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Don’t be put off by our name, Sydney Homeless are consumate professionals and work diligently to partner with the appropriate on or offline solutions providers to your Online or Local casual or contract labour staffing or assignment problem.

Looking for Work??

We’ve agonised about how to fairly expand our successful IT-off-the-streets project. We know that these opportunities really do help Homeless People -but are acutely aware of the potential to end homelessness by economic empowerment too. So we’ve decided to use our blogosphere to release some of the components.Components which have served sme of our community well.Along with these Online Jobs, there are some casual positions. They’re to the right of our blog, in the first column or you can see them in the Tweetline of @SydneyCasuals , our emloyment generation partner.

Resume Writing

The days of the standard resume are numbered and those securing the choicest positions in each industry are using targeted custom resumes per application.In our experience 5 customised resumes submitted are sufficient to secure the job you desire (given that you are qualified). Tweet me @SydneyHomeless for a Fast Professional Online Resume authoring consultation.