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Sydney Homeless Connect or How to take your tax dollars & goodwill

Today (June 5th) 10 a.m. at Sydney Town Hall Sydney Homeless Connect host the annual trade show and marginalised persons fishing expedition of the Poverty industry.

 The fishing expedition dishes up a hot lunch and commerce discards donated (some as tax writeoffs) as bait in an annual expedition to find marginalised people to monetise. Targeting the Sydney Homeless Community as hand-up tokens to utilise to collect your tax dollars your generous donations and possibly voluntary goodwill these organisations are in fact multimillion dollar annual turnover businesses, most quite unfamiliar to the Sydney Homeless community.

 Its no accident that the Trades Show happens just before the end of the financial year- you might just write a donation which you can claim back in your tax return.

 Standout among the parasites preying today are Mission Australia, the major beneficiary of cosy government relationships forged in the back-room secrecy of bipartisan Australian politics. Inaugural CEO Patrick McClure, an ex brother in the Brotherhood of St Laurence wrote the book on NGO relationships with Australian government and how both could monetise the marginalised. Its called “The McClure Report” and provides the roadmap for CDEP/ Workchoices and NT Intervention / Income Management -hugely beneficial to the poverty industry AND government.

 The current “ten year plan” initiated by the Rudd Labor Government is The Road Home. Started in 2009 its a spend of $6 Billion of your Tax Dollars on “reducing homelessness by 50%”. Numerous requests to departments including direct in person requests to Ministers Mark Arbib and Tanya Plibersek to quantify the 50% referred to have gone unanswered. Is it 50% of the 2009 figure? Or an extrapolated 2019 figure? Or some other figure altogether? I’m sure they will tell us in 2019 but for now its a big secret –and a lie — based on the increased numbers of Homeless sleeping rough on the Streets of Sydney.

 The SAAP plan provides much revenue and growth opportunity for “The Sector” as the Poverty Industry calls itself. New St Vincents de Paul buildings harvested from Social Housing property stock in Waterloo add resources to the NOT IN POVERTY Vinnies (and ultimately Catholic Church) , while shiny new vans and a vast array of ineffective programs drive your tax dollar further into the coffers of Mission Australia. The Salvos and Mission Australia are busy too finding jobs (sans sustainable incomes) for marginalised and slaves for an ever grateful profit conscious corporate sector.

 City of Sydney and contract services provider NEAMI will most likely be there too… their nimby solutions to homelessness provide zero new affordable housing in the Sydney 2000 postcode. The City of Sydney provides only token homeless services and its contractor Neami is seen as a prime subverter of homelessness resources to assist mental health clients tipped from the health budget allowing Federal government to falcetiously claim savings and efficiencies in the Health portfolio.

 Some smaller NFPs which legitimately provide services to the marginalised such as The Benjamin Footpath Library and Clothesline will more than likely be there too- mere window dressing for a Trade Show which you should be VERY sceptical of .   

“Homeless For A Day” venture launched

 In a unique twist on the old coals to Newcastle adage a group of Sydney Homeless People have started offering their own inimitable brand of homestay- The chance to immerse oneself in a “Homeless for a Day” experience. 

The promoters aim to ensure that the only difference for each client, is that the client has their other life to return to, homeless people don’t. Guides are all experienced long term street residents, you might say the most proficient survivors in this urban jungle. Clients get to experience all the dizzying highs and harrowing lows, the long cold nights in a warts and all experience “as it really is.” 

  The project is seen both as providing temporary personal empowerment for the guide, a real life Sydney Homeless person, as well as advancing the general communitys awareness of and responsiveness to homeless issues. The service will provide opportunities also for students of social sciences, government employees and especially spokespeople for the many poverty industry operators to gain some first hand experience of one area of marginalisation which they claim to represent.

 Early interest though,has been from the tourism sector with travellers from Ireland, Sweden and Holland the first clients. 3 on the first day is not at all a bad effort. More bookings in the pipeline, we hear.

 24 hour escorted “Homeless for a Day” Experience Packages may be booked via us, at our email, or via their advertised contacts below; 


All revenues raised from “Homeless for a Day” Experiences are paid directly to the actual homeless guide, no fees are charged by any organisation, in line with the policies of  Homeless and Community Direct, their support group.  

Homeless and Community Direct also channel jobs (mainly casual at this stage) and other homeless self help initiatives which will be announced as they are facilitated,we’re told. Their objective is to eliminate the middlemen an objective we fully support.

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