Under the guise of “helping unemployed” the Australian Federal Government continue to pay the bulk of Labour costs for some of Australia’s most parasitic bottom feeder businesses -and it costs you a bundle!! Continuing the program put in place by the pro-exploiter anti-worker then Howard Coalition Government, Rudd / Gillard Labor continue to offer (via Centrelink partners ) huge payments which effectively subsidise “employment”, often at Greenfields negotiated rates contrived before any real employees are present, for up to three months. Of course, as any capitalist thinking solely of how to maximise profit would do, at the expiry of the funded period, simply fire the no longer subsidised “worker” , ring the Job Network member and get another subsidised worker. Too easy.

  Such practices are exploitative of workers, unemployed and taxpayers alike. They do not solve unemployment rather, they at best allow manipulation of statistics by cycling already marginalised people through further degrees of marginalisation in order to gain an advantage for both the exploiter and the Job Network Agency, which receives a hefty “success” fee paid by your tax dollars courtesy of FAHSCIA -or whatever the department is called this week.    

 The practice, believed to be commonplace among minimum wage industries, is onerous for hapless workers who are often left worse off by the altered unsustainable economics. A further stab at their confidence and morale is inevitable when, usually within 2 weeks of expiration of subsidies, they are laid off- often on a pretext contrived by the employer which leaves the hapless worker penalised by Centrelink .