Labors dilemma as Unions exit stage left

By SydneyHomeless

I won’t insult the NSW Premier Kristina Keneally or Prime Minister Gillard as they lead the one time Australian Workers Party, Labor further down the path of economic rationalism so preferred by exploiters and despised by workers. However, the Premier and Prime Minister stand at the a junction in the road to the future-a point from which,once passed,there will be no return. If the Premier and Prime Minister continue to persist with their pathway to the enslavement of the Australian people by econocrats The Australian Labor Party will be on an irreversible course to oblivion.

  • Wageslavery, employment conditions which severely constrain workers abilities to lobby for Sustainable Fair Pay,the draconian  Liberal concocted,Labor retained notion of “mutual obligation” are just one of the many anti-people measures which the self serving Political Wing of the Labor Party use to repress workers. The recentArk Tribe Trial should never have happened under a pro-worker Labor Government, which would never countenance the Star Chamber ACCC. This Howard era Commission is mandated to use Guantanamo Bay type inquisitorial powers to investigate allegations of corruption by workers or unions-but not corruption by Building Companies, developers or financiers- the real benefactors and corrupters of the industry.
  • When combined with the refusal of State and Federal Labor Governments to regulate prices ranging from government and utility services to retail essentials and financial services it is inevitable that people will fall below the poverty line. Hard and honest workers are often left with the dilemma of resorting to sexwork, crime or other means to supplement their government approved inadequate incomes. Often,the businesses and sectors which increase their charges at whim are the same operations which pay wageslavery incomes.
  • Youth Wages laws, which allow exploiter employers to pay people BELOW adult wages (to perform the same work) simply because they are aged under 21 years are in stark contrast to the freedoms exploitative retailers and realtors  have to charge as they please without regard for age. This issue remains totally unaddressed by the Union movement with large numbers of students and youth-aged workers forced to live without shelter -or resort to sexwork and other activities -as a direct result of Poverty Industry advised government policy.
  • The Australian Services Union’s current campaign for “Pay Equality” for women leaves other areas of pay equality unaddressed.For example, in the dying days of his tenure as Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd announced a government subsidy for doctors assistants,of $25000 per job created- “or a lesser amount for aboriginals.” Prime Minister Gillard’s government wrote to the Fair Pay Tribunal to say that the government cannot afford pay equality for women without reducing public services. Yes, well,maybe she could reduce the Australian Military’s support for Terrorism of Afghan civilians. Or buy a few less exotic military toys. However we do need to extend the discussion beyond Equal Pay for Women to Equitable Pay & a Livable Income for all..politicians certainly pay themselves enough.

Premier Keneally’s call for the resignation of ETU leader Bernie Riordan needs to be met head on by the full applied force of the Trade Union Movement -who may be well advised to establish a Workers Party.

I commend the Electrical Trades Union for their bold but absolutely necessary stance and call for all Unions to support this action -the only responsible course of action by any Union seeking to adequately and effectively represent its workers against an increasingly uncaring distant and dictatorial Political Labor Party.