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Protest Sydney Homelessness Industry

Housing Affordability   On June 5th a showcase of the Sydney Poverty Industry called Sydney Homeless Connect will roll out its annual Roadshow at the Sydney Town Hall. For what many regard as “Charities” and “Not For Profits” – organisations which represent themselves to a caring but gullible public and a cynical but cooperative government as “providing homelessness services” – Sydney Homeless Connect is an annual Fishing Competition with the aim being to entrap as many homeless as possible in a cycle of being shuffled from one marginalisation industry monetiser to the other -to drive revenues for the industry participants.

Sydney Homeless call on the Federal Government to immediately cease funding the disastrous inefficient failed $600 million a year  “The Road Home” Program which aims to spend $6.6billion in ten years to halve homelessness -from a completely unquantified index figure. In the about two and a half years since The Road Home was launched Homeless numbers in Sydney City have increased dramatically, despite a flawed Homeless Street Count Methodology. From the outset of the Programs rollout in Sydney City service providers prioritised mental health clients who had recently been tossed out of the Mental Health System – The Federal Government then used The Road Home, a 10 year $600 million a year Homelessness spend, to house those chronic mental health sufferers and claim a reduction in Health budget spending.

Under the Road Home, the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) heavily resources NGOs to provide mandatory “support services” of highly questionable value to clients. Services include much “counselling” and “training” which in practice burden clients with time and travel commitments and merely lead from one of these monetisation processes to the next – Monetising the marginalised.

Under The Road Home qualified Real Estate Agents are also able to raise rents on low quality slum properties to the maximum level Government will pay, while subsidising ex homeless clients. In effect this componemt of The Road Home actually raises rents of private properties. By doing so the Road Home becomes a driver raising the bar of Housing cost.

Sydney Homeless will Rally in Town Hall Square to Protest the Sydney Homeless Connect event to Protest this calculated waste of billions of taxpayers dollars and call for an end to The Road Home. The $600 million a year saved could be used maintaining single parents in their full time capacity as carers , a $700million cut in the Federal Budget.


Charities and The Christmas Cash Cow

In News recently the Sydney Morning Herald says that Australians will give less to charities this year. That is a good thing. For too long the largesse of largely good natured and giving Australians has been taken as a soft touch by unaccountable charities . These charities profess to raise funds in the name of nominated constituencies such as homeless people and children -but what really happens to the money?? A large percentage is diverted into research and administrative accounts to fund bloated ulterior agendas in tandem with mammoth economic inefficiencies. Much of the goods and food given out as Christmas Hampers is in fact donated. Some “charities” give out only those donated goods which other tentacles of their cloaking operations cannot otherwise sell.Logistics are also donated. Much of the work is done by genuine volunteers as well as wageslaves , minimally paid people, or worse “Mutual Obligation” “volunteers” forced to carry out charity servitude in return for income support. So why,precisely,do these organisations need tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to facilitate their charitable purposes?

 The awful truth is that for too long too many organisations and in particular those of christian origin, have callously leveraged poverty marginalisation and calamaties locally and internationally, to collect funds amounting to billions of dollars annually – funds which they are allowed to account for in such vague terms that the picture they present of the success of their programs bears no relationship to the often destructive reality of their actions.

  Giving in Australia .

Do support financially and voluntarily. 

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Amnesty International

Youth Off The Streets :  We reluctantly place this organisation in our do support category. It is a Uniting Church subsidiary and a DOCs service provider -both red flags which normally mean DO NOT SUPPORT. However YOTS appear to successfully transition their case managed charges.. so much that they are the only Youth organisation we know of whose former charges are not seen on the streets as adults. In addition, their founder, a Uniting Church Minister is no patsy, recently resigning from Premier Kristina Keneallys Homelessness committee. 

Small independent community groups which you know the organisers of personally.

School Community Efforts.

  Do Not Support

Mission Australia: This organisation wrote the book on current government – charity partnership arrangements to monetise the marginalised and drive worker exploitation by greedy business partners. Objectives are to maximise ways in which marginalised people can be exploited. Employs ex police in management roles. Strongly suspected by street community of spying and providing information on homeless people to police and other anti homeless government agencies. Mission Australia has its origins in the Congregational Church,now part of perennial pariah Uniting Church.

Exodus Foundation: Parasitic organisation masquerading as a caring charity which in reality is a callous christian cash cow milking the gullible taxpayer for hundreds of millions of dollars by providing family destroying services to government family invader DOCs .Also engaged in invading aboriginal communities via whitening anglocentric education models forcing aboriginal people to prioritise duplicitous anglocentric “education” over indigenous culture.  Collaborated with State Government to take over the only effective Charity dealing with Homeless people in the Sydney CBD-now using that charitys good work as platform to raise extra millions of dollars in Made for TV imagery with little substance.Food delivered varies from tolerable on media nights) to causing food poisoning.  

Uniting Church (or its many sub brands,except Youth off the Streets).

We especially ask that people DO NOT GIVE to Mission Australia , Uniting Church , Salvation Army or the myriad of cloaking “shirts”, brands which these invasive Government Funded organisations hide behind. These organisations are heavily involved and highly paid by government to deliver comunity destroying wageslavery and family intrusive and destroying DOCs and FACSIA programs.Programs which give government and its invasive agencies priority over people and families.Programs which lie to children and youth and misdirect their energies as fodder for those who will exploit them for capital gain. Programs which are designed to rob them of their true worth and pass that value to a few chosen families. There is ONE EXCEPTION. That organisation is Uniting Church shirt YOUTH OFF THE STREETS.

A Rock of Charity in an Ocean of deceit

We don’t often have anything good to say about ANY of the corporatised “charities” – especially the majors. It is widely known among the sector how and why their aims of monetising the marginalised has earned them our eternal scorn and contempt. We are more than ready and able to throw shit where it sticks and in doing so, it may be seen to reflect badly on some operators within the sector who have long been stalwart unsung heroes of the marginalised in Sydney. There are some committed people and groups within even the most monetised of the Marginalisation Sector NGO Industry and we’d like to thank one of the genuine, make it up as you go along, old school operations who have spent more days and nights providing essential services to Sydney ‘s homeless and marginalised community than the average low income family living indoors have had nourishing hot dinners in the Howard-Rudd_Gillard era. On the First Sunday evening of every month for many years now an old Nissan Urvan in Salvation Army livery with a distinctive yellow roadworks light appears outside Nicks in Woollo, then later at Martin Place and later at the railway station,sometimes even at Belmore Park. This van, staffed and supported entirely on the resources its small team manage to bring together, provides the only freely available eyesight tests-oh yes-and glasses available on the Streets. This is old school Salvos,a regrettably rare relic from bygone times when The Salvation Army were a genuine charity, not a thinly disguised business masquerading as a Not-for-Profit. This small group are from the era when Churches prayed,not prey as they do today. Over the years countless homeless,many who had long ago resigned themselves to never enjoying a good read ever again,due to government (and government funded) services being a quantum leap short of the abyss width between the rhetoric and hyperbole of government / NGO hyperbole -compared with the crushing demeaning reality of meanspirited minimalist delivery, have been quickly given a new lease of sight by this apparently cavalier but deeply committed crew of genuine stalwarts. Stalwarts whose good work is consistently being diminished by the money first antics of their associated Job Network and  parasitic family destroying Oasis divisions. Are this small band who do so much for the homeless community the last genuine Salvos?? We hope not. Now, we spend a lot of time telling people NOT to give to the poverty industry-but next time you’re approached by a Salvo check his nametag.If it says Major Hilton Harmer, open your heart,open your mind and empty your wallet.The man quietly does what all the spin & rhetoric makers can only hope to do -without the millions of your tax dollars squandered annually by the pariah poverty industry.Your money goes where its needed. To Major Harmer and his merry band of volunteers merry christmas,from a grateful SydneyHomeless community .

Charity or Business?? How to Rate

They call themselves charities and take millions in public corporate and taxpayer dollars annually. You assume that these often well known and well connected “Charities” will do the right thing with your generously given donations. But do they really ?? What really happens to your money?

The 2009 Victoria Bushfire Appeal was launched in 2009 to provide Relief & support for the many Victoria, Australia, communities devastated by the worst bush-fires Australia has seen. Some of the money went to set up a government Commission of Inquiry, headed by the ex Victorian Police Commissioner Sue Nixon ,who was subseqently faulted in her performance as Chief of Police in relation to those fires by that same commission. However, on point, the donating public gave the money to fund support for the bushfire victims, families and those affected. Many are still underaccommodated today, while the BushFire Commission wallows in the trough of public money.

In January 2010, following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, multiple organisations ran heavily subscribed appeals. These became fodder for a US military led UN invasion and the subsequent creation of “Refugee Camps” where terror and rape run rampant. The US military impeded the efficient entry of genuine aid organisations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres to assert US government puppet Aid organisation and CIA front US AID as lead organisation. Subsequently all donation supported aid organisations became subservient to and in effect deliverers of US secret service dictated policy.

In Australia there is at least a weekly tug on your heartstrings by organisations masquerading as charities. You should NOT be duped. Many are simply cynical operations supporting high salaried CEOs and management teams while using volunteers for “feelgood” effect.

At the head of the list of Preying Vulture Fundraisers are those with a medical “research” objective. Stop and think about it.Funding research into cures for cancer? Aids? If the research is ever successful, then you’ve just financed another wonder drug for the highly lucrative #BigPharma conglomorates to earn more millions from…WOW!! DO NOT SUPPORT!!

Next in line are those who use Homeless , Mental Health, Youth , Poverty as headlines. Do they have a plan to end their selected field of marginalisation?? Are they government supported? If so, they’re probably delivering ineffective invasive government services- and funded to do so by your taxes. How much does their CEO and management team get paid –and for what??  What percentage of their nett income is returned to their target constituency in a form identified by that constituency (not a charity selected few clients) as effective??

In short, if an organisation is not returning 80% of whats collected directly to their target constituency as above, they are part of the problem, parasites preying off the marginalised, and you shouldn’t support them

Sydney Free Feed with Strings Attached

Tuesday 8th June, 10am to 3pm   –  Sydney Town Hall  –

Sydney Homeless Connect

(nothing to do with us-and we don’t endorse it)

The latest morphing of parasite NGO marketing is a rather cynical excercise in Pariah self promotion and self jsutification calling itself SydneyHomelessConnect.

These People are out to engage with you,to get money from the governments “The Road Home” Homelessness Budget -whether they get you housed or not.

They usually ask deceptive questions designed to make you give information for their repressive uses at a later stage. They will try and entice you to use services unrelated to Housing, or get try to have you attend one or more of their programs.These are designed to get their organisation paid – and give you another token towards the blackmail terms under which they allocate housing.

Guidance:Attend at your own risk,ask questions,but don’t give any details.

What is it?

Apart from the Free Feed its an annual wank, a one off trades fair of the pariah NGO industry and their self interested government departmental partners. The same ones who us us homeless people as tokens to justify their miserable and miserly existence, as they quietly pocket the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars a gullible Australian publc is told is being spent on us.

Apart from the positive publicity they hope to gather, the main aim is for NGOs to collect clients – chips or tokens to be used by them to get government funding. These NGOs want to collect information about you.Personal information. They dangle the free food and notion, or promise of housing, as a bait, to trap you into giving them information about you, and about your homelessness experience. This is Federal Government and NSW Human Services collecting information about you – not about housing.

Which Parasites are there?? Among others, theres…

Child Support Agency: Agency who steal your hard earned money and assets to fund your DOCs supported ex spouses new life with your kids and spouses new partner. They even take from Newstart assisted homeless to feed Kangaroo Family – Childrens Court based childtheft.

Mission Australia: The daddy of the parasites. Poses as a Charity but in reality a multimillion dollar nationwide government contractor whose aim is to collect as much as possible of the Taxpayers Dollars the public is told is being spent on us…courtesy of a strategy devised by their ex CEO, Patrick McClure.

Youth Warning:

A warning from Sydney Homeless Youth Wing:

If you are under 18 years of age it is not safe to attend this event. We understand that Oasis YSN will be attending along with other NSW Communities ( DOCs ) mandatory reporters. These departments and Youth Services are a major threat to your peaceful njoyment of your life.

Some relevant reading:

Mother asked DOCs to remove her son from her care.. they refused.. shes in jail for murder,2yo is DEAD ..because DOCs did nothing

DOCs knew about her too, but did nothing

The NSW Government is a leading #StateChildAbduction practitioner.

If you DO attend DO NOT give your details or those of your family, school, friends or where you stay to social workers.


Homeless?? Homeless?? Homeless?? Homeless?? Homeless??

Do Not Provide Your name or contact details, until

you have written undertakings as to what services

they will provide you,and when.

These organisations have government spying obligations and their primary reason for being there is to gather information,not to help you.

Some Questions you might ask ;

  • recently sold prime located social housing properties in Millers Point to wealthy private individuals on 99 year leases.
  • Ask Housing NSW if they have built or plan to acquire,social housing properties in the Sydney CBD?
  • Ask Housing NSW what permanent social housing options are available to you (name the area) given that you do not have a mental health or dependency issue?
  • Ask Housing NSW what the difference is between their promoted Supported Accommodation Assistance Program Tenancies and tenancies non-social housing providers offer.
  • Ask Housing NSW why SAAP discriminates against homeless people by inserting a mandatory ‘case management” NGO as a precondition of obtaining housing.
  • Ask Housing NSW why druggies should get priority access to social housing ahead of people who do not take drugs, have an alcohol or mental health problem.
  • Ask Mission Australia what they get paid per client in their case management roles.
  • Ask Centrelink why Job Network case managers get paid a bonus whether they find work for a Centrelink Client or the client finds work without their assistance.
  • Ask Centrelink when they will be bringing in changes to the way benefits are paid, and if it is true that NewStart claimants will be forced to work for profiteering charities for free.
  • Ask Mission Australia if they actually provide any housing. Their facilities are really indifferent to jails with similar rules way in excess of Residential Tenancy Act
  • Ask CARE Connect who the hell they are…and get ready for the latest in spin.
  • Bureau of Statistics. Collector of data whose databases are about to be accessible to all government agencies, with access to your private details.

Who are Noticably Absent?

NSW Communities (DOCS) — Yes, all others here have DOCS spying (mandatory reporting obligations.

Redfern Legal Centre:

The fact that they and NSW Tenants Union are not listed sheds light on the credibility of those who are and those who support them.

Happy 16th birthday JEF

Happy Birthday Just Enough Faith since 24th July 1993

Happy Birthday Just Enough Faith since 24th July 1993

24th July Happy Birthday Just Enough Faith

24th July Happy Birthday Just Enough Faith

The Sydney Homeless and Marginalised Communities wish Just Enough Faith “Many Happy Returns” on the 24th July. Just Enough Faith ,born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster, the many among us who know Just Enough Faith will recognise the many Rooster traits taken on by the organisation.The Rooster characterics are in fact what set JEF apart from its lesser counterparts, always striving to do better. Teams of dedicated suppliers volunteers and helpers forever thinking, how can we make things better- for Sydneys marginalised people and communities.Sheer single minded determination is what made Just Enough Faith -the charity which time and time again raised the bar defining normal marginalised services.

 As Just Enough Faith reaches her 16th birthday, like many teens there are changes brought on by new challenges. These challenges are disguised opportunities to become an even better independent delivery focussed resource…. regardless of the intentions of others.

 The Sydney Homeless community honour Just Enough Faith, the Gambins who founded it and put so much of their own time energy skills and resources into it, and the many dedicated volunteers and supporters who made it all work. What an achievement, happy 16th!!! And may there be many more.

 A small celebration at the foodvan 24th….



ROOSTERsymgld1993 Year of the Rooster

Roosters are the most eccentric of the Chinese zodiac. They are full of dreams and romantic ideroosterias. They are colorful and attractive, radiant and dashing, and they are quite proud of themselves. Roosters are organized, precise,and their sharp eyes seek out fine details in everything. They are perfectionists and leave no room for human error. To Roosters, a difficult task is a challenge. They dearly love controversies. Roosters express themselves very well both in writing and speech. They are knowledgeable in most subjects you wish to discuss. When you challenge them you must be prepared for a long fight. Their stamina is amazing and they win their point at all costs.

Roosters can be blunt and brutal. Their direct approach to life makes them poor diplomats. They speak their minds with little regard for the feelings of others.Why should others be upset? Roosters are right, aren’t they?

Roosters are good at handling money and their self-control with keeping budgets is phenomenal. They are not miserly, and in fact, they can be extremely generous and giving. If you have trouble, Roosters quickly straighten you out .  Roosters are careful with their time and plan things well. Roosters are sincere in their desire to help and no one can carry out important tasks like them. Just be certain your orders are explicit and don’t expect them to improvise for you on their own time.

Roosters are ambitious and they reach for the sky. They have a deep passion for their chosen fields, and they are very creative. They usually start out young in life and enjoy success early in their careers. They are meticulous and competent enough to make things work. When they set out to accomplish something, they leave no stone unturned. They probe deeply with their inquisitive, busy minds. They never remain still. Roosters must learn that some things take time. No matter how competent they are, they can’t reprogram the whole world to fit their schedules! They achieve the most amazing things often becoming eccentric over the final details.

Never underestimate Roosters. They are optimistic and dauntless. They never change their course of action even if the world thinks they are wrong! They are so determined to make some of their wild and idealistic plans work that their plans often do work. With their many splendid talents and eccentric ways, Roosters hit it big!

Gambins good news….& Weekly Update

Gambin good news…and weekly update…and proof of Teles misreporting

The good news is that the Gambins now have no further legal issues going forward.The traffic offence type tax misdemeanour resulted in a judgement involving payment of $119 in court costs-NOT $22000 restitution as falsified by the Tele. 

 The beginning of the end is nigh for the anticipated benefactors of the  orchestrated litany of lies conspiratorially concocted by John Oliver and his underlings, brewed by the media and cooked by Exodus in collaboration with NSW Govts OLGR. Well peepz, we can now report that their resulting concoction is an inedible goulash-similar to some of the main meals recently served up. It may well pain those greedy parties who thought that they would become the prime benefactors following their engineered demise of Just Enough Faith- but its time for you all to suck it and see!!

Homeless Services Leaders Jef and Alina Gambin

Homeless Services Leaders Jef and Alina Gambin

Contrary to false mainstream media reports in the Tele, which we attribute to a one eyed apology for a journo who happens to be a neighbour to one of the conspirators and Tele employee, Jef and Alina DID NOT have to pay $22000 in Taxes- heres a letter from their lawyer stating as much-  (suck it & see)_posted on the JEF Volunteer website, which explains the full outcome of Jef and Alinas case. There are severe penalties,including disbarment, for lawyers knowingly making false statements, and in any case, why would their lawyer lie?

 You will note by comparison of the outcome of these proceedings as related by Jade Lawyers, with the mainstream media stories, that they may well be discussing two completely different cases. The mainstream media published fabrications are clearly an unrestrained personal attack on Jef Gambin and vindictive attempt to excorcise the demon that Just Enough Faith had become for pseudo-charities and an incompetent State Government- carried out as a pack of unchecked, unrestrained dogs. The presiding magistrates ruling and recognition of the inadvertent misdemeanour nature of the “offence” relating to tax, and the lawyers statement as to a lack of further proceedings, is clearly at odds with the media beatup. Clearly, News Ltd drove the media coverage and it seems ay well be called to answer for what have now been confirmed as their indiscretions. As, we hope, should other parties to this despicable conspiracy.

John Oliver has put his name to the unlawful removal of certain documents from JEF offices. Exodus and the OLGR e their so far unpublished MOU, and undoubtedly an unwritten agenda. Exodus thought they were going to get Jef assets, which were donated to a non faith based charity, not a church- for the provision of services to SYDNEY HOMELESS, not Ashfield or even Lilyfield (although they are welcome at JEFs corner. We understand that Jef Gambin

Just Enough Faith ....Perfectly Simple and Effective

Just Enough Faith ....Perfectly Simple and Effective

thought as much of Olivers grand plan for JEF, as luckless investors now think of his Babcock & Brown. Jef being Jef, he would have told him so. Apparently Oliver has issues with all kinds of rejection- we’re told its treatable.

  Micro businessman Alan Byrne has also proudly pinned his name to his own little treacheries- his is understood to be the sole allegation of financial misconduct upon which the OLGR is acting…based on published information. An FOI request would soon reveal precisely what complaints or perhaps requests, OLGR may be acting on. 

   In sifting through the carnage created by the malicious, there are some worrisome features. On the basis of the information which we have,we are unable to fathom where and how the OLGR have legitimacy to place JEF in administration- unless there is further information available to lawyer for parties to the issue, which we are not privy to.Clearly, two of the most respected minds in the legal profession concurred that there ARE GROUNDS-and we must respect their view. Our legals, who are not parties, cannot fathom what the information we are missing may be! As we continue to sift and attempt to find answers, we have found some references by public commentators to issues and facts not widely known. In the days of clay drainage pipes,drainers would pump smoke through newly completed pipeworks, smoke would rise from all flawed pipes and joins.We are about to conduct our own version of smoke testing, and hope to have conclusive evidence to share sooner rather than later.

However legitimate the siezure of JEF by OLGR may be, it is equally clear that the administrator has virtually from the outset, acted in contravention of his mandate.The OLGRs maestro of administration incompetence in his inimitably duplicitous way, has put about that “the Jef Vans are only on loan to Exodus.Exodus obviously don’t think so,they immediately set about wrecking the carefully thought out food service system in JEFS main foodvan, and substituted it with the yellow monstrosity at a reportedly outrageous rental, reportedly from a friend of someone in the Exodus office(nice, legal rort).Certainly NOT the actions of a recipient of loaner vehicles. In addition, we believe that the high priest of administrative incompetence hired in a “technician” who stuffed the coolroom, providing a pretext to legitimise the transfer of all frozen/refrigerated foodstocks, of which we understand much was dumped by Exodus.

In short,our strongest advice to volunteers, JEF people and anyone else associated with Just Enough Faith approached by the administrator is that any and all instructions/orders/ made by him should be in writing- and then check with lawyers to assess their legitimacy. If you don’t have legal advice available,we do.Verbal instructions,suggestions and orders have as much legal standing as the wind entering his mouth and blowing his tongue around,are little more than verbal diahhorea and should be treated with the scorn which they so richly deserve.

 So you thought JEF and the Gambins were gone for all money??? Wrong bet!!! This is merely a further opportunity to develop a leaner,cleaner organisation, with an even greater focus on exemplary service delivery to the Sydney Homeless and Marginalised community.

 And all you pseudo charities and govt departments who “legitimately” milk revenues in the name of marginalised communities, while feathering your organisational self interest, SydneyHomeless suggest that you watch out for the runaway freight train we are driving- hell bent on ensuring that we maximise returns to marginalised communities from EVERY DOLLAR VALUE donated… whatever means necessary.

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