We have had several contacts over the past week in relation to Advantage Recruitment having not paid its casual employees for at least two weeks -with several owed $2500 – $3000 plus . Despite several efforts to contact Advantage -by phone and in person, we were unable to do so. Their suburban office was locked and phone diverted to a fax tone. Information provided by several disgruntled employees is that despite several promises of “payment on friday” none has eventuated. A now ex employee who saw a woman who identified herself as Advantage Recruitments CEO at their Martin Place MLC Centre headquarters immediately called security guards to remove the employee despite his legitimate reasons for enquiring regarding his pay.

  A contract providing services to retail major Woolworths subsidiary Dick Smith has been cancelled by Advantage Recruitments client due to non-payment of worker issues .

   We strongly advise anyone still working for Advantage Recruitment to Stop work immediately if their pay has been delayed in any way. Workers affected are further advised to contact Workcover, their union (if applicable) and to ask ASIC to check on payments to the company. Contact this blog for further info, which will also be posted here shortly