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 After the most emotionally devastating and financially draining years one can imagine, the Gambins have finally been exonerated of any wrongdoing. Emerging from the mischevious and malicious media driven carnage and mercifully free of legal procedural encumberances in the face of health, financial and legal challenges, Mr & Mrs Gambin have maintained a dignified silence while quietly quelling the fires of turmoil which so quickly engulfed, yet did not consume, their lives.

 The Gambins have asked us to express their thanks to the many old and new supporters who have kept inboxes mailboxes and schedules full in these hour of uncertainty. If they didn’t before,which I doubt, they certainly have a clearer and renewed appreciation of true friends.  

Jef and Alina Gambins only court proceedings, a personal tax misdemeanour, have been finalised. We can confirm that Jef Gambin received a discharge without conviction and $119 court costs.

The Daily Telegraph,(Named for its singleminded pursuit of the destruction of Just Enough Faith) whose reporter sat through the entire proceedings, was nevertheless able to FALSELY report, that Jef Gambin had received a $2200 fine. In fact, since the Daily Telegraph broke the allegations in their highly damaging and carefully timed story April 20 2008 , the Telegraph in particular and mainstream media in general have preferred highly damaging innuendo and hyperbole to mundane proven facts. In its BREAKING NEWS ITEM, the Tele boldly named Packer media related parties as being associated with their allegations. The sole response from the Packer camp on record states that “we know of no wrongdoing and would be extremely saddened….”. The Packer machine did not know of any wrongdoing, simply because there was none. It is unthinkable that with the resources and expertise at their disposal, they would not know.These initial Packer related allegations completely evaporated in ANY subsequent media coverage we are aware of. We suspect that this was entirely due to the high powered and professional resources of that organisation moving quickly to protect the companys and named directors images, as they have a perfect right to do. They had done nothing wrong, nor had anyone else. And certainly, client services focussed microcharity Just Enough Faith were neither resourced nor expectant of such a malicious,untrue left field attack.Neither had Jef and Alina Gambin. In the judges summation in relation to the charge of failing to lodge tax returns, the sole charge they faced, his honour stated that “the Gambins had simply been too busy helping other people to focus on their own tax affairs”. And SydneyHomeless fully endorse and support his honour,who had not seen Just Enough Faith in action.We have, and, well, for quality of services and delivery style they simply shit all over ANY other charity in the region known to us.  

  The Teles gutter journalistic efforts absent truth from the equation to further careers and sell papers, and to hell with the cost to anyone else. The singleminded attitude of this paper is part of the incessant campaign to destroy Just Enough Faith founder Jef Gambin’s reputation, irrespective of the facts transcended the boundaries of shoddy gutter journalism.Sinking to new lows even by News Limiteds subterranean standards,the latest article (unlike the rest, unavailable online) almost totally ignores the Judges most relevant remarks and falsely alleges a more serious penalty.There IS no $2200 fine or restitution. The only figure mentioned is $119 court costs. There is also no mention of the fact that Jef was discharged without conviction. The Teles coverage has been unreasonably and consistently biased, presented from an adversarial perspective from day one. We have made some personal links to find the reasons,yet suspect that the reasons are deeper than that. 

 This same media outlet has recently falsely reported that Alina Gambin was bankrupt (at considerable financial cost to Alina) . The initial malicious article (20 April 2008) can be sourced to John Oliver and Alan Byrne.

  John Oliver, a bigwig from Babcock & Brown(in liquidation) and sometime bankrupt who shares responsibility for the ultimate losses incurred by that companys thousands of investors, when B&Bs financial and stockmarket gambles entered an inevitable losing streak. Incidental discussions with some of our marginalised sex worker community in the Oxford St area unexpectedly revealed that this man was well known for requesting services which our contacts tell us they could not legally provide.  It has been separately been reported to us by some Jef insiders that it was the nature of Mr Olivers extra curricular activities including using Just Enough Faith as a grooming base in one particular case alluded to, which instigated the Gambin driven decision to terminate the relationship between JEF and Oliver. Jef Gambin has thus far refused to make any comment to us in relation to Mr Oliver. However, further investigations by Sydney Homeless of Mr Olivers business dealings show a totally focussed, single minded winner take all mindset and a cold calculating approach to getting his own way. Mr Oliver had positioned himself to take over Just Enough Faith. He had offered several Just Enough Faith volunteers paid positions, which those spoken to by us had all refused-they are JEF people. We do not think that Mr Oliver is the sort of person who takes kindly to rejection-at all. We believe that the rejection of his leadership was a severe blow to Olivers ego, and possibly his retirement income generation plans. Several separate parties advised  that Oliver told them that he organised the cold callous  perfectly co-ordinated attack on Just Enough Faith. The Sydney Homeless are pleased that he failed to take over Just Enough Faith. His actions have had a stacatto of broad and detrimental effects on our homeless community.If this is the lack of consideration he has for homeless and marginalised  people when he is not in charge of JEF, imagine what he might have done if he had actually taken charge. NEVER TRUST A BLOODY ACCOUNTANT. There is much irony in the fact that this man, a driving force behind one of the leading corporate gamblers of the decade, which lost tens of millions of its clients money on speculative stockmarket gambles, would have the temerity to put allegations of gambling with JEFF funds against the major contributor of those funds. From the Sydney Homeless Community,Mr Oliver, we wish you a very slow and excruciatingly painful death.If it happens,Mr Oliver,the applause you will hear ringing in your ears will be ours.Certainly mine,except I will be hoping that your miserable life and the excruciating pain NEVER leave you. When you steal from the Sydney Homeless and marginalised community as you have done, it is the lowest act( with the possible exception of others I’ve heard you accused of.)

  Alan Byrne is a small time struggling flooring contractor whose business is understood to lurch from crisis to crisis. It is understood from industry insiders that Byrnes company is a credit risk-to suppliers and subcontractors alike. According to one source, there is a possibility that an ATO investigation would find numerous irregularities in his accounting procedures. Reports from Jef insiders who knew Byrne are that he did not relate well to people and thought that everyone worked for him. He was seen by them as slightly eccentric, some went so far as to describe him as unbakanced, unstable. Alan Byrne is the tool used by the conspirators against Jef Gambin and Just Enough Faith to leverage OLGR intervention. He is seen more as a compliant tool than a conspirator.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

                                                          The initial Sunday Telegraph article’s timing of the release of its headlining full front page story could not have been more devastating for Just Enough Faith, the Gambins or Sydneys Marginalised community. The story, with all its fantastic falsehoods, broke a day before Jefs 60th birthday- the day Just Enough Faith were to open the Homeless and Marginalised Community Dental Clinic. Following the damning and still unsubstantiated allegations made the vital dentists organisation who were to staff the clinic withdrew. The clinic could not open. The mischief of a few callous conspirators caused mayhem inside Just Enough Faith, as it was intended to. This event lead to Jef’s temporary personal bankruptcy a little later.

 On the day financial arrangements were made to secure finance, The Telegraph again ran a false article stating that Alina had been declared bankrupt. Bankers don’t have to be too astute nor unreasonably officious to make a negative assessment based on that published information.

  Jef Gambins final court appearance, with the Telegraph Reporter having sat through the case, the Tele still managed to falsely insert restitution of $2200. He also failed to mention that Jef had been discharged without conviction. In our view he has falsely reported restitution in a feeble attempt to give weight to their previous allegations, while omitting to mention the discharge without conviction in an attempt to deceive the public into believing that Jef Gambin had been convicted.

  The “coincidental” dissemination of utter falsehoods by the Telegraph in relation to the legitimate private affairs of the  

The Office of Liqour,Gaming and Racing and administrator Chris Jones;

There is still much conjecture as to whether there are legitimate grounds for the appointment of the administrator. In spite of prevailing legal advice to the contrary, I personally don’t believe that there are sufficient grounds, or at least, sufficiently substantiated grounds.But I’m neither a lawyer nor judge so cannot say with certainty.

Chris Jones, a senior consultant with the Internal Audit Department, is the administrator appointed by the OLGR. We understand accepted practice is for an independent administrator to be appointed- not a public servant who is seen to be about as independent of the OLGR as Kevin Greene is of the NSW Labor Party. 

 The OLGRs News release of 28 April 2009 states that the administrator “will determine” whether Just Enough Faith is viable.

Yet we have sufficient evidence to that administrator Chris Jones premeditated intent (or possibly instructions) is to shut Just Enough Faith down. And we have reasons why they would want to

Chris Jones told a person delivering provisions to Just Enough Faiths Rozelle premises on the 17th of April “I don’t know why you’re bothering. I’m going to shut it down anyway.” Eleven days before the OLGR published notice.

Chris Jones used a pretext of having no paid staff to cook evening meals.Several voluntary chefs, including some very capable board members,volunteers , and even Jef Gambin were available to cook, and indicated so.In fact proof that this arrangement was a furphy is that in fact the JEF kitchen continued to cook meals for the nearby Foundation House community up until two weeks ago.

We understand that Chris Jones also has refused to speak to several organisations in relation to ongoing utilisation of the facilities of JEF.

Chris Jones handed over the Foodvans to Exodus, whom we understand have wrecked the interior of the main foodvan. These and other JEF resources were acquired for the delivery of services to the Sydney Homeless community- and “Sydney” is the Sydney City Council controlled area by definition- not Ashfield or Ivanhoe, where the government would prefer us to go.

We have several indications from the board of Just Enough Faith that Mr Jones has steadfastly refused to meet with the board nor any of its members.

The administrator has been given a list of pledges totalling $36,000, which he has refused to acknowledge.

The administrator has been made aware of a $36000 Trust Fund which Just Enough Faith have access to.

Concerned corporate and private supporters have sent in cheques, unsolicited,only to have them returned.

Why is the administrator dissipating Just Enough Faiths assets?

And why did he close the mailbox? Getting too many unsolicited donations?

In a bid to salvage Just Enough Faith from the destruction the government and its co-conspirators wish to wreak, Jef Gambin, with typical disregard for his own personal financial circumstances, approached the administrator in a bid to pay out any outstanding debts the administrator may have conjured up. I believe that amounts exceeding $150,000 were discussed. Chris Jones didn’t want to know.This discussion was witnessed by a well respected person with a wealth of social services work history, who attended because he recognised Just Enough Faiths services are essential.

The OLGR news release states “Exodus commenced the Domain operation on April 27, ensuring no loss of services to the homeless.” This is an outright lie. Since its inception, the Exodus Foundations institutional style service has never matched Just Enough Faiths.Nor do we believe it can.Food quality at commencement was abhorrent. They frequently ran out on small numbers of patrons. Although there has been some improvement in quality the service has NEVER had the quality quantity or selection which JEF has always offered. The service also attempts to insert the Exodus Culture of “us and them” into the site. In the context of the transport world, replacing Just Enough Faith with Exodus is like replacing a Maserati with a pushbike.

This item will be updated regularly- Jef and Alina Gambin have been dragged through the mud and come out smelling like roses- now its time to deal with those who so unfairly sought to do the dragging.

So you’ve read this and breathed a sigh of relief  ? Your names not there? Think we left you out? 


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