As we experience unprecedented social dislocation with ever increasing numbers of families and fulltime workers becoming first-time homeless in Sydney, we urge people to temper the perceived social pressures and expectation to spend – unless you can easily afford to do so. We ask people especially to refrain from the temptation to splurge at Post Xmas Sales – the value-for-money seems poor with most major retailers seeming to have adopted highest in world retail pricing as a point to discount from. We especially urge shoppers to steer clear of the exploitative retail majors – those who pay pittance wages and provide shoddy services, inflated prices and poor quality goods. Keep your money. 20011 will bring even more uncertainty than 2010 as more people are affected by out-of-control spiralling costs and legislated wageslavery.

We urge people and communities to support small businesses this coming year. Businesses like your corner Fruit & Vegie Shop which delivers Fresh Food value direct from the producer – not Coles or Woolworths who have usurped the word fresh to describe their often nitrogen stored, steroid produced “vegies” -full of water & devoid of goodness.