The Gillard Cabinet restructure as it affects homeless and marginalised people, and the governments stated direction, will ensure that there are increases in homeless and marginalised and increases in crime. Gillard has surrounded herself closely with other out of touch Ivory Tower dwelling Labor apparatchiks like the career neocon Jenny Macklin.

Gillard has used Tanya Plibersek,Jan McLucas and Julie Collins to run interference for the draconian anti people policies of the current Labor regime. Policies which delight Gillard Labors true constituency of Big Business with their cornerstone wageslavery constraint on workers lobbying effectively for fair pay. When you see a draconian announcement from Plibersek, Collins and McLucas, think Macklin. They will be the face of such policies as Quarantining as they are rolled out nationwide.

The Lower House MPs whom we must rely on if this government is to deliver social justice are Wilkie and Brandt. Without their votes Labor cannot pass any more draconian anti people legislation. Wilkie called for livable welfare packages and we fully endorse that call.

The Gillard affair with NGOs is a marriage destined for divorce.NGOs are themselves the obstacle to ending most forms of marginalisation.The programs they deliver from Job Network to Housing are resounding failures because they fail to deliver an exit strategy from marginalisation for marginalised people. NGOs and their bureaucracy supporters also do not have any acceptable marginalisation prevention strategies,ensuring that both NGOs and bureaucrats will prosper for the term of this government