We are reliably informed that the founder of Just Enough Faith is fighting to regain control of the organisation. Thats good for us!!!

 Since the State government(Lotteries and Gaming) directed bureaucrat(currently running JEF) launched his Crews missile attack against the founders, Just Enough Faiths assets have been transferred to current government contract service provider Exodus Foundation . The made for media show which Bill Crews Exodus Foundation have put on would be funny if it did not have the immediate effect of people going hungry. Never in 17 years does anyone recall Just Enough Faith running  out of food.Exodus have run out twice in less than two weeks. Of course, Just Enough Faith would simply have provided more food, but in a stroke of accounting genius the gurus of the multimillion dollar government and corporate funded Exodus simply provided smaller meals. Hapless ex Just Enough Faith volunteers who have continued to staff the foodvans under the current regime were left monday last night to explain to the dozens left unfed that there wasn’t any more food available. Exodus staff nowhere in sight. Tuesday night, our people reported food down to chicken and rice by 8:20 and Rice only by the end of the night. This is in spite of the numbers being lighter than normal, due in part to many JEF regulars staying away in droves because they cannot eat the food provided. Jef knows why, and I wonder how much longer it will take Exodus wunderkind Crews to figure out (hes only been in the business 20 years).We have been inundated with complaints covering almost every aspect of the service since it has been taken over by paid contractor Exodus Foundation.

Lack of Choice;

Just Enough Faith offered a multiple choice menu,with a selection of 5 dishes available during the course of the evening. Exodus offer just vegetarian or non vegetarian, in infinitely smaller servings. Our People knew that they could access nourishing substantial meals at the Just Enough Faith Foodvan.

Flash van and napkins are no replacement for quality nutritious food.

Why can’t people have half vegetarian and half meat if they choose, a reasonable request when the main meat meal is 2 small chicken legs and 10 spoonfulls of rice,no vegies,no sauce.

 Why does the van run out of food, especially when the numbers are quite small?

We note several concerns voiced by many of the homeless and marginalised as to the future of the food van operation after the current contract runs out, should Team Gambin remain locked out of the equation.

 There are voices from almost all corners of the service provider industry with proposals to “take over”.

 While it is a fascinating case study of  “The Vuluristic Tendencies of Charities” , we note that ALL rely on the crowd attracted by the services of JEF. But they all will take government funding, and put in place the same incompetent bureaucracy that has first gave Just Enough Faiith a raison de etre. They will all agree to deliver government programs.This is a condition of all government funding.

 We are concerned too.

A series of meetings over the last few days has resolved to support ONLY a non government, Team Gambin operated Foodvan operation on the currrent site.

 We ask all donors to consider  supporting a direct-to-marginalised initiative if Team Gambin are prevented from operating. The service will be the homeless initiated and run backup plan if Team Gambin cannot recommence their service. Options are still being discussed at this time, however we are NOT seeking the involvement of ANY government agencies or their current church and charitable contractors.

I understand that Crews actually calls his “restaurant” in Ashfield “Loaves and Fishes” . I wonder if that biblical parable has anything to do with the meagre ration packs his church based Exodus Foundation have become famous for. I had a look at their site.  http://www.billcrews.com.au/htm/exodus.htm?misc/blog#6822  is your classic charity bludge, BUT the devil is in the detail. To have just $1 in the bank by the end of June, they need $1.5 million!!!! What??? Is that over and above their coroprate and government funding?  Hey, I’m also not an accountant or the corporate regulator, but if this is May and they are 1.5million short, isn’t that INSOLVENT?

 Hey guys, Bill Crews Exodus Foundation is part of the Uniting Church. Out of pure interest, we are accumulating a dirt file and need your input. Any stories relating to your experiences as a client of Crews and his organisations may help to make a better life for Sydneys marginalised. We are especially interested in any instances of inappropriate care in Uniting Church run Childrens Services Hostels and homes, or inappropriate spending by this long term misappropriator of our names, and beneficiary of government largesse.

A note to bean counters and adversaries of Just Enough Faith, direct from the mouths he fed….

Jef Gambin is a business entrepreneur who with his merry band of volunteers became the only full time charity who mattered in Sydney. He is now paying for out performing all State Government and ACOSS  member charities in providing exemplary services to to existing homeless,as well as preventing further homelessness.

Exodus Foundation is a Charity which became a business, delivering minimalist services for maximum media exposure bringing government funding and corporate support…but they don’t actually deliver. If it were a cricket match team Gambin are 1020 for none, Exodus are all out for a duck….