6 of our Youth Wing get to vote on Saturday. I hope Julia Gillard is suitably ashamed of herself for daring to call an election in the midst of year 12 exams and formals…what was she thinking…certainly not wearing her old cap of education minister.

The article below says 07 Labor voters leaving in droves. We believe it and don’t think for a minute they’ll be back as Labor proves its ineptitude and treachery. Our Youth Wing, many of whom have a decided political bent also eschew the Greens , although agreeing with most of the Greens message.

Their perception is that Greens are SOO 70s (and we love the seventies but..)

  • Greens speak neither their language,nor understand or use their communication methods,tools effectively.
  • Many say Greens Tax policies enough to turn them off Greens.
  • A small number consider Greens support of Wild Rivers Legislation to disenfranchise aboriginal people, so policy is racist.These young people are not aboriginal.

If these young people are a sample of their generation then the Greens need to look at their resonance