We hear the ping pong rhetoric from Australias Neanderthal Political leadership prattling jobs jobs jobs. We had eleven years of Abbots vision of jobs under Howard. Howard and his ilk marched to the mantra that workers are a mere tool in a bosses toolkit -there to be used as cheaply as possible and discarded. Howard hired professional poverty industry parasite Patrick McClure to marshall low income people into his #wageslavery and #bankslavery regime. Viewed from the fabled ivory towers of corporate and political power this system worked so well ( for business and bankers) that they awarded Patrick McClure the Order of Australia for his services to business.Not as you might expect from his then role as CEO of Mission Australia, services to marginalised people or communities.

Without diminishing the importance of sustainable jobs a significant percentage of jobs in Australia pay wages andsalaries which are not sustainable for workers. The minimum wage in Australia is $570 per week-for adults.From this, tax at 30% leaves $399 per week in nett income. Oh,low paid workers get tax back at the end of the year?? Minimum wage earners need the money now and should NOT be a free money lending service for greedy government. So, on their $399 per week where will they live? In the Sydney City Council area, only in social housing or substandard slum private housing. And if they’re dead lucky they might be able to afford a packet of lollies-their reward for 40 hours of #wageslavery.

Yes there are many homeless and other people who want to work-but not as slaves. And while there are legislative constraints on workers lobbying effectively for better pay, either businesses need to recognise their social obligation to pay sustainable incomes en masse or workers should consider alternative means of generating incomes.Like prostitution and drug dealing.Or cash in hand.

Our advice to workers who are in wageslavery roles is to not do anything to prevent your exploiter going broke. Australia doesn’t need bastards like that and you need that job like you need a ten ton anchor around your neck in a canoe race.