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Economy 1st Government puts people last.

The Howard Coalition and Rudd/Gillard   Governments demonstrate precisely what we, and a growing band of angry commentators Australia wide have been saying for over a decade. At State and Federal levels governments are overly focussed on how we fare in an economic snakepit controlled offshore. These governments whether Labor or Liberal National Coalition need refocus on the people, their electors- and reject the self serving demands of international economics. When the voters interests are subservient to external influences whatever they may be something is wrong. In NSW the Keneally Labor government is about to find out just where treating voters as second or third class citizens for 17 years will get them. I suspect that the good citizenry of NSW will also receive a cold reality bath as the conservative waters of Liberal National policy erode yet more of the rights New South Welshmen (and women) thought they had.

Our advice to the people of NSW is to choose extremely carefully as #NSWvotes – and pick the best available candidate


NSW and Queensland Floods Appeal Warning Updated

  The main appeal launched by Premier Anna Bligh does not inform the public countries, States and corporates who have so far donated in excess of $30million, what those donations will be spent on. Remarkably, several governments and corporates have weighed in with hefty donations on the basis of trust . I have not ever witnessed so successful a leveraging of a disaster on a “Trust Me” basis. I cannot say that Premier Bligh will do the wrong thing, and neither can donors because she has NOT said what the funds will be used for. Research and development of a flood prevention strategy,using Labor Party hack consultants? Probably not, but if she chose to ,it would have to be acceptable. How many donors to the Victorian BushFires Appeal were a little miffed to find Funds subverted to cover the cost of an investigation?

 It seems from Premier Bligh’s website that the funds will be managed by Australian Red Cross. What percentage will they retain in “management or other fees?” The donating public deserve to know. We know that Red Cross run their own “Poverty Relief Appeal” yet know of no meaningful work they do in that area. In fact, their Australian operations are increasingly a business.

 In general, Give in kind, not in cash.

Exception: Rural Fire Services , State Emergency Services , St Johns Ambulance , Small local charities (not subsidiaries of larger organisations) which you know personally.

 In kind donations allow you to give with a reasonable assurance that your well meaning gift will not be subverted to suit some manager or politicians ulterior agenda. If you are a business, consider what your business might do to support the people affected by this disaster.

We know Aussies and many others will be overwhelmed by gestures of goodwill directed at the victims, and there will be many, of the Queensland and NSW Floods. We ask that before donating especially to Government and mainstream Charity Appeals PLEASE CONSIDER WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE CASE OF SIMILAR APPEALS.

 In the Haiti Earthquake Appeal just 12 months ago a generous worldwide public donated a whopping $US12 Billion to Appeals which they thought would support the unfortnuate people displaced by that disaster. Reports soon began surfacing of a United States Military orchestrated subversion of that Aid, under the control of its CIA front US Aid ,to suit the military industrial and political expedience of the USA. The people today live in dangerous squalid camps or crudely constructed housing which certainly will not survive a further earthquake should those unfortunate residents of Port au Prince ever experience another earthquake.

 In Australia The Victorian bushfires Appeal raised $391 million. The Fund, administered by the Victorian Government’s department  of Human Services has been used to fund government programs – including the Bushfire Inquiry and future bushfire mitigation strategies- Not what Public donors had in mind at all .and doled out so slowly and mean spiritedly that many whom the fund was donated to provide relief for were forced to live in totally inappropriate accommodation like leaky second hand caravans-at commercial rental rates- for extended periods. The major application of these funds by government has in place of the services which the public expect in return for the high rates of tax Australians are forced to pay. The Salvation Army. originally asked to use its existing accounts for that appeal, are said to have demanded between 25% and 30% of the gross amount as a “service fee.” Quite outrageous.

  Countless organisations ,most of which maintain but a tenuous link if at all to homelessness never-the-less see fit to raise funds for themselves using the name of homeless people -very little-as little as 5% of the funds reaches the homeless communities or people in a form we asked for, or identify as useful. Meanwhile the organisations collecting funds blossom and boom.Sydney Homeless don’t know of a single fundraising Charity or NFP organisation which genuinely works to end homelessness. Most use our people as stepping stones to elevate themselves in the eyes of the media.

  Fading memories of the Asian Tsunami Disaster are clouded by the same issues surrounding inappropriate use of the publics generously donated funds by many relief agencies active there.

  We ask that you check in advance precisely how the funds will be spent before donating to any appeals.  Broad expansive and vague lines like “It all gets spent directly on the people” are as credible and believable as Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott at election time. In this age where political doublespeak is the currency of successful election campaigns duplicitious Fundraising by Charities Parasitic NGOs and Governments are a winner for their greedy calculating directors. Be careful

Rotten Ripoff Aussie Retailers

Amusing to see long time Retail Rogues Solomon Lew of Just Group (Just Jeans, JayJays, Portmans,Peter Alexander,Dotti,Smiggle,Jacqui E ) teaming with Gerry Harvey (Harvey Norman) in a crying fest bemoaning the lack of a level playing field – in that offshore shopping websites are now offering retail products at prices which their greedy retail chains cannot match. These (and many other) greedy retailers have long held the Australian public to ransom, selling goods at huge markups which bear no relationship to cost. The Australian retail public have long suffered from collusive or near monopolist practices of these companies. Just take the price of a regularly marked pair of Jeans at Just Jeans and compare that with the actual cost at production. Oh then theres the expensive retail premises?? Which you also pay for. And the expensive,often misleading advertising which has made these retailers houseold names-you pay for that too, when all you want is an item from their stocked range.

Jerry Harvey bleated yesterday about unfair cost structures and jobs- and I’m glad he raised the subject. His company like all Australian businesses, enjoys the unfair advantage of being able to lock workers into long-term wage and salary deals , but increase their prices at whim. Retail sector Workers are not among the elite of highly paid parasites in Australia.In fact they are often paid wages which do not support an independent lifestyle in the area in which they work. Many Sydney CBD workers are forced spend up to four hours a day at their own expense commuting to the outer urban Bantustans which are themselves barely affordable.

Gerry Harvey , Solomon Lew and their ilk were obviously not thinking about Australian jobs when they started the offshore buying spree which has left Australia all but devoid of a manufacturing base. Nor,when they started buying offshore,did they immediately pass the savings on to the Australian public. Their stock quality and standards of service are at best ho hum-in fact they are among the leaders of the downward spiral in acceptable retail quality.

The allegation that offshore websites do not create jobs in Australia is also blunted by the obvious need for someone to actually deliver those many parcels bought by savvy Australian buyers sick to death of the systemically supported Wageslavery and Price  gouging for which Australian businesses have become renowned.

These Retailers who are formalising a lobby block to get government to lower the threshold (currently $1000 ) at which goods may enter the country free of GST. They want the government to regulate against the public’s right to choose. They want regulation to protect their greed. They want protection from efficiency.

The Australian consumer enjoys a window in which they may make some purchases at a lower cost – and on better value terms. The Federal Labor Government should be told by the Australian people that we want to keep that window -and let the parasite retailers who have preyed upon a hapless public for way too long get efficiency or get out.



Equal Pay YES-Just for Women No

Call For Wage Justice for All -not just women.

Call to Ditch the Deadwood in Government & The Poverty Industry

The current Equal Pay (for women) scandal making waves for the next 90 seconds in Australia’s fickle mainstream media is a further sordid chapter in the short Prime Ministerial career of PM Julia Gillard. Empress Julia’s short reign has been notable for two things; her predisposition to treat voters workers and Australia’s marginalised people with utter contempt -and her notable first act as Prime Minister.. running off to appease corporate conglomorates Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Xstrata.

  Flowing from Gillards statement a mere fortnight after the 2010 Federal election to the effect that “all election promises are off the table “- a statement which would have seen her jailed if a representative at any level in Holland it should come as no surprise that Gillard would arbitrarily rescind any deal -including one which had the poential to positively deliver for her natural female constituency.We see no reason on this earth for a reasonable person or government to reject the notion of Equal Pay -but not only for women. Left out in the cold by this potential deal are exploited youth, farm rural and low wage workers and -significantly – indigenous wageslaves forced to work for as little as $4 per hour in Jenny Macklins infamous Northern Territory Intervention experiment.

  Reading the comments of Ms Sally McManus of the Australian Services Union, I note with some amusement her expectation that clients will support her unions call for strike action-that we would have some empathy with them. The Australian Services Union represents the unfortunately named “community sector” whose various government , NGO entities and staff are seen (with some rare exceptions) as a self promoting self serving sector who drive government policy without any but the most superficial consultation at client level-where such consultation occurs at all. The inevitable result is raft upon raft of Poverty Industry -Marginalisation Government Sector driven government policy delivering expensive (for taxpayers) policies which have proven over time to be a succession of systemic failures. Amazingly, despite these failures, Governments both Liberal and Labor have adhered to the same failed formulae and consulted with the same failed authorities on marginalisation solutions,with the same almost inevitable outcomes.

   We note that the Australian Services Union represents the same workers who are responsible for devising and implementing the federal and State government policies which persecute and disenfranchise marginalised people. The Australian Services Union were silent even when the Howard Government and its Mission Australia CEO cohort rolled out the onerous, NGO serving furphy of “mutual obligation”, which the Rudd Gillard Labor Government kept in place.  Under this onerous legislation, Welfare claimants can be required to undertake voluntary work -for businesses such as Mission Australia or Uniting Care -businesses with incomes in the hundreds of millions of dollars per annum which masquerade as charities. Also represented are some (but not all) of the wageslavery sector Job Network service providers which specialise in delivering unsustainable waged workers to businesses requiring wageslaves to drive the excessive profits to which Australian corporates have become accustomed. ASU workers are also responsible for formulating and implementing the organisational policies which become NCOSS / ACOSS platforms -and eventually government policy. Policy which detrimentally affects our Australian and Sydney homeless communities. Policy which in fact drives homelessness and increases marginalisation by enabling the continuance of wageslavery.

   Also represented in the sector under discussion are the staff of NSW Communities (DOCs) and Federally Jenny Macklins repressive, human rights violating FHASCIA department -and their surrogate NGOs. We are on record and stand by our previous assertions relating to those dealing with Families Children and Aboriginal “Services”, that these workers must know full well the inevitable detriments they foist upon their hapless victims -the self same people whom they profess to work to protect. We will NOT support any pay rises whatsoever in this sector. We will not support anything less than the complete termination of all employment and contractual engagements by this collection of organisations and self serving people who use marginaised people as tokens to collect taxpayers dollars with.   

  So please understand our mirth at the temerity of Ms McManus’s suggestion that we might have some affinity with her Unions cause-when they have demonstrated a willingness to collaborate on delivering continued repression to Australia’s most marginalised.

 Prime Minister Gillard needs also to avail herself of the opportunity to weed the truly non-performing staff and NGOs from the feeding frenzy of sharks which is Todays Australian poverty industry-taxpayers,as Gillard points out,cannot afford the luxury of supporting the inefficient.

  The dilemma for us,though is that as Fair people we must support a call for Fair Pay, for Pay Equality..but not only Fair Pay for women. Lets not stop there.Lets look at pay equality across race age and sex delineations and have, simply equal pay for equal work-irrespective of “Award”. By doing so in one fell swoop, we would head off Julia Gillards next refuge which ,given her background in industrial relations law,would be to set up a totally new “Greenfields” sector-in reality a completely new wardrobe of shirts to cloak the same dirty neocon operators who masquerade as charities while robbing us,and their workers blind while professing to act in our interests.

How to Recognize a Successful Homelessness Organisation.

Measure them by the decrease in homeless people in their area, who have been voluntarily assisted into a type of accommodation which the homeless person identifies as suitable.
Lets Put it this way.The organisation has existed for decades and been regarded as a fixer of homeless problems for all or much of that time.But homelessness increases in line with the organisations own expansion.Sorry,their strategy is not ending homelessness and may even contribute to the rise in homelessness.Put simply,it’s NOT WORKING and its time to look elsewhere for solutions and an organisation to assist with funding.To check further,the organisation should return 80% of its gross generated funds to housing or services which the homeless community in their area regard as useful.And don’t take the word of the “homeless” people they steer you to.
In Australia, Sydney Homeless do not recommend supporting Exodus Foundation, Uniting Church,Uniting Care,Wesley Mission, Mission Australia,The Smith Family,Anglicare,Missionbeat.


We hear the ping pong rhetoric from Australias Neanderthal Political leadership prattling jobs jobs jobs. We had eleven years of Abbots vision of jobs under Howard. Howard and his ilk marched to the mantra that workers are a mere tool in a bosses toolkit -there to be used as cheaply as possible and discarded. Howard hired professional poverty industry parasite Patrick McClure to marshall low income people into his #wageslavery and #bankslavery regime. Viewed from the fabled ivory towers of corporate and political power this system worked so well ( for business and bankers) that they awarded Patrick McClure the Order of Australia for his services to business.Not as you might expect from his then role as CEO of Mission Australia, services to marginalised people or communities.

Without diminishing the importance of sustainable jobs a significant percentage of jobs in Australia pay wages andsalaries which are not sustainable for workers. The minimum wage in Australia is $570 per week-for adults.From this, tax at 30% leaves $399 per week in nett income. Oh,low paid workers get tax back at the end of the year?? Minimum wage earners need the money now and should NOT be a free money lending service for greedy government. So, on their $399 per week where will they live? In the Sydney City Council area, only in social housing or substandard slum private housing. And if they’re dead lucky they might be able to afford a packet of lollies-their reward for 40 hours of #wageslavery.

Yes there are many homeless and other people who want to work-but not as slaves. And while there are legislative constraints on workers lobbying effectively for better pay, either businesses need to recognise their social obligation to pay sustainable incomes en masse or workers should consider alternative means of generating incomes.Like prostitution and drug dealing.Or cash in hand.

Our advice to workers who are in wageslavery roles is to not do anything to prevent your exploiter going broke. Australia doesn’t need bastards like that and you need that job like you need a ten ton anchor around your neck in a canoe race.

Living in an Oz economy

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Prime Ministerial wannabe Tony Abbott agree on lots of things.So many in fact that I’m surprised that they remain in different parties.

On Welfare their differences amount to the mere pedanticism of exactly how far to turn the thumbscrews.Not once did either mention a Fairpay guarantee.

Today they will prove yet again that in their eyes we live in an economy, not a society.Their economy debate should be fun. Abbotts degree in economics should ensure that he at least spells the word correctly. But I digress and trivialise and I shouldn’t.Dear Leader and Dear Leader-in-Waiting have by unanimous decree declared each themself to be the superior manager of our national economy.I would have thought that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao had at least as much to do with sound economic management of the Australian economy,given the extremely generous prices his country has offered for our not inexhaustable commodities in our hour of perceived need; as either of the two combatants -but I don’t have a degree in economics and Tony Abbott does and what exactly that means,I’m not sure.

But I’m really looking forward to this debate because, as any thinking person would know, the person who proves to be the soundest economy manager of them all will reduce Taxes the most. Because a smart economic manager will reduce costs across all portfolios and pass on the resulting savings to the investor which is the taxpayer which is you,right? A smart economy manager in a capitalist free market economy will allow Free Market principles to apply.Businesses free to set their own prices and workers free to choose their own comfortable pay rate. Because its about freedom, choice and prosperity. Thats gotta be VERY good for workers and not a bad way to reduce unemployment homelessness economic and social marginalisation either.I’m really GETTING this!! But the best bit is that a good economic manager is a lot like a good property developer. If he hires an architect and the architect designs a building which falls down, the developer will likely never hire the architect again.And I know that no matter which of these two great people wins the debate, that person will apply this important principle. Across the many essential functions of government reward those whose performance actually delivers the desired outcomes according to the vanishing timeline set out culminating in the resolution of the problem or issues without a recurrent call on taxpayers for more and more funds.

From the stone cold reality of the sidewalk paver I’m sitting on,it seems to me that Government Australian Style is in fact the antithesis of sound economic management. Constant calls for yet more funds on already overtaxed and under-serviced tax and ratepayers is the norm.As is an extremely low return on investment to the shareholder which would again be-the taxpayer. Therefore I’m glad That Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard agreed to have this conversation..its a conversation Australia so badly needs to have.

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