxes “somewhere else”. We are NOT homeless for the benefit of the ocean of parasites who prey off taxpayers dollars for their own comfort status and political gain.

Not that we don’t think Sydney City should be involved.We think Sydney City should be much more actively involved in homeless and affordable housing solution provision in their area.They don’t seem to mind collecting rates, or development fees. City of Sydney would be acutely aware of the #wageslavery rates paid to workers in this city?? Now where the hell are those workers supposed to live?A four hour ride away in an Economic Bantustan? Solve that and you turn off one of the main taps allowing homelessness to flourish. The full solution from this perspective requires a national approach, kicking the NGOs out of “the game” completely, and ..Tweet me to find out more

Vulnerability Index?? Sydney Homeless people are not interested in another boring set of statistics


To all of our Street Count Volunteers

Firstly our thanks to everyone who has put up their hand to volunteer in the 2010 Winter Street Count.  This year has been our best volunteer response yet!  Especial thanks to our return volunteers in particular, your experience and ongoing committment is of immense value to this initiative.  And a big welcome to all of our newcomers. I’d like to especially acknowledge the ongoing contribution and involvement of Missionbeat and Cana Communities for transport and referral support and for breakfast each time around.

This year, in response to all of the feedback that we have received in relation to the need to collect meaningful data rather than limit ourselves to a head count alone, we are expanding our approach.  This will be a one off exercise and the first of its kind in Sydney.

The Street Count will now be followed immediately by a survey all of the rough sleepers in the inner-city over three consecutive mornings.  The following week we will carry out further work to ascertain the costs associated with maintaining people who are sleeping rough in a state of homelessness.  This work will provide all of us with the most comprehensive data on the nature and characteristics of homelessness that has been available since the 2006 Census and will greatly expand upon that.

We are seeking intrepid individuals from amongst our Street Count volunteers to transfer their registration from the Street Count to assist us to carry out the Vulnerability Index instead.